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"Did you hear about Lilly Kane?"

"Aaron Echolls-"


"They broke up. Can you believe it? His dad tries to kill her and he breaks up with her-"

Veronica walked through the halls of Neptune High, listening to all the things people were saying. All they talked about was Lilly and Aaron, or Lilly and Logan. Nobody even mentioned the fight between the two girls that happened just the day before.

"Lilly! Of course Logan broke up with you! You were sleeping with his dad!" Veronica said to her best friend.

Lilly rolled her eyes. "Yeah, but his dad almost killed me! Isn't that pay back enough?"

Veronica looked at her best friend and shook her head slowly. "No. It's not."

"Uh, whatever, Veronica." Lilly snapped. "You want to side with Logan? Fine, go be HIS best friend!" And with a flip of her hair, she sauntered away, leaving Veronica to stare after her.

When Veronica had tried to sit at the 09' table, with Lilly and her ex-boyfriend, Duncan, the glares they sent her way were enough to make anyone move. So, Veronica was banished to sit at the table no one occupied at the center of the food court.

"What are you doing?" A voice asked from behind her. Veronica jumped slightly, then looked up to see Logan staring at her, a slightly confused look on his face.

Veronica blinking back the sudden tears in her eyes. "Didn't you know? I've been banished."

Logan looked at her a moment, then looked over at the 09', who were all staring at them. Logan rolled his eyes and turned back to Veronica. "Look, you know that I don't really like you." He said bluntly. Veronica didn't deny it. They hadn't got along since Veronica ratted Logan out for kissing another girl a couple of weeks before. "That doest mean you have to become the class loner." He said. He held his hand out for Veronica to take.

Veronica looked at his hand, then to Lilly, who was glaring, and then to Duncan, who was half standing from his chair and staring at them. Then she looked back at Logan, who had his eyebrows raised. "This is my only offer, Mars." He said quietly. "Either come with me now, or I won't even try to stop those guys when they come after you." He said softly. "It's your choice."

Veronica took a deep breath and shook her head. Logan sighed softly, then walked away.


Logan hadn't been kidding that day. He didn't lift a finger to help Veronica. In fact, most of the time he was the one who started it.

Veronica had changed a lot in the last six months. She had cut her long, blonde hair, so it barely touched her shoulders, and changed her wardrobe from the pastel dresses and skirts, to dark jeans and shirts. And she had finally lost that sweetness Logan had always teased her about. In its place was a hard shell and sassy attitude.

Veronica made her way towards hell, which others called High School, and saw a huge group of kids standing around the flag pole.

"What the hell." Veronica muttered. She made her way through the people and saw a guy, a new kid, taped to the pole.

She sighed in disgust, then grabbed her pocket knife to cut him down.

"You're new here huh? Welcome to Neptune High."


Logan watched as Veronica cut the kid down, then e smiled softly. "Of course." Lilly sneered beside him. "Veronica, always the good girl."

"I don't know Lilly." Logan said, his eyes traveling over the 'new' Veronica Mars. "She doesn't exactly look like a good girl."

"Logan." Duncan said warningly.

Logan rolled his eyes. This was the same guy that dumped Veronica last year, and hadn't talked to her since. What right did he have for lecturing Logan? "What?" Logan snapped.

"Just lay off." Duncan finally muttered. Logan smirked.


Veronica was sitting at the lunch table she had been at for the last year, when the strangest thing occurred. Someone sat next to her.

"Did I say you could sit here?" Veronica snapped.

The new kid sighed and went to grab his things, and Veronica instantly felt bad. "Wait, you can sit hear. You can sit wherever you want."

He smiled and settled back in the seat.


Logan looked at Veronica's table as that new kid sat beside her. "Who's that?" Lilly demanded.

"He's that kid from the flagpole!" Dick laughed. "The one she cut down!"

Logan looked back over at Veronica, and saw Veronica arguing with the leader of the biker gang. "Hell." He muttered, starting to stand.

Lilly pulled him back down. "Oh, so now you want to help her?" She snapped.

"Jealous?" Logan smirked down at his ex-girlfriend.

Lilly glared. "You wish."

Logan shrugged. "Cant win them all." He glanced over and saw Veronica talking to the new kid, the biker guy gone.