LbN: You remember when Dan Radcliffe and Tom Felton were small and cute, rather than legal and hot? Well, I had a dream with them at that age acting this out...couldn't help myself, had to write it :D.

Because God Has a Sense of Humor

"So why didn't you stay at Hogwarts with your brother?"

"B'cause I wouldn't have really been with him. Different houses, you know. Plus, my sister's probably lonely at home with just our boring parents…"

The blond grinned and bent down to tie his laces as the train came to a halt.

Albus looked out of the train window to where all of the families were waiting. He turned back to his friend, grabbing his backpack.

"I see them! Let's go."

"Hold a minute, Sev," Scorpius said, tying the laces on his boots. "Alright," he stood up, "I'm ready."

Both eleven year olds grabbed their things and walked out to their parents. Lily was jumping up and down, waving. Their mothers were talking animatedly, while their dads stood poker stiff next to each other. When they saw their sons however, both men smiled brightly and waved. After hugging their parents (and Albus hugging his sister), they handed over their luggage and let their dads get on with loading it onto the trolleys. All of them set off towards the barrier and the entrance to King's Cross. Albus and Scorpius fell behind as the adults talked, though not far enough behind as to not be able to eavesdrop…

"…of all the boys in the school, why did mine have to go and pick yours as a best friend…"

"Because God has a sense of humor. Besides, you were all keen to be my friend when we first got to Hogwarts. I guess your kid is a lot less of a git than you were…"

"And yours must be a lot less of a prat…"

With a smile, Scorpius put an arm on Albus's shoulder to hold him back a little so they could talk.

"I don't think our dads like each other very much," Albus grinned.

"You think?" Scorpius laughed, then turned serious. "I think it has something to do with Granddad."

"Come on, slow coach!" Ginny called from ahead of them, taking Lily's hand.

They got to the parking lot, where Draco and Harry began loading the boys' bags into their respective cars. On the sidewalk, Albus and Scorpius were rummaging through their backpacks.

"What're you two doing?" Harry asked.

The boys stood up, each with a wrapped present in his hands, which they swapped.

"And don't open it till Christmas Sev!" Scorpius glared playfully as he walked to his family's car.

"You either Scorp!" Albus called, getting into the car behind his mum. "I'll write!"


Once he was in and they were on their way back to Grimmauld place, Harry smiled into the rearview mirror at his son.

"So," he said, "it's your turn."

"What?" Albus asked, bewildered.

"I've told you all about how Ron and I got to be friends, and Hermione. It's your turn, how'd you and Scorpius meet? And why does he call you 'Sev'?" Harry added with a curious look.

With a smile, Albus looked out the window and remembered his first night at Hogwarts…

"Albus Potter!" Professor Brinson called.

Albus walked shakily to the front of the group, and then up the steps that led to the Sorting Hat. He heard his brother whistle and his nerves doubled. Sitting on the stool, his heart hammered and his palms sweated.

Another Potter? he heard in his head, You're a bit different than your brother, aren't you?

NO! Albus thought with all his might, Please just put me in Gryffindor.

But why? You really aren't a Gryffindor.

What? I'm brave! the boy thought indignantly.

I didn't say you weren't; I said you were not a Gryffindor. There are different types of bravery, my boy. You'll learn that in,

"SLYTHERIN!" the hat called.

Albus looked miserably at his brother's astonished face, before walking over and sitting at the Slytherin table. He had knew this was coming; that's why he'd been so upset at James earlier that day. Normally, he ignored his brother, or kicked him; this time was different. He wanted to be a Gryffindor, but he deep down he knew that he wasn't. That in mind, he took a look down the table at his classmates; they didn't seem too horrible. The blonde boy opposite him gave him a comforting grin as Mason Richards was sorted into Hufflepuff. Albus returned the smile and sat back to watch the rest of the sorting.

Finally, after Andrea Zankman became a Ravenclaw, Headmaster Tannus rose and said,

"Let the feast begin!"

Platters of every kind of food imaginable appeared in front the students. Albus speared a potato and a small steak.

"So you're a Potter?" the boy in front of him said.

"Yeah," Albus nodded.

"I'm Scorpius. Malfoy," he added.

"Nice to meet you."

"You too."

Their prefect, Gainsly, whistled down the able at them. Most of the first years had sat in a lump at the end of the table. He began telling them, lecturing them actually, on how they were to uphold the honor of their house and everything else.

Albus's mind began to wander during the second sentence. He flicked a piece of potato and looked up when Scorpius flicked it back with a grin. Before either of them knew what was happening, they were playing potato football across the table. That was until dessert appeared. Then they both dug into cake and ice cream, still ignoring Gainsly.

About forty-five minutes later, they were standing in front of a stretch of wall, decorated only by a suit of armor at the beginning of the hallway.

"Emerald!" Gainsly said. They entered the common room, and he pointed out where they would be sleeping.

Albus and Scorpius made their way, with three other boys (Simon, Maxwell, and Oliver) to their room. As the boys unpacked, they began talking about their families.

"I'm half 'n half," Maxwell told them. "Never would've thought I'd make it in here."

"It's changed a lot," Simon shrugged. "I've got three older brothers and two of them were in here. The other was in Ravenclaw."

"Hey Scorpius?" Oliver said curiously, "Your last name's Malfoy, right?"

"Yeah," Scorpius said, a bit nervously.

"Wasn't your grandfather a Death Eater?"

The room got quiet. Albus saw the pale boy blush a bit and run a hand through his hair.

"Uh, yeah; I mean…I think so," he said quietly. "I don't really know that much about it. Him and Dad don't get on very well, and neither of them will talk about it…"

"Yeah, but you must know something about it," Maxwell prompted.

"He shouldn't," Albus said, coming to the other boy's defense. "If his parents don't talk to him about it, then it's probably just…you know, a not so good family past. It's not like he's a Death Eater."

The other boys made quiet agreements and went about getting ready for bed.

"Thanks," Scorpius muttered quietly.

"No problem," Albus smiled, dropping his Transfiguration book. Scorpius picked it up.

"Albus S. Potter," he said, reading the name aloud before handing it back to Albus. "What's the S stand for?"


There was a pause.

"Albus Severus Potter?" Scorpius asked.

"Yeah," Albus nodded. "What's your middle name?"


It was a moment like no other; as if the two boys were brought together in understanding of the annoyance at their parents'…er…creativity. They stood looking at each other for a moment before Scorpius spoke.

"So…mind if I call you Sev?" he asked. "I don't much like Al, but Sev sounds cool."

"'s fine," Albus smiled. "So I guess I'll call you…er…" he looked at the blonde quizzically for a second. "You know, you don't really have a good stand in. I'll just call you Scorp."

"I suppose," Scorpius shrugged. "Night Sev."

"Night Scorp. Night guys!"


"So, you know, we just kind of called each other that from then on," Albus shrugged.

"Brought together by your fathers' stubbornness," Ginny grinned. Harry stuck his tongue out at her.

"Where were you when he named him?" Lily laughed, coming to her father's defense.

"Heavily medicated," Ginny said, "Albus was a heavy baby. I got name you though, Lily Nymphadora Potter! And your dad's promised that I get to name this baby too."

Both kids looked up.

"What??" Albus cried.

"You're having another baby?" Lily asked happily.

"Yep. We told your brother in a letter yesterday, but he promised he wouldn't tell," Harry smiled.

"It's these fertile Weasley hips," Ginny smiled back at her children.

"I did not need to hear that," Albus said, hoping Scorpius was having a better time than this. At least one of them wouldn't be emotionally scarred when they got back from their break…

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