The characters in this story do not belong to meā€¦just the story

Harry, Fran Rita and her delectable husband Chris are all characters belonging to the incomparable Stephen J. Cannell. This story is truly my brainchild with the help of the wonderful people at CBS (for making the show). RITA & CHRIS FOREVER!!


The windowpane was covered in snow as Rita looked out of it. She was in awe. The snow, her family, her life. She found herself looking for something bad to happen because it was so rare for things to ever go her way. She was married with the most wonderful of husbands and she had the most beautiful set of twins. They moved to Virginia when she had become pregnant and even though she missed Cap and Frannie and being an officer in Palm Beach, nothing could compare to her becoming a mother. She was in labor for fifteen hours, all the while cursing Chris and loving him. She remembered it like it was yesterday.

"Oh my God!" she screamed for the umpteenth time in the last hour.

"The babies are coming Mrs. Lorenzo. Just hold out a little bit longer," the doctor said. She breathed in and out like they said to in the Lamaze class but it wasn't working. The pain was so sharp and painful. She squeezed Chris's hand with a ferocious strength.

"Jeez Sam, you trying to rip my hand off?" Chris asked with a bit of pain.

"Don't ever touch me again!" she bellowed. "AHHHHHHHHHH!"

"One more push," the doctor was saying but she didn't hear him.

"You...Uhhhhhh... have to move out. This isn't working... Ohhhhhhhh," she screamed and carried on for as long as she could before she passed out.

The next morning when the nurses brought the babies to her she welled up with mother's pride. She had a beautiful little girl and a little boy, identical. They had decided to name them Samuel and Samantha Lorenzo. She was so happy to have her family that she began crying.

"Are you okay miss?" the nurse asked her.

"I'm fine," she cried. "I'm just happy."

Chris walked in to the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. He thought nothing could beat out her beauty in his eyes but the sight of her with his children, knowing the home they would have took his breath away.

"Hello lady of my heart," he said walking over and kissing her on the cheek.

"And where have you been all morning?" she asked him smiling at the babies and then at him.


"Where are you going?"

"You told me to move," he said feigning a hurt expression. "She kicks me out of my own home and she forgets."

"I did say that didn't I?" she said sheepishly. "I was... incapacitated at the time. The ramblings of a woman in pain."

"I know," he said smiling at her.

"Look at our babies Chris. These are our babies."


That was one of the happiest days of her life. It followed a line of happy moments; their wedding, finding out she was pregnant, the move and everything else that went along with it. "Hey good looking," she heard come from behind her.

Chris put his arms around Rita and hugged her while he kissed on her neck and nibbled on her ears. He began pulling down the back of her shirt, as he kissed down her spine "Somebody must not want to eat tonight," she moaned from in front of him.

"Who said I wasn't?" he said his eyes gleaming wickedly.

She turned around and looked at him. She saw the gleam and matched it with her own sense of mischievousness when she pulled his shirt over his head and ran her hands across the span of his chest.

"Well, well well," he said backing up, "the wicked comes out tonight." He began running away from her when she broke into hot pursuit.

"Christopher!" she yelled through the house like a maniac. She had finally caught up to him in the basement and tackled him to the floor when the door open and they heard unison sounds of Mommy and Daddy.

"Snuck again," Chris said stealing a quick kiss.

"You can say that again Sam," she said with a heavy sigh. He didn't seem to let it stop him anyway. He kissed on her shoulders and down her spine making her moan with pleasure. She turned to face him and brought his head to hers. They were so in love and got drunk from pleasuring each other.

"Mmm, Chris," she moaned.

"Yes," he said to her in return. He put his hands up her shirt and caressed her breasts and she moaned from underneath of him. She began rubbing his back when the twins came downstairs.

"Oooo," the two said and ran back upstairs.

They were totally unaware of anything but each other. He took her shirt off and began playing with her nipples in his mouth. They became taut and hard and she moaned even more. For the first time in a long time, they were able to be husband and wife again. They held and touched each other like only they could. They enjoyed each other. It was even better than the first time, better than their wedding night. It was magical.

"Where are your parents?" Frannie asked the giggling twins.

"Mommy and daddy are making another baby," Samantha squealed and ran upstairs. Samuel looked at his aunt Fran's embarrassed expression.

"It's okay Aunt Fran," he said trying to put her at ease, "We saw them before and they told us. You can go home if you want, I'll keep an eye on Samantha."

"Well... what about your parents?" Frannie asked totally unsure of all this. He looked at his aunt Fran and said.

"They'll be fine. I'll keep an eye on them." This made her laugh and shook the nervousness.

"Take care of your sister," she said kissing the boy and walking out the door. For the next hour Rita and Chris made love to each other in the basement while their children played with their toys two floors up.