Disclaimer: I don't own Pretear of Elfen Lied

Disclaimer: I don't own Pretear of Elfen Lied.

Himeno and Mawata walked down the street laughing and carrying shopping bags. Mawata was glad to see her step-sister feeling so much better. Lately it seemed Himeno was always tired, sick or hungry.

"Where do you want to go next?" Mawata asked.

"Lets get something to eat." Himeno suggested.

Mawata couldn't help but giggle. "We just ate, Himeno." She said.

Himeno pouted a little "But I'm hungry again."

Mawata surrendered. "Oh, alright. We'll get something."

Himeno almost instantly cheered up and continued to walk with her sister. "What are we getting?" she asked. "Pizza, spaghetti, chicken or…" Himeno paused when she saw Hayate and Sasame walking this way. "Or…we can go home…"

"Go home?" Mawata was confused. She looked in the direction Himeno was looking and smiled, she waved at Sasame and Hayate. Himeno looked down and started to quickly walk the other way.

Hayate saw her and sped up; she had been avoiding him for weeks. "Himeno," he said as he got a hold of her wrist. "Where have you been?" he asked.

"Around." She muttered, not looking at him.

"Around where?" he asked, he wanted to know why she was avoiding him. "What's going on?"

"Nothing!" she yelled, yanking her arm away so fast it surprised him. "I'm going home." She mumbled and waked away.

Hayate just stood there silently, even as Mawata stood beside him. Sasame moves up a little closer and touched Mawata's shoulder, she glanced at him but didn't speak, she pulled away. She hadn't fully forgiven him, and he didn't blame her. "What's wrong with her?" he asked.

"I don't know," she said softly. "I've been trying…" she trailed off and thought for a second. "You know…" she whispered. "I think…" she shook her head. "I think I'll go home too."

Mawata walked after Himeno, wondering what was bothering the usually carefree girl. What could have her so distressed? Mawata looked around; Himeno was already out of sight…damn she could walk fast!

Mawata sped up, determined to find out what was wrong with Himeno, more determined than Mayune was to play pranks on her.

At the Mansion:

Himeno walked inside slamming the door behind her, she ran to her room and slammed the door there too. She walked to her bed and laid down, sighing softly. She lay, thinking until she heard a knock at the door. "Who is it?" she asked.

"It's Mawata." said the cheerful yet concerned voice. "May I come in?"

Himeno sat up. She knew she had to tell someone…before it became too obvious. But no matter whom I tell, she though. I'm completely screwed. "Yeah…" she whispered. "Come in."

Mawata opened the door and walked in. She locked it to make sure they wouldn't be disturbed; she sat on the bed with Himeno who was holding a pillow over her stomach.

She looked at her sisters slightly oversized clothes. It was odd, but Himeno was gaining weight, something she had never done before. So what? A lot of people gained weight from stress. And it wasn't far too surprising, considering how much she had been eating lately. Maybe it was problems with Hayate.

"Himeno, what's going on with you?" she asked worried.

"If I tell you," Himeno whispered. "Do you swear not to tell?"

Mawata looked at her, wondering if it was something so bad she didn't want anyone to know, but she knew if she said she couldn't keep it a secret, she'd never know, so she agreed to Himeno's conditions.

Himeno looked around cautiously and leaned in closer. Mawata did the same as Himeno leaned in closer and whispered something that almost made her faint. "That's…" she was still pretty shocked. "That's not too bad…but…"

"But what?" Himeno asked, clinging to her pillow.

"But how…?" she asked. Himeno looked at her and raised an eyebrow, smiling slightly. "Okay…I know how…but…when?"

"That party mom and dad had about…six weeks ago…I got bored."

"Six weeks!" Mawata shouted so loud, the whole house heard her. "Get up."

"What?" Himeno was a bit surprised that Mawata was behaving this way.

Mawata pulled Himeno up by the arm and said to get up again. "You have to tell Hayate, then mom and dad."

"What?! No way!" Himeno pulled her arm away, "you swore you wouldn't tell."

"You're right." Mawata agreed. "I swore I wouldn't tell, and I'm not. You are, now let's go. Now."


Himeno walked with Mawata to the fountain the garden where Hayate was waiting. Himeno looked at him and turned around. Mawata took her by the shoulders and turned her around to push her in the right direction. "Go." She told her.

Himeno looked at Hayate, he stood up and she looked at Mawata who smiled reassuringly. "It'll be okay." She said, gently pushing her again.

Himeno took a deep breath and nodded; she walked over there to Hayate and smiled nervously. "Hey…" she whispered before sitting down.

"Hey." He said and sat beside her. "So…" he said breaking the uncomfortable silence between them, "You wanna tell me what's going on?"

"Nothing…" she started but was quickly interrupted.

"Nothing?!" he nearly shouted. "You've been moody, blowing me off, ignoring me and you say it's nothing?" she didn't answer and he sighed sadly. "Ever since that party, you act like you can't stand me…what's wrong?"

"Nothing." She whispered again, looking down. "Except I'm six weeks pregnant."

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