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Spoiler Warning!

Set just after Lana gets wiped by Brainiac and just after the Last episode of the TV show version of Angel. Slightly AU, basically so I can do whatever I want without dealing with Cannon, and with little bits of stuff added in around Clark's powers primarily and Lana's condition.

Disclaimer: I have no ownership over anything in this story that you recognize. But I fervently wish I did.

Chapter 1: In which Clark beats the living crap out of stuff.

"Chloe, you do realize that shopping for shoes generally isn't a way that guys deal with grief," Clark muttered to his friend. She merely grinned, "At least you're complaining now. You're still a wreck, but now you can have emotional reactions to things that don't involve the initials L.L."

"Plus, you would look so good in this season's Gucci platforms," Lois basked in the farm boy's glare. She kicked a crushed soda can down the street. When she looked in the store window at a very large rifle, Clark picked up the can and tossed it in the garbage at super-speed. Lois was too busy salivating about the .44 Caliber bolt-action hunting rifle. Clark couldn't help but wonder what use that would be in a city.

"Boy scout," Chloe mouthed. She decided that coming to L.A. was probably a smart move. The intrepid reporter had sweet-talked Ollie into providing a week-end in L.A. for Clark, just after Lana Lang had been put in a coma by Brainiac. 'It'll be good for Clark to get away. Get a new perspective,' she'd said. Ollie had caved surprisingly easily. In fact, he'd only put up token resistance, which upon rumination, made Chloe a little suspicious.

"Why are we out this late again?" Clark grumbled. He liked his beauty sleep, and he was more of a diurnal creature, than a nocturnal. "Because we are going to go clubbing and get you out of your funk, possibly by getting you drunk," Lois laughed. The huge farm boy actually looked more depressed.

They turned a corner to look at a bunch of smaller shops, which by now were for the most part closed for the night. The huge graffitied metal barriers were pulled over shop windows. The really funny thing about this street was how about million... creatures were marching into an alleyway. Some only came up to Chloe's waist, others towered even over Clark, and yet others flew, spewing fire.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I wanna slay the Dragon," A voice drifted out from the alley.

"What the fuck?" Lois gaped at the insanity. The legion of... things was poring out of a rent in the air. The city behind the opening seemed to ripple in a very disturbing way, like it was painted on the wind.

"Someone's in that alley, Clark!" Both Chloe and the big blue boy scout seemed a little too calm for the situation. It wasn't like they'd had military training, a la Sam Lane, the General.

"Maybe it's for a movie, or an ad, or something," Clark tried to convince himself, but failed miserably. The creature's skeletons, when they had them, were not human. The assorted medieval weapons looked surprisingly realistic and sharp for a movie set. Also, a bunch broke off from the main group to attack Clark, Chloe, and Lois.

"Chloe, Clark, RUN!" Lois yelled, she picked up a garbage can lid like it might do something. That was when she got an axe in her gut. It went right through the lid and got an inch into her stomach, before Clark's hand caught the haft.

"ANGEL, there are... out..." Filtered over the din in the alley.

"Clark?" Lois whimpered, "I told you to run," Blood ran down her legs in long spidery rivulets. She started laughing weakly.

"She's going into shock, Chloe, get her help! NOW!" Clark yelled. The ground actually shook with his yell. A sword shattered against his back. He spun around, a blur, and sent the stupefied creature flying with a back fist it couldn't even see. When the beast hit the building, it dripped down.

Chloe pulled her cousin around the corner, and started to call 911. Then she realized that an ambulance would never get there in time. She knew what she had to do. Go, Go, Gadget, healing power! Chloe the meteor freak thought. Then she blacked out as she took the wound unto herself.


Charles Gunn was seriously reconsidering the whole 'Blaze of Glory' plan. Of late, he'd kinda hoped to die in a large clean bed of old age, surrounded by his great-great-grandkids. He was wounded pretty bad, and the blood loss was making him loopy. Charles knew deep down that this was the right plan of action. But he was still seeing the advantages of a long, non-violent life.

"Chloe, Clark, RUN!" echoed down the alley. A young girl's voice, maybe eighteen or nineteen. If Charles had any extra blood it would have drained from his face.

"Oh my God, there are norms... ANGEL, there are norms out there!" Gunn chopped a gribbly in three. He was swarmed, but the Vampires looked like they were having a ball, Spike in particular. In so far as he could tell with Allyria, she seemed to be happy dicing the monsters. It looked like Angel had heard and was fighting his way to whoever yelled.

"She's going into shock, Chloe, get her help! NOW!" The ground shook with the last syllable. Gunn lost his footing, and accidently sliced the feet off a larger beastie. He heard a splat, and a nasty organic sound, possibly a moan.

Then things got freaky. Charles had just hobbled to a standing position, when a thunderclap knocked him back down again. He saw some the the smaller beasts actually sent flying, just before they burst into flames. Huge swaths of enemies were suddenly just bits, flying through the air, on fire.

When all the enemies in front of the vampires, Allyria, and Charles, were down, they just stood and watched. Their enemies were being vaporized. Some were incinerated, others were being tossed about like rag dolls, necks broken, some even exploded, others just splattered. The thing was, it was all happening simultaneously with no-one there to cause it.

"Magic?" Spike asked, speaking for pretty much everyone.

"No. There's sort of a.. blur that I think is causing it. It's hard to tell," Allyria whispered.

"Is it on our side?" Angel asked.

"I hope so," Spike said, "Because if it isn't, I have no bloody fucking clue how to stop it, Peaches,"