Summer Reading 2007

ZIZZY'S BACK FOLKS! I think you guys will like this one. I have it all typed out already. Normally I'm on like page 30 and only halfway through, but this one, I'm done. All typed out and everything. So this means…


Here's the prologue.




She had it all planned out very carefully. Every night, she saw Phantom open his window before he went to sleep. Why? She didn't know or really care. Probably for a quick start if a ghost came by, or maybe he got hot at night or something. Right under his window was some vines and gating that she was sure she would be able to climb up.

She had watched him in class before. How he would sleep. He would be completely knocked out, even when Lancer called him out. That was before they knew.

She looked at the dark window right as a cold wind blew her blond hair out of her face. She shivered. This could all go wrong. It was a dare. A stupid dare. Why was she even doing this? She just had to remind herself of the new Coach purse that she couldn't quite afford. They just needed some extra cash.

Looking back, she realized she should have turned back when there was still time. She could have avoided all of the trouble that was about to happen. If she had just stayed outside for a few extra minutes, everything would be different.

But at that moment she finally shook off all of her quivers, and stepped off the curb with only one thing on her mind. Star had to get those homework papers.

Ever since Danny revealed himself to be Phantom thing have been different. He was now a big time famous huge super star, and not just in Casper High… all around the world. Yet the thing that puzzled her was that he and his dorky little friends were just the same. Nothing changed about them.

… Well actually Danny was a lot more confident now, along with Tucker. Tucker was also mayor… for two week. He stepped down saying that he would rather work with Danny, but his time in office was fun while it lasted. Lastly Sam was a lot happier-- or more happy than usual. Even though she was Goth, everyone noticed that when Danny and her finally got together she seemed a lot more approachable.

The strange thing was that the trio didn't let the fame get to their head. They had risen even above their little A-list clique. When Dash used to bully Danny and Paulina used to insult Sam, now they were almost afraid to approach them, even though they never did anything to retaliate. However that didn't stop the A-list from talking about them.

In fact, that's why Star was running towards the Fenton house in the middle of the night. One: because Dash, Kwan and Paulina had dared her to and two: because she needed some extra cash.

She latched on to the gate and vines and started crawling up towards the ghost-boys window. No, she wasn't going to steal from them. Well… nothing like cash or anything. She was going to steal some of Danny's old homework papers. Then she could sell them on e-bay for lots and lots of cash. Then she could afford that new Coach bag.

Dash, Paulina, and Kwan watched her from a hidden spot from across the street, namely, behind the neighbor's trash, in a small ally that let out on the other side of the street. They took bets to see if Star would actually have the guts to do it or not. So far it looked like Kwan was winning.

Using her gymnastic skills, she stealthily climbed up the gating and quietly swung herself into Phantom's room. It stuck her odd that the Fenton's had so much protection to keep ghosts away while they had only a burglar system for keeping humans out.

She didn't even breathe as she scanned around the dark room. There he was, snoring slightly, sprawled against his bed. The walls were covered in posters of spaceships and occasionally a newspaper clipping. There were various thing scattered across the floor, ranging from dirty clothes to ghost weapons.

After analyzing the room she found what she was looking for. A desk with a computer nearly completely buried under books and papers scattered everywhere. She crept over to the desk, thanking her new diet that the floorboards didn't creak, and made sure not to step on the mess in her path. When she got there she heard a heavy sigh. She froze. Danny turned over in his bed and bunched up the covers so his feet were now sticking out. She didn't move until his quite snore came back.

She let out a long breath she hadn't been aware she was holding. Without even looking, she grabbed some of the papers and started stashing them into her backpack, as quickly and as quietly as possible.

Meanwhile Dash, Paulina, and Kwan were waiting for Star to come back out. Kwan was getting nervous. "Where is she?" He asked in an urgent whisper.

"She just got in there stupido. It's only been like three seconds." Paulina snapped, nervously shifting her weight from one foot to another.

"Yeah." Dash added his insightful two cents in. In reality they were all nervous. They began to think it was a bad idea. That's when they saw it. A car turned on to the street and started to drive up it slowly. It was an old painters van, with only three windows for the front, passengers and driver. They were all heavily tinted, and the van itself looked worn down, with the white coat starting to chip off.

The speed limit on this street was thirty miles per hour and the van seemed to only be going five. It gave all three of them the chills.

"What's up with that van?" Paulina asked irritably, trying to hide her uneasiness.

"I dunno." Dash shrugged.

Kwan, however, wasn't afraid to express his emotions. "There is defiantly something freaky with that car. Who is driving around at midnight anyways? I don't like this guys…" He whispered, and Dash felt his body tense, as if ready to spring up from his crouched position and run.

"Shut up Kwan! Calm down already!" Dash snapped. Kwan didn't say anything, but Dash felt him shaking next to him. Finally when the car got in front of the Fenton's house, it stopped.

Scared of being heard, the A-list trio didn't say anything. Now they hoped Star would stay in Phantom's room a little bit longer.

Then two guys, dressed in black with ski masks on jumped out of the car. One went around back while the other looked up at the dark house. The one in back opened the door and two more men dressed in black popped out.

Dash had to hold Kwan down so he didn't jump up and run, and Paulina had turned deathly pale. They watched as two of the men from the back passed out equipment from the back of the van. A rope, some cloth, something that was glowing green, and…

Dash had to tackle Kwan to the ground, a hand clamped over his mouth so he didn't make a sound. He was struggling madly, trying to get free, but also trying to be quite at the same time.

"Kwan I swear to God if you do not stop squirming you're going to get us killed!" Dash whispered furiously. Kwan stopped moving and pushed Dash off of him.

"Did you see that!? Did you see that!?" Kwan whispered, panicked. "Those were guns! They were passing out guns!"

Paulina looked ready to faint. "We need to get out of here. Now." She stated. As soon as the men with guns were working their way towards the house, Kwan jumped up and ran out of the back of the ally, and Dash and Paulina were right at his heels. They completely forgot about Star, who was zipping up her bag quietly in Danny's room.

She had just shouldered her bag when she heard something rustling outside. Already stressed, she nearly panicked when she heard the noises. They were defiantly going to wake up Phantom! She looked around wildly, and nearly dived into his closet. She hid behind the piles clothes, making sure she was well hidden.

Not a second later a head appeared in the window. She immediately thought "Ghost" but she knew that wasn't right. If it was a ghost, Phantom's ghost sense would have gone off… and they probably wouldn't have a ski mask on. The man silently clambered into the room, followed by another. And another. And another. There were four of them in all.

Star was sweating bullets now. What was going on? Then they started to whisper. "You grab him right when I give him the shot ya hear?" One whispered, holding up something glowing. The man across from him nodded. He pointed to the one on his right "You watch the door and-"

"I knock his lights out." The last one said, almost excitedly.

"Right. Make sure he won't wake up on the way down."

The last chucked quietly. "Don't worry about that."

Star was stunned by what they were saying. What were they planning? Suddenly she saw something that made her heart stop. As the man went to guard the door he absentmindedly twirled a gun in his hand. She reflexively twitched. Her instincts wanted her to get up and run, but of course, she knew that would be suicide. She stayed where she was, and stayed quite.

She watched through the crack as the three men crowded around Danny and got ready. She felt the urge to yell out and warn him, but the urged was quickly canceled out by her fear of the guy with the gun that was closer to her.

The leader with the glowing shot signaled to the guy leaning over Danny by holding up three fingers. Then he put down one, and then the other. They jumped him.

She saw the whole thing. The first guy grabbed Danny by the neck right as the leader plunged the needle into Danny's arm. Danny's eyes shot open in alarm, and his hands shot up to the hands holding his neck, but the guy with the shot was holding one of his arms down as he injected the glowing stuff into him. What ever it was, it wasn't good. Danny's back arched and he opened his mouth to scream but he couldn't make a sound because his air way was cut off.

The only thing that reached Star's ears was short gasping from Danny and rustling. It wasn't enough to wake up his parents. Why didn't he just go intangible? Then something seemed to click in Star's mind. That stuff was shorting out his powers.

As soon as the leader stepped away from Danny, the third guy came in, holding a metal rod. Star saw him raise the rod over his head, grinning madly, and she saw Danny's eye's widen. She closed her eyes and turned her head, as there were several sickly thuds. Then everything was quite again.

Star still didn't open her eyes for a while and she heard some other noises. "That'll hold him." She opened her eyes again, willing herself not to cry or faint as Danny's limp form was tossed over the strongest ones' shoulder, his hand bound up and blood dripping from his head.

Then they exited one by one out the window. Soon the room was empty again. It was like nothing had even happened, except that Danny was now missing. She looked up and saw something on the bed. She shakily stood up and forced her legs to walk over to it.

It was a letter, made out of newspaper clippings. She picked it up and read, "WE Have your son. We aRe doiNg the world a favor by Getting rid of him. KeEp it quitE and you will be Hearing agaIn from uS soOn." It wasn't signed. She put in back down. Her legs seemed to have turned into Jell-o. That's when her sixth sense went off. Someone was staring at her. She slowly turned around.

She had forgotten there were four guys. She had forgotten about the guy with the gun. How she forgot it, she wasn't sure. He was left behind to clean up any prints they might have left. Star and him stared at each other in shock for a moment.

Before she could even scream, Star promptly fainted.

It didn't take her long to wake up. The guy was bringing her down the vines. Her hands were bound and her mouth was gagged. She looked out and saw two guys hauling Danny to an old white van, while one guy watched the progress of her coming down. Then she saw Danny's eye's open.

Soon the guy that was holding her hopped down onto the grass and another one approached him. "What is this supposed to be?" He asked, infuriated.

The guy holding her replied, "A witness. She was hiding in the closet. I don't know who she is. She's not his sister."

The other guy cursed. "Fine. Put her in the van." Suddenly he smiled devilishly. "She could be a little fun." Star felt bile rise up in her throat. She didn't want to think about what he meant. Luckily she was distracted.

"Wes!" A guy dragging Danny yelled. Danny had fully woken up and twisted out of their grip. The guy holding her didn't go to help, but placed her on the ground.

"I know you're awake. Stand on your own two fee-" But he was cut off by her starting to struggle. If they knew she was awake, then she didn't have to fake it anymore.

"Hold still!" He yelled, shaking her. She lost her footing and fell to the ground. The guy roughly picked her back up. Scared and vulnerable, she stopped struggling, but watched as Danny kicked one of the masked guys to the ground, a fierce glare on his face. She had never seen Danny fight in human form… it sort of proved to her that Phantom and him really were the same person.

The second guy suddenly grabbed him from behind, but Danny powerfully twisted to the right, and sent the guy flying to the ground. Danny landed heavily on top of him, winding his captor. Then he kicked the third guy, who Star assumed was "Wes" back, since he had finally caught up to the fight. Then Danny was able to jump up and land on his feet with out using his hands. He was pretty good.

They probably realized the bounding Danny's hand in front of him wasn't such a good idea. Danny swung out with both of his hands and hit Wes so hard that he flew to the ground and skidded to a stop.

However he didn't see the first guy get back up behind him with the metal bar. Star tried to warn him, but when she opened her mouth, she nearly choked on the gag. The guy swung with the force of a professional baseball hitter, Danny's head being the ball, and Star knew he would have cried out if he weren't gagged.

He flew to the ground, stunned, but not totally unconscious, and Wes, who recovered, hoisted him back up by the collar of his black pajamas and pushed him violently again the van. "What the heck do you think you're doing?" He asked furiously, striking his face. Being gagged, the only way Star could tell he was in pain was Danny closed his eyes for a few second, wincing, and opened them again to glare.

Since Danny could not reply, Wes threw an intense punch to Danny's stomach, so he hunched over winded, eyes closed again, and then tossed him to the ground. Danny rolled to a stop, knees pulled up to his chest for protection. "Get him in the van." Wes growled at the two others. "Her too!" He yelled over in Star's direction. Suddenly she was being dragged towards the van.

Star was scared. If Phantom couldn't save her, who could? Danny was tossed roughly into the car, followed by Star. She didn't think he had seen her yet, and right now he was too busy glaring at the guy with the metal bar. Gun guy and metal bar guy stayed back there with them and Wes slammed the back door shut. Then Wes and the other guy climbed into their seats, Wes in the drivers.

Then they took off.




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