Kissed By An Angel

Part Two

By Shakespeare's Girl

A/N: So, I liked my intro to "Kissed By An Angel" so much, the part about them having to fight and all that, that I decided that Xander and Angel deserved more than one chapter about Plus I really like the fact that writing Xander in first person sounds a whole lot like I sound most of the time.

Angel likes kissing. At times I swear he likes it more than sex. He can mack on me for hours, and never ask for anything more. Sometimes this gets very frustrating, because all he wants to do is kiss, and I just want a little gratification, over here. However there are times when his kissing fetish is downright adorable.

I can always tell when he wants to kiss me, because he stares at me, with this little frown that I can't quite explain making his brow furrow just so. Usually if he's sitting down, his fingers are all steepled and touching his mouth or his chin, which is just downright sexy.

I remember there was this one time, when I was visiting him in LA, and we were at this Karaoke Bar he'd discovered. Some sort of safe-haven for demons thing, and I don't know what all, but the owner, this guy named Lorne, he had a band in that night, and Angel's staff was psyched about getting to see these guys. Angel was being dragged along, and so, to either entertain himself or drive me out of my mind, he asked me to come along.

So there we were, at a table for two that had six of us sitting at it, listening to this band play. And at first it was okay, because it was like being at the Bronze again, or something, only with a bunch of demons staring at us like we would have stared at them in Sunnydale. Fred's sitting on Gunn's lap, her arms around his neck, cozy as can be, Cordy and Wes are getting drunk as skunks on tequila and singing along, and Angel and I are sitting about six inches apart, staring at each other, but trying to pretend we weren't.

I should probably stop here to mention a couple things. First, the band's name was "Oral Fixation." Let me just tell you, that wasn't helping me out any here, because I was having a little fixation myself--on Angel's mouth. Second, Angel and I had kissed twice, maybe three times at this point, and gone out just about as much. This was very early in the stages of our relationship. That really hot kiss at the Bronze right after I got back was the most intimate we'd been. Two days after that, we had our first date, and our second and third kisses, which were good, but nowhere near as delectable as the Bronze Kiss had been. So I was beginning to think that maybe this whole thing was a fluke, and that the whole long-distance relationship thing was not such a great idea--I mean hell, it had been seven or eight months between dates. And I was beginning to wonder if that mouth of Angel's had really been quite as amazing as I remembered it to be.

And there I was, listening to a band who seemed to constantly be reminding me of the things I wanted and wasn't about to get, and sitting at a crowded table full of ex-scoobies and demon hunters. I was shifting in my seat when it happened.

Angel leaned over, and whispered in my ear, "I want to kiss you."

My head whipped around, and probably the only thing keeping both of us from broken noses was the fact that Angel is a vampire and had the speed to jerk away before our faces connected--and not in the good way.

"What?" I asked, stupidly.

"I want to kiss you," Angel repeated, his hand drifting from his side to slide up my arm and grasp my elbow. "I've been thinking about it for months, and I don't think I can sit here and watch you much longer without giving in."

I just stared. It was exactly the opening I'd been hoping for. "Yes," I said, hoping I was interpreting correctly and the statement "I want to kiss you," was actually the question "Will you let me kiss you?"

Angel smiled. He leaned closer, and I just sat there, frozen, as he slipped a hand around my neck and pulled me close to him, just gently brushing his lips against mine. He kept the kiss restrained for far longer than I would have, but as I was still trying to grasp the fact that this was actually happening, I was in no position to do anything about the unsatisfactory pressure of the kiss. Gradually, Angel opened his mouth over mine, and suddenly it was The Bronze Kiss remix, and there was tongue and panting and teeth and oh wow, this was better than I remembered.

Before either of us knew what was happening, we were out of our chairs and somehow I was smashed against a wall and there was groping and thrusting and fingers fumbling to get me undressed and me panting as Angel's mouth trailed steamy kisses down my neck toward my chest. If I was a woman, I would have described it as a heaving bosom moment, but I'm not. Suffice it to say my chest was heaving, and I wasn't quite sure when but there was definite skin action going on, and I could feel Angel sucking at my neck, until suddenly a green hand came crashing between the two of us.

Wait, what? Green?

"Hello, lovebirds. Look, much as I love to see Angeltoes here all happy and such, the simple fact of the matter is, you're distracting the patrons. Take it outside, or get a room."

Angel backed away, reluctantly breaking his contact with me, and buttoning shirts back up. Okay, buttoning my shirt back up. His was still completely on, a fact I took in with as much equanimity as I could muster under the circumstances.

Somehow it was one of the most dominant things I'd seen him do. I could hear myself whimper as he finished with the buttons, and pulled me back toward the table.

"Xander and I are going back to the Hotel. We'll see you tomorrow."

There was some cheering and whistling from Cordy and Wes, and Fred and Gunn just kind of giggled and snickered and didn't really pay much attention to me at all.

Angel pulled me away from them, and it was almost as if he was using my wrist as a leash, to keep me near him, to stop me from running away. I barely remember the trip back to the hotel, as it was peppered with gentle kisses, and his lips sucking at my neck and then we were there, and he was chewing on my lower lip while I whimpered. I noticed suddenly that he was vamped out, and for some reason, instead of turning me off, it just made me hotter. We were writhing now, or at least, I was, writhing and pushing and needing him so badly.

"You're gorgeous," he told me, whispering the words into my ear as he walked me inside. "Absolutely gorgeous."

I stayed the night that night, although nothing more than kissing happened. When I got home the next day, it was to a cranky Spike.

"You!" he said, accusingly. "You spent the night with Angel!"

"Yeah, so?"

"So, you released Angelus, didn't you?"



"Are you jealous?"

"What? No!" Spike's body went all defensive, but I could read the jealousy in his eyes.

"Okay then," I said. I walked up the stairs, leaving Spike tied to the chair, even as I heard him shouting and complaining that he'd been stuck on this damn stupid chair all night and would I untie him already. Once upstairs I got on the phone and called Angel. "Hey, guess what. Spike's jealous that I spent the night with you," I informed him.

"Hmm..." Angel hummed, then chuckled darkly. "We could have fun with that."

You know what? We really have.