Title: Honeymoon

Rating: M - Mild sexual content

Summary: Final Chapter in the Devotion series. Bella and Edward go on their honeymoon to Europe.

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Stephenie Meyer. The end.

"You better have packed that lingerie I bought you." Alice scolded as she rummaged through my almost full suitcase.

"Alice," I groaned. "Sexy underwear are not necessary."

"Oh, I know," She shot me a sly smirk, "But Edward will appreciate it."

I shook my head, exasperated. "Alice, what am I going to do with you?"

"Relax, Bella. You'll have a great time." She promised, "At least your husband can't torture you with spontaneous orgasms in the middle of a crowded restaurant during your honeymoon."

I laughed out loud. "Yes, that would be bothersome." I agreed.

"Not that the talent isn't welcomed at other times," she grinned, "But, in the middle of Paris.."

"Okay, okay," I held my hands up to stop her, "Too much information, Alice."

She giggled and resumed her attention to my underwear drawer, sifting through its contents and replacing some of what I packed with what Alice would consider as more "tasteful" choices.

"I never saw the point in that." Rosalie chimed as she entered the closet, "Its not like they stay on. The only purpose of sexy lingerie is just to be taken off."

"Thank you." I sighed in relief. Alice just scowled and continued to edit my luggage choices.

Rosalie shot a smile my way, "I'm just swinging in to say goodbye really quickly." She sang out. "I'm going hunting with Emmett in a minute." She swooped closer to me and planted a friendly kiss on my cheek and placed a light hand on my shoulder. "Have fun, Bella. Ill see you in a week."

"Thanks, Rose." I grinned back as she squeezed my shoulder encouragingly and departed in a flurry of long blonde hair.

Her presence in the closet was almost immediately replaced by Emmett. Alice wasted no time in shooing him out of the closet, complaining that it was inappropriate for him to view my underwear before Edward did. I laughed at her tenacity and followed Emmett out into the bedroom where he swept me into a bear hug and spun me in a circle.

"Have a good time, Sis." He beamed.

"Thanks." I giggled back breathlessly. With a suggestive wink he departed as gracefully as Rosalie, but without the flowing blonde hair.

"There." Alice brushed her hands together as if she was trying to remove dirt from them in an accomplished gesture. "You're all packed."

"Thanks, Alice. But I'm quite certain I could have packed by myself." I insisted.

"But why on earth would anyone want to deny Alice the pleasure of assisting in the unnecessary?" I spun around to see Edward grinning from the doorway. "All set?" He flashed his brilliantly white teeth at me.

"Yeah, I'm ready." There was a blatant double meaning in my confirmation.

"Alright. Our flight leaves in about 2 hours, we had better get going." He winked playfully at me as he lifted my suitcase with ease and led the way down the stairs in one of the quicker than possible movements that I had grown so accustomed to. Once in the main entryway he set my suitcases next to his and floated around the room murmuring a brief goodbye to the family that had gathered.

I followed suit, taking more time to acknowledge each one. I hugged Esme, Carlisle, and Jasper briefly and allowed them to exchange their wishes for us to enjoy ourselves before finally bidding them a final farewell as we walked out the door.

"Whoa!" I breathed as we stepped off of the porch. Before me, in the driveway was a sturdy and unfamiliar looking black car. I knew nothing about cars, but I knew that it must have been expensive.

"Did you hire a car company to come get us or something?" I asked Edward.

"No, why would you think that." He pressed. Something about the sneaky edge to his voice made me think that I was not going to like where this was going.

"I haven't seen this vehicle before." I frowned.

"That's because its new." He grinned widely.

I looked at him suspiciously and raised my eyebrow to display my concern.

"Yes, Bella. Its yours." He confirmed my fear.

I felt my eyes close as I exhaled very slowly. "Edward…."

"Bella, you promised you would let me buy you a car."

"Did you have to do it now? What a way to start my honeymoon." I scowled. I knew that I wasn't being very cooperative, and I immediately felt slightly guilty.

"Bella, relax. Its not a big deal. Its my wedding gift to you." He made a rash attempt at justifying the likely several thousand dollar pile of metal in front of me.

"Yes it is, I don't need a car."

"Yes you do."

I opened my mouth to argue again but I closed it immediately. I didn't want to hurt his feelings, but I made a silent oath to myself that we would talk about this once we returned. He chuckled at my pouting and held out the keys to me.

"No." I held my hands up as if to surrender. "I don't know where the airport is and you drive faster than me." I didn't add that the prospect of driving this shining car intimidated me.

He rolled his eyes, but allowed my excuse and opened the passenger door for me. It only took him a moment to load our luggage and then we were speeding out of the driveway at top speeds.

the interior of the vehicle reflected its extravagant price. It was sleek, leather, and had the distinct smell of a new car. On the center console was a very classy digital screen complete with satellite radio and navigation system. I didn't ask questions about the car. I didn't want to know. I just focused on what was ahead of me.

I admittedly toned out his constant flurry of explanations and boasting about the car's many impressive features.

"Bella?" he prompted.

"What?" I shook the dazed thoughts out of my head and looked at him innocently.

"You haven't been listening at all, have you." His crooked smile let me know that I was off the hook.

"No," I smiled sheepishly.

"We're here." He repeated the last sentence that I had been tuning out.

"Oh!" I blinked in shock. "That was fast. Not that I'm surprised."

In moments he had left the vehicle and opened the door, extending a hand to help me out. I appreciated the unnecessary gesture and accepted it, although I did not accept him insisting on carrying my luggage as well as his. We didn't pack much. Just two large suitcases and a small carry-on, but still - I was perfectly capable of carrying my own luggage.

The busy airport proposed the ever present issue of blood lust. The rushing pulses of the hectic crowd made my mouth water, but I managed, as always, to keep my desires under control.

I realized as we stood among the rest of the people waiting to board our flight that people were looking at us. Not because of our inhuman beauty or our abnormal poise.. If that were the case, their expressions would have been scrutinizing and contemplative rather than the awed approval that we were regarded with instead. I realized that they were looking at us because of our behavior towards each other. Edward held my hands firmly in his own and we were both staring contentedly into each other's eyes. We were making it blatantly obvious that we were embarking on our honeymoon, and the impatient crowd around us made no show of hiding their reaction. The smirk on Edwards lips was a clear sign that he was in tune with what each one of them were thinking, and as he explained to me later, I was right.

The plane ride itself would have been pure torture if it weren't for the angel sitting beside me. He held my hand and rubbed comforting circles into it, trying desperately to do all he could to distract me from the blood lust threatening to overcome me. The close proximity to human blood and the inescapable confines of the situation was an inconvenience that we had not prepared for, but I knew that, now especially, it was crucial for me to maintain control. I focused on not breathing, a characteristic of my new lifestyle that had not made itself useful until now. The flight went slowly, but Edward did his best to help me by singing my lullaby in his quietest voice and quoting "Romeo and Juliet" in its entirety for me. If nothing else, his effort and compassion comforted me and put me at ease.

"Almost there." He encouraged as a particularly appealing flight stewardess stirred the air as she passed by us. I closed my eyes in response and shuddered involuntarily, though weather the action was due to my own desperate restraint or to disgust at the impulses I was entertaining I had no idea.

He squeezed my hand confidently and threw me a dazzling smile as the voice on the intercom instructed us to fasten our seatbelts as we made our landing.

Once safely outside of the plane and on solid ground, I still did not allow myself a breath. The air was still riddled with the scent of vulnerable humans, and I was thirsty.

We had made no plans. That was Edwards idea. He wanted to "wing it" and take things day by day. I offered no complaints, I didn't care where we were, as long as I was with him. The sun had already set, Alice had planned out our flights carefully around the sun, making sure that we would depart and arrive under the safe watch of the moon. Even so, we were almost completely covered. Our hands and faces were the only parts of our skins exposed, and we had taken the proper precautions of wearing hooded sweatshirts and carrying gloves in our pockets.

After departing the airport, we rented a vehicle. It took many hours of convincing on the flight to get Edward to agree to bypass grand theft auto while on our honeymoon. Jail time was not an intriguing activity to me, and as much as he insisted we wouldn't get caught, I insisted on acquiring transport the legal way.

Edwards condition, of course, was getting to chose the rental car himself. It turned out being a red version of the exact car that was waiting for us at the airport back in Alaska. I sighed heavily at him as he handed the money over the counter and was handed the keys in return.

"What?" He shrugged innocently.

"At least you're consistent, I guess." I groaned back.

He responded with a blinding smile as he urged me out the doors and away from the human blood I still found myself surrounded by.

"What's on the agenda?" He pressed.

"I don't know, I've never been to Switzerland before." I shrugged.

"Which is exactly why you're the boss." He grinned.

"I don't know, what is there to do that's away from people…… and near to animals?"

"Hiking." He suggested. "I mean, after all…. What's a trip to Europe without backpacking through the Swiss Alps?"


"So it's settled then? You're okay with going backpacking?"

"Yes." I confirmed eagerly. "Before, the prospect of hiking up a mountain would have been intimidating and nothing short of terrifying, but now, as an immortal possessor of inhuman grace and agility, I was actually excited by it. A peaceful and private hike up a mountain with my husband sounded like the perfect way to begin my honeymoon."

His responding grin was breathtaking. I could see that the plan was as thrilling to him as it was to me.

"Ok, there is this quaint little camping shop about an hour from here that we can get a tent and some blankets from and then we'll park the car and get started before the sun rises." He calculated it in his mind as he spoke. "We have to hurry though, I think the shop closes in a half hour."

To a normal person, the fact that we had a half of an hour to make an hour long trip would be cause to change plans, but not with Edward. I knew very well that speeding was necessary to him even without the pressing time frame.

Sure enough, 25 minutes later we pulled into the dirt lot in front of a "Sporting Goods Galore" shop. He instructed me to wait with the car and then disappeared. I didn't have nearly enough time to miss him, he was back in about 3 minutes, tops. I suspected that the only reason it took that long was due to the human speed at which the cashier moved.

It was moments later, after he had thrown the backpack full of purchases into the backseat, we were speeding down the road. His hand held mine firmly against the leather seats and he spent more time looking at me than at the road. His joy was unmistakable. He had the glimmer in his eye, same as the day I married him. He looked truly excited, which in turn only heightened my own anticipation. He was still grinning widely as we pulled into a dirt lot labeled "Hiker Lot. Maximum 4 days."

"The sun should be up in about 1 hour, we better get going so we can out hike the early risers." He winked. As if that would be any difficulty at all, I thought.

The path was easy to follow for a while. We took the defined trail for about 10 minutes, running at full speed up the steep incline. I absently calculated how much longer this trip would have taken if I were still a fragile and slow human and I grimaced at the memory.

As the first few rays of sunlight crept over the horizon, we deviated from the main path and I followed Edward into the trees. Not long after straying from the path we caught the scent of two mountain goats. Pausing for only the necessary 10 minutes to feed, we soon set off again, hiking farther and farther up the mountain. Every now and then he would pull me to an abrupt halt and press his lips against mine before continuing the hike with a sly grin as if nothing had happened. The atmosphere grew tighter and tighter around us and snow began to become visible on the mountain tops.

Once the sun was entirely above the horizon he slowed to a halt completely.

"Alright. It's highly unlikely that we will have any company from any humans this far up. We can set the tent here."

Contrary to his use of the word "us", Edward denied me any opportunity to assist him in the two minute job of setting up the tent. I made myself useful instead by unpacking the useless sleeping back, or… was it useless? I thought anxiously to myself.

As he put the finishing touches on the tent, I stepped over to the edge of the tree's and watched the sun rise into the sky. I lifted my hand in front of my face and wiggled my fingers in awe. I was still unused to the sparkling skin aspect of my new lifestyle. Without warning I felt his body contour to mine from behind me. One of his hands wrapped securely around my waist and the other curved around me to weave through the fingers of the hand I had been inspecting. His hands glittered and sparkled in the sunlight just as powerfully as my own and the sight brought a slight smile to my lips.

"I love you," He whispered against my neck. His cool breath cascaded down my shoulder and I closed my eyes at the sensation.

"Mmmmmm," I responded. "I love you too."

His lips searched hungrily up my shoulder and to my jaw line. I turned my head allowably to the side and met his hungry lips with my own.

He untangled his fingers from my own and moved his hand down to mirror the other at my waist. With gentle force he rotated my hips until I was facing him. I giggled quietly as he slid his hands around to my back and tucked them into the back pockets of my jeans. He used the leverage to pull my body against his own as he found my lips again.

A slight rumbled grew in his throat as he kissed me. I gasped loudly as he captured my bottom lip between his teeth, but my gasp was cut short my the resumed presence of his icy lips.

"Bella." He spoke my name in barely a whisper, but I heard it.

By now, the sun had turned its full force upon us and was battling to warm our ice cold skin.

The distant sound of a helicopter brought me out of the full force of his dazzling. "We should probably get out of the sun before someone takes the reflections off of our skin as an S.O.S. sign." I joked.

He was a little bit too eager to comply and he hastily swept me off of my feet and into the shelter of the tent.

Though it was only 7 in the morning, we made love multiple times in the comfort of our tent until the sun began to recede and leave us in the darkness again. We filled time by talking endlessly of the possibilities for the rest of our honeymoon. Sometime close to noon I remember staring into his beautiful face as he sang to me.

"Bella, thank you." He said.

"For what?"

"For being my wife, even when I so clearly didn't deserve you."

"Shhh." I pressed my fingers to his lips. "I love you. Please don't."

He fell silent immediately. But pulled me closer to him and brushed a stray lock of hair out of my face.

"I love you too. My Bella, my wife….. My world."

Our honeymoon had only begun, but I was already completely content. I didn't mind if this turned out to be our only activity for the entirety of our honeymoon, this was all I needed. This was all I would ever need. Not only had our honeymoon just begun, but our lives fell into the same category. The beginning, that's all this was. We had forever ahead of us.

"Forever is all I'm asking for." I had said. It seemed so long ago, even though it had been under a half of a year since I said it. At that time, it had seemed like forever was too far away, but now here I was - staring at my forever. The view was stunning. All I could see was my husband, and that's all I had ever wanted to see. Danger would come and go, but I could handle any change in life as long as I had Edward by my side as my constant. I looked into the eyes of my future, my forever - and I had no fear.