Title: Hermione Discovers Rowling
Timeframe: 2008/2009, when Hugo is about a year old
Disclaimer: Harry Potter & its characters don't belong to me. Neither does anything regarding Star Wars. Google, Wookieepedia, and anything regarding the Internet are used as a means to an end.
Summary: Sequel to "Hermione…the Jedi?" Hermione goes back to fan fiction to get her mind off RL and is shocked at what she discovers.
Notes: An idea given by Ginnyloveslife on in her review for "Hermione…the Jedi?" It just took over a month to finish it :P

Hermione sniffed as tears threatened to fall down her face yet again and then sighed as Hugo reached his chubby baby hands up for her to hold him.

She was standing in the doorway of the spare room that, until a week ago, had been storage for the children's toys. Now it was filled with various boxes filled with a wide assortment of things from books to photo albums, which were all now in Hermione's possession.

A week ago her father died, and since Hermione was an only child, quite a few things were left to her. At first, she had argued with her mother, not wanting to take the memories away, but Hermione didn't get her Gryffindor courage and womanly strength from just anyone.

Her mother was very persuasive; after all, the will clearly stated that Hermione was to get a variety of things. And she would be fine, eventually, and Hermione and Ron should go home with their children and go on with their lives, and not worry about a widow such as herself.

As much as she tried, Hermione couldn't argue with her mum and refused to perform magic on her. She did, however, brew a Calming Drought to be taken when the pain was too rough. Mrs. Granger was proud, not stupid.

So here Hermione was, in her own house alone with the children as Ron was back working with his brother for a few hours a day. The Ministry had again ordered Hermione to stay home and care for her mother and children as well as herself. Well, this time it was more Harry who had ordered the "vacation" and if Harry bloody Potter said something, it had to be done.

Hermione thought back to the first time she was given forced leave, after Rose was born, and knew that it was the very reason why her father left her the object she was now staring at.

His laptop.

She swore she would never go on such a thing again, but her father said in his will:

I know you had been so very interested in my computer and you began to browse the Internet, you had that fierce look in your eyes you used to get when you would tell your mother and me that you would prove to everyone that you didn't have to be born into magic to be the best at it. I am unsure why you had suddenly stopped using it, but I know that you were working on something. This is for you, and I hope that fire in your heart never dies.

What she wanted was for the computer to die, but she refused to throw it away. Her father wanted her to have it, and she was not about to toss out one of the final ties she had to him.

She wanted to turn it on, just to see what he had kept on there. But she was frightened; the fact that he wasn't there to help her through troubles she might run into would be a rough reminder of his death, and also she had promised herself not to get involved with fan fiction again. Granted, having the computer didn't mean she had to go to any website like that and her resolve was strong, but the fact that it all happened on the laptop seemed to clench her nerves.

Hugo started crying that he was hungry and, grateful for the distraction, Hermione went to feed him.

It took a few more days but Hermione finally worked up her Gryffindor courage to turn on the computer. Ron came home from work to find her sniffling in front of it. She had gone through every file she could find (and luckily didn't see anything she had written in the past) and discovered that the computer had many pictures her parents had taken. She found ones from her twenty-fifth surprise party a few years ago, both of her children when each was born, pictures from her and Ron's wedding, and some from a vacation her parents went on.

She was looking through these now, glad that her father was happy before he died, but feeling pain when thinking of how he wouldn't have times like that anymore. And perhaps her mother wouldn't either.

Ron took her in his arms and rubbed her back gently, allowing her to use his shoulder as a tissue. He glared at the laptop, as if the contraption would know that it was at fault for making his wife like this.

He convinced Hermione to leave the room and half-carried, half-led her to their bedroom where they laid in each others arms until Rose came running in, yelling that she was hungry.


The picture of Hermione's parents stared at the empty room until the next day when Hermione decided she needed to get her mind off the pain. It took her a while, but she was finally able to magically hook the laptop up to the Internet and very cautiously typed in the URL that had been engraved in her mind all those years ago.

Fanfiction .net.

Yes, she promised herself she wouldn't ever be involved with fan fiction ever again, but in all honesty (the "honesty" of rationalization after the fact, of course) she just didn't want to write fan fiction; there was nothing wrong with reading it.

Hermione needed humor; something to cheer her up, hopefully relieve the stress she was feeling, and get her mind off real life.

And of course as soon as she worked up the courage to click on the "Movies" section of the site, Hugo started to cry.

Stupid teeth, out of all the times in life for them to come in… but she picked her son up and Conjured a cool pacifier to soothe his pain.

"All right, Hermione," she muttered, "enough dawdling, just find a damn story."

She softly bounced Hugo on her knee as she browsed through the stories, finding a couple good ones, but not too many. The few that made her laugh had Han and Leia in them…but a lot had characters she had never even heard of. At least she knew Wedge Antilles and Wes Janson as they were in the movies, but who were Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Ben and Mara? What she found on Wookieepedia made her realized she hadn't watched all of the movies and everything else confused her (who would have thought there would be so many books and comics that made up the "Expanded Universe")?!

Well, this wasn't turning out so well. Disgusted by her lack of knowledge, Hermione exited out of the Star Wars section and saw there was a "Books" area; and Hermione had read a lot of Muggle books in her life.

She set the now-sleeping Hugo on a blanket on the floor before clicking on the "Books" section and sifted through the massive list of books the site named.

"Alice in WonderlandCatcher in the Rye, what a great book…Edgar Allen Poe, there probably won't be anything humorous there…"

It was when she got to the books beginning with the letter 'H' that she stopped scrolling down screen and stared at it. Why in Merlin's bloody beard was her best friend's name on the list? Since when did Muggles have a bloody book about him?

And when she clicked on the name "Harry Potter" with shaking hands, she screamed when she saw her name staring at her.