Claudia's Fire



Part One

Before the moment where Claudia broke up with Ava, Claudia and Ava were in bed. "What are you doing tonight?" Ava asked and Claudia responded, "I have research to do on Jason Morgan…" "You're not going to sleep within." Ava said and Claudia responded, "No honey, I will not sleep with him." Five hours later, Claudia drove like a bat out of hell to the hospital, she walked then ran to Luther Kendall and she asked, "What did she do?" Claudia knew that Ava didn't have a good relationship with her seven year old daughter name Charlotte but she couldn't believe…"She has third-degree burns on her arm, she said Ava did it." Luther said and Claudia wasn't a saint but she will be damn if she could be in striking distance or knew anyone who hurt a child. Claudia walked in and saw Charlotte, Charlotte was non-responsive. Claudia left with no words and loaded her gun.

Claudia saw Ava in the arms of Patch, she yelled at Ava on what had happened and Ava swore it was a mistake. "How could you hurt that little girl who idolized you?" Claudia asked and Ava responded, "It was an accident." "I never thought…..How long have you been fucking him?" Claudia asked and Ava responded, "Ever since you wanted to run the business." Claudia pulled out her gun, "The bodyguard at the door is going to need a bullet in his shoulder taken out, your statue is in ruins, two bullets and that piece of shit car in the driveway, it's exploded. Two bullets in the gas-tank, how many bullets do I have let?" She shot a bullet to hit Patch in the arm.

"Let's see that two plus one plus two plus one." Claudia said and then she decked Ava. She lined her foot up, she back up and ran the heel of her boot right into Ava's head. Claudia opened the door and pulled a Gasoline tank, a plastic one. Patch just watched because he was bleeding and then she poured gasoline 

all over her clothes, she used a match and then she threw it into the closet. She dragged Ava to a chair and tied her up…Claudia whispered, "I hope you wake up soon and if you don't, I'll see you in hell.