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Susan opened her eyes and put a hand to her head. As she noticed the grey cracked ceiling she knew exactly where she was. Finchley. Damned Finchley! She knew that when she got up there would be no gowns in her closet, no fawns playing music, and definitely no handsome kings kissing her breathless as she had just apparently dreamed.

As she moved her hand through her hair she could feel the dampness. She had worked herself up so much during the dream that she had actually begun to perspire! Susan let out a mirthless laugh and closed her eyes pulling the pillow around her face once again. She couldn't believe how different her life here was in comparison to that incredible dream. The only one offering her anything close to passion in this world was the uncomfortable boy who stalked her after school. And really she could imagine he would be just about as passionate as a damp kitchen rag when it came right down to it.

Oh but Caspian…..God if only it had been real! Somehow she knew that the passion she felt…could still feel radiating from him during the dream was not outside the realm of possibility if she were actually with him. She had seen him in battle, his sword and his dagger flying effortlessly through the air. She had felt the beginnings of that passion in his eyes when he looked at her. There had just not been any time to explore that passion. And here she was subconsciously torturing herself with imagining what it would be like to unlock that passion and have it solely directed towards her.

Susan felt like she could scream in frustration. Her body ached to feel him close to her. She punched the mattress with both fists then drew the covers back over her head. It was Saturday and since she had nothing better to do she might as well try and go back to the amazing dream she had been having….surely nothing here in England while she was awake would be one tenth as satisfying.

Edmund was completely confused. He had just met Amara before they had left. He had spoken to her for less than 5 minutes and now he was having dreams about her. No these were not just dreams….these bordered on…Fantasies. He had know she was beautiful just by meeting and talking with her but to see her in that dream coming down the steps in that blue dress with her hair and shining eyes directed at him it was more than he thought his imagination could create by itself. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest at the mere memory of the dream. His breathing slowed as he realized that he was still in England….where the great lion felt they all belonged.

Although Edmund owed everything in his life to the great lion's sacrifice he couldn't keep the small ache in his chest from affecting his thoughts. His dream had felt so real and so possible that it pained him to remember it. It pained him to remember what he had dreamt about dancing with Amara, about holding her small hand in his. It pained him to remember the excitement and the catch of his breath as he held her near to him. It pained him to think about her smile and her cunning remarks.

But experiencing the ball with Amara was not the only thing that pained him. Although he had been quite taken in by his own dancing partner and the awakenings in his own heart that she had given him he could not help but be pained by the images of his sister and Caspian. In the dream seeing them together on the dancefloor moving from one passionate hold to the next Edmund was struck with how perfectly they seemed to go together. Although he himself was now young in body, in mind and heart he had lived far longer and never in all his years had he seen his sister as happy as she was in his dream. Caspian for all of Peter's whining was a good man and a VERY good leader. Edmund had also seen from their very first meeting that the new king was hardly indifferent to his fiery sister.

Their interactions in his dream seemed to coincide with everything he felt about the pair prior to their leaving. He knew that somewhere lurking beneath the surface of their not so subtle glances was the beginnings of extremely powerful and passionate feelings. The images of them on the dance floor merely mirrored what was going on between them inside.

Edmunds pain at this recollection only deepened as he recalled Susan's withdraw since their return. The light in her eyes that was so striking against her beautiful white gown in his dream had been absent from all her expressions since their return. She had a new friend that came around often that could often make her laugh but her heart wasn't in it. Actually the more he thought about it despite the fact that she had shown improvement in her work and in her manners in the last few days it appeared as if her heart wasn't in anything she did anymore.

And Edmund understood her loss. The only thing that had kept him able to face the world here was the fact that he knew he would be going back. Having to come back here and be Peter's little brother all over again was very hard to take but he knew that somehow he would once again be King Edmund the just and have that sense of purpose back in his life. He couldn't see what Susan had here to hold onto. They had all had such meaning in their lives in Narnia. Even as kids they made a difference in people's lives and changed things for the better and as hard as that was to leave behind he couldn't imagine leaving behind your first love.

An image of Amara dressed in her blue gown flooded back to his thoughts. With a sigh he realized that maybe he could understand that too.

Lucy had woken up smiling. She couldn't put her finger on it but she could feel that this was not an ordinary dream. She had rejoiced in seeing her sister so happy…even if only in a dream. She hoped it was an omen that Susan would again find such happiness and that she wouldn't be fated to spend her life in the shadow of such disappointment. She knew there wasn't much she could do but be there for her Sister and have faith. And faith was the one thing she had in abundance and somehow she knew in her heart that Aslan wouldn't demand a lifetime of unhappiness for someone he called 'dear one'.

She held that belief close to her heart as she readied herself for another day in this world that almost felt more foreign to her than the other in which she had lived.

Peter was disturbed by the dream. It was as if he had been there but also as if he hadn't. He had always felt a sense of purpose in Narnia but in the dream he could recall that although he was fairly at ease the sense of purpose and contentment had left him. There had been something about watching everything occurring in that dream that made him uneasy. He had felt himself watch Susan and Caspian dance together with a smug smirk on his face. They couldn't keep their eyes or their hands off each other during their dance and without meaning for it to happen they had become the center of the entire congregation. Although there were other couples the two had remained the central focus of everyone there. It was as if they were the monarchs to look to.

That was an entirely new sensation for Peter. He had always been the one to look towards. He had always been the one leading the ball, leading the battles, leading his people. And even in his dream he had felt that this was no longer the case. Although here in England he was having to come to terms with Caspian being in charge of the fate of the Narnian's in his absence even in his dream the power had been deferred to his friend….and his sister.

It was this thought that disturbed him the most. In his dream the lords and ladies, the subjects both Telmarine and Narnian were looking towards the pair in a more significant light. He had no idea why he would dream about this since he and Susan were not going back. He had decided when they had come back that he would enjoy the memories of Narnia and try and instill the passion he had for leading into his life here. As a leader you couldn't constantly be dwelling on the past and as such Peter had promised himself not to regret what had happened but to look towards the future.

Yet for the life of him he could not shake the feeling that the dream he saw did not belong in his memory as a mere image of the past….but that perhaps it belonged as a glimpse of his future.

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