Title : Resisting TemptationRating: PG- 13Pairing: Edward/BellaAuthor: meggers102290Setting: Bella has been staying with Alice at the Cullen residence for the week while Edward, Emmet, Jasper, and Carlisle went hunting for 5 days. Summary: Edward and Bella are reunited after a lengthy seperation and Edwards resistance wears thin.

It had been a rough night. I had tossed and turned through most of it, resisting the constant urge to sleep on the couch instead. I always told him I hated this bed. "Unnecessary" I believe was the term of choice. I couldn't lay all of the blame on this ridiculous bed though…. I knew that a very large portion of my restlessness was due to the fact that I had not seen Edward for close to a week now. Damn Alice for keeping their return date a secret from me.

My mind wandered restlessly to the month ahead of me. Not too much longer, and I would be his wife… and then, not long after that I would never have to be left behind when he went on a hunting trip, because I would be right beside him.

I stretched out and flexed my toes and then tried to focus on relaxing every part of my body. That proved to be very near impossible. All I could think about was Edward. He was all I ever thought about. It was worse now than it usually was, considering this was the longest he had ever left me since graduation. I longed for every aspect of him. His breath, his cold hands, his voice. Maybe if I had his gentle lullaby to comfort me then I would be able to fall asleep.

I shook my head, disgusted with myself. I needed to sleep. A light creak from the door alerted me that Alice was checking in on me again. I was surprised, she normally waited until at least 3 AM, she was an hour early. She must bored, I concluded to myself as I shut my eyes in an effort to avoid one of her common lectures about the importance of sleep. I heard the door click closed and I relaxed slightly, not realizing that I had been so tense. A sudden cold sensation sent an unexpected thrill through my body.

"Your acting skills haven't improved in my absence, I see", His silk-like voice cooed.

"Edward", I sighed, turning in his arms to face him.

He surveyed me for a moment, running his cold fingers across my face, lingering a little too long on the dark circles beneath my eyes. "You need to sleep, Bella" he concluded.

A short laugh escaped me. "How on earth could you expect me to sleep now? I have been without you for a week, do you have any idea how much I have missed you?"

"I could assume that its an amount comparable to how much I have missed you."

I was about to argue but his lips crushed back my protest and melted it into a sigh instead. My heart raced as his fingers laced through my hair, pulling me closer to him. This was a rare kiss. Edward was very careful about not letting himself get carried away. He was too interested in protecting my virtue and making sure I was less breakable before he would succumb to my stubborn requests.

I was very shocked when he rolled his cold body over on top of me, being very careful not to let me bear any of his weight. I could feel his cold knees positioned at either side of my hips. The taste of him drove me wild. I let my hands wander fearlessly up and down his back. I was out of breath when he finally removed his attention from my mouth and allowed his lips to wander down my jaw line and to my throat where they lingered for an immeasurable amount of time. It was then that he realized that my night time apparel tonight was much less than what it usually was. My firm opposal to doing laundry at someone else's house left me wearing underwear and a bra to bed.

"Why aren't you wearing pajamas?"

"I was running out, " I replied honestly, not including the fact that my near-nakedness was also meant for this particular instance.

"Why must you torment me so?" he sighed

"Your resistance torments me constantly! I have to get back at you somehow" I teased.

He resumed his attention to my neck for a brief moment before moving his lips farther below my collarbone than they had ever traveled before. My breath caught in my throat as he kissed a straight line all the way to my hip bone. It was too late to stop myself, my hopes were up. I reached for his shirt and began unbuttoning it with an unacknowledged skill. He didn't protest. He allowed me to slip the shirt off of his shoulders and throw it aside. Taking advantage of his sudden tolerance, I reached down to unbutton his pants. His hands caught my wrists and pinned them to the bed. Before I could complain his lips met mine with an apologetic kiss.

"Bella," he spoke against my lips "what am I going to do with you"

"I thought I was helping you make that decision" I whispered in the most seductive tone I could manage.

His eyes flashed to mine, an unfamiliar sense of urgency and desire in them. He banished my small smile of triumph my busying my lips with his own once again. He let go of my wrists and his hands explored my body. Stroking up and down my torso, leaving a lingering cold sensation everywhere that he touched.

All too abruptly, he rolled off of me. I breathed a small sigh of protest as I turned on my side to look at him.

He was laying on his back staring at the ceiling. His expression gave me the impression that if he had any reason to breathe at all, he would be gasping for air just like me at that moment. I watched him for a few minutes, taking in every detail of him that I had been longing for. My hand traveled to his chest and I outlined the perfect planes. His hand fluttered up gracefully to meet mine. He pulled my wrist up to his nose and inhaled deeply before planting a light kiss on it. He turned to face me and smiled his dazzling smile.

" I missed you, Bella"

" I missed you too Edward. I'm so glad your home."

His arms circled around me and pulled me close to him. I rested my head on his shoulder and accepted the fact that our adventure would end here tonight.

"What, no complaint?" He teased.

"I know better. Your too stubborn" I replied "But I can take pleasure in the fact that each time I attempt to seduce you we get farther and farther. You can't resist me for too much longer."

"Your right Bella." His eyes blazed with the emotions he could not describe. "Do you have any idea how horrifying this is for me? Do you have any idea how scared I am that I will hurt you? As much as I enjoy these experiences Bella, you need to stop tempting me. There will be plenty of time for this after we are married and…." his voice trailed off

"And I become a vampire" I finished.

"Yes" he sighed. "After you become eternally damned"

I smiled triumphantly. It wasn't often that Edward mentioned my future as a vampire without attempting to change my mind in some way, this was definite improvement.

"How did hunting go??"

He hesitated. "As well as they could have.. I convinced them all to come back today instead of tomorrow."

"Why?" I implored.

"So I could do this" He reached for my chin and tilted it up so that he could gently kiss me.

"No argument there." I breathed.