This is just because I wanted Ziva to kick some ass.

Not much of a story, more of just an action sequence.

But it was satisfying.

There could be a second chapter is anyone likes it enough.

I do not own NCIS or any part thereof.

Daughter of Ares, Goddess of War

Tony knelt on the ground. His hands behind his head. Beside him McGee did the same. Behind them a guy who looked like an offensive tackle for the Redskins held a double-barreled shotgun aimed in their general direction. Two other men armed with AK-47s talked together several yards away while watching the woods around them.

There'd been gunshots over to their left a few minutes before and Tony was worried. Ziva had headed over that way to "refresh" herself at the little stream they'd been following earlier promising dire consequences if he or McGee followed her. Then the guys with the guns had shown up and now they knelt in the rocky sand bank of the half frozen stream.

He needed a slap in the head. A slap for letting them get ambushed. A slap for letting Ziva go off on her own. A slap for just being such a general screwup. Where was Gibbs when you needed him?

He heard cracking underbrush and their prey, Chief Petty Office Marlon Watson came through, his weapon slung over his shoulder, grinning. He wore a Navy Pea Coat to keep the chill Virginia mountain air at bay.

"Got the bitch," he said.

"Ziva," McGee said with a slight hitch in his breath.

Tony closed his eyes. Ziva.

Watson came around in front of them and squatted.

"So boys, you the finest NCIS got? Cause you sure are sloppy out here in the woods."

Tony mentally shook the image of Ziva lying broken and bleeding from his head. He had to concentrate. He was still responsible for McGee.

"Tell me, Chief," he said, "how the hell did you get mixed up with these assholes? You're a 30-year man. You dedicated your life to serving your country."

Watson laughed, showing his tobacco stained teeth. He stood up.

"I'm tired, Special Agent DiNozzo. Tired of my country being flushed down the toilet by crooked politicians and illegal immigrants and minorities who think they deserve special treatment. I just got so tired of that shit. I want to take my country back. That's why me and these boys here – we decided to do something about it. That explosion, the one at the rally, it's just the beginning. The revolution's coming and this time we're doing it right."

Tony looked at him. Watson's eyes glowed with the fervor of his belief. Tony hated fanatics and white supremacists were some of the worse. The fact that this guy had access to explosives and weapons through his job with the Navy just made it all the worse somehow. And the fact that this man had probably shot and killed Ziva made Tony want to wrap his hands around Watson's throat and rip his head off.

He felt the hard edge of the shotgun barrel nudge his back.

"Keep your hands up," said Watson.

Tony chanced a glance at Tim. The Probie was looking straight ahead. His lower lip quivered a little and he was breathing shallowly. Tony knew McGee was scared. Hell, so was he. Chances of getting out of this alive were none and less.

Watson looked their way again.

"You boys should feel honored. You, and your little dead Mossad girlfriend, are the first executions of the new order. Hank, do it."

The guy behind Tony lifted the shotgun and lodged it against his head. He heard McGee's sharp intake of breath and looked his way. The kid was still staring straight ahead, jaw clenched tight as a steel spring.

"It's been good working with you, McGee," Tony said.

McGee swallowed audibly.

"You, too, Tony," he said.

Watson laughed.

"You boys wanna goodbye kiss? Do it now, Hank."

Tony wouldn't give them the satisfaction of closing his eyes. He took a deep breath. He heard the click of the double hammers being slowly drawn back.

Then the water erupted in front of him. Ziva stood dripping, water droplets running down her naked body. Her nipples were tight from the chill of the water and the air. Her wet dark hair hung in strands around her face and over her shoulders.

Her hands were at her sides and she looked like a dark goddess arising from the sea. Like the famous picture by Botticelli of the birth of Venus, only this was not the daughter of Zeus but Ares, God of War. Tony saw Watson standing with his mouth open taking in the sight of her. He felt the shotgun barrel move away from his head.

She smiled then and shook her hair out of her face; said "Shalom." Then her gun came up and she shot Watson in the head. She moved to stand in a classic shooters stance, legs apart and gun in a 2-handed grip and calmly shot Hank the shotgun wielder. Tony felt the wind of the passing of the slug over his head. Ziva came running up on shore, firing her gun at the two other men behind them. One got off a shot but it went wild. Ziva fired until she ran out of bullets. Then she walked back to where Watson lay and kicked him in the face.

She turned to Tony and McGee and said, "You can close your mouths and put your hands down now."

She sank tiredly to her knees and then slowly toppled over and they saw the blood on her back.