((So I'm trying another new story. I hope you like it. It doesn't follow everything in the books, but it does as well. It's a new idea so if anyone wants to help me develop it, I'm up for ideas. Blaise/Luna and we'll who else ends up together later on, because they will. PS, I like the band Anberlin.))

1. A Whisper & A Clamor

For most of men believe hell is never knowing who they are now
Finally saved from the outside trapped in what you know
Are you safe from yourself? Can you escape all by yourself?

Idiot Draco Malfoy. He was always pulling crap like this. Why? Blaise would never know. All throughout Hogwarts Draco was always thinking up stupid ideas, but this had to be one of the worst. Letting the Ministry of Magic just go through his house for no good reason?

Exactly, Draco had to have lost his mind, Blaise decided, as he watched Ministry members traipse through as if they now owned the Malfoy Manor. Well, they did, in a sense. This morning they had shown up with a warrant. Draco just shrugged and opened up his doors to them, as if he had nothing to hide.

Nothing to hide? Everything within the manor was associated with the Dark Arts. The kitchen has less food in it than potions and you did not want to know what was down in the basement. Blaise always told Draco to clean out the house, have fucking garage sale now that the Malfoy Manor was his since his parents had passed on. However, Draco refused and kept things, as they were, always the optimist that he wouldn't be caught. And yet there had to be over twenty people scanning the house for Dark Arts paraphernalia.

This was like a scene out of Law & Order, minus the old ugly detectives.

Oh wait, here they were.

"Zabini, what the hell are you doing here? No one is allowed to be in here without Ministry approval," Ron Weasley charged into the room, obviously upset. Blaise could be hiding things, hexing things, who knows what. Actually he had came over straight after work when he heard that Draco had allowed his house to be searched, but the Slytherin Alum was nowhere in sight. Bloody bastard.

"Same reason you follow Potter around: moral support," Blaise said simply, leaning against the Malfoy's white piano.

Weasley looked ready to slug him.

"Well isn't this the little Hogwarts reunion?" Blaise grinned before checking his pocket watch. Where was that blonde bastard anyways? Shouldn't he be watching as these dirty mudbloods rooted through his things? Because maybe even if Draco didn't kill Lovegood, there was a lot of shit he could get charged for.

"We're searching your house next you know," Potter smirked, "accessory to the murder of Luna Lovegood. We're putting you and your Death Eater friends in Azkaban, Zabini. One by one if we have to."

Oh what a load of elfshit! Blaise rolled his eyes; this was so an episode of Law & Order. They wished they knew what they were talking about. Death Eater this and Death Eater that. It's not like Voldermort was dead or anything. Oh wait, he was, Harry Potter killed him during Blaise's seventh year at Hogwarts. So then why were they being accused of working for him still? Like he thought- load of elfshit!

The death of Luna Lovegood could not be pinned on him or Draco. She disappeared one night and her body appeared three nights later, dragged through the mud until you could barely recognize her. There had been warning of the attack to the Ministry, that Dumbledore was dead, and now his army would find the same fate, but did the Ministry listen? No, they just scoffed thinking it was another empty threat. Well now Luna Lovergood was dead and the Ministry was blaming the two most popular Death Eaters in Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini.

Which was preposterous. Blaise would have started ranting to Potter about how if it weren't for Narcissa Malfoy he would have never found his way into Hogwarts that fateful night, but the clip of woman's heels were entering the room. Instead he gave Potter his best glare as Ginny Weasley walked around the corner biting her lip with something important to say.

"Ginerva Weasley! When did you get glasses?" Blaise gushed and clapped his hands together like their gay friend Tracey Davis always did. "I'm impressed you resisted the urge to purchase matching frames as your lover," Blaise continued, batting his eyelashes like a girl. She had truly grown up, her curves fit her nicely, making Blaise think of chocolate desserts with strawberry icing. However, she did not smile at Blaise's antics, as she once would have done. Instead she gave him a nasty glare and walked straight to Harry. Blaise didn't mind her reaction, it was to be expected when her best friend was the one dead here.

"Harry, I'm sorry, but you can't accuse him of anything just yet," Ginny frowned. She wanted Blaise behind bars more than Harry did, but for reasons having nothing to do with Death Eaters and Order of the Phoenix members. "The warrant only asked for Draco's wand," Ginny continued, "You have to call off the search of his manor and return anything you may have found."

Ginny had gotten a job as a secretary in the Department of Law at the Ministry of Magic the first year out of Hogwarts. Blaise wondered briefly if Potter had any say in that choice of employment. She was supposed to go play Quiddtich, but something seemed to have changed her mind. No matter, Blaise thought, she looked much cuter in a pencil skirt than Quidditch robes.

"He opened his doors to use Gin, we can search whatever we want," Potter explained to her as if she were a child and seemed as if he was about to pat the girl on the top of the head. They had been like this all through out Hogwarts, and then Harry broke her heart. You would think that would make the girl say no a second time, but she didn't. Blaise would never understand why.

"Without written or verbal consent, Malfoy can sue both you and the Ministry for trespassing so I suggest you leave and any evidence you find will be thrown out at trial," Ginny instructed him. She was obviously wearing the pants in this relationship.

"Yeah Potter, leave before I act as a witness to your digressions," Blaise smirked.

Harry looked between Blaise and Ginny, glaring at both of them. He was so close and she was taking Malfoy's side? It was disgusting to say the least. Who cared about the rules when you could do something right in the world! It's notlike Harry always did the right thing to get to the final battle, but he did accomplish something no one else could. He was a hero to the world, why couldn't he be a hero to Luna and capture her obvious killers?

Harry let out a disgusted breath and stalked out of the room, starting to yell orders at the other aurors to pack up and leave. Ron followed glaring Blaise down, as if still ready to slug him, but finally ran off as well. Serves them right, Blaise smirked. He was in the clear.

That is until Ginny smacked him.

His chocolate skin bronzed from the heat of her hand.

"Sweet Salazar Gin! What the bloody hell was that for!" he swore at her, clasping his hand to his cheek. Great Merlin he forgot she could hit so hard!

"You know exactly what that was for Zabini," she hissed at him so Harry could not hear. She was using his last name now? When he saw her two weeks ago she had been all sorts of splendid. However, two weeks ago her best friend had not been dead. "Luna's dead and you're walking around like you have some stick up your ass-"

"I always walk around like I've had some stick up my ass," Blaise interrupted. Ginny raised her hand threateningly and pursed his lips together; his cheek was still stinging from her slap.

"Luna Lovegood was my best friend, she meant the world to me. I loved her like a sister and you- and you," Ginny took a deep breath trying not to break out into tears once again. Up close and in his face, Blaise was able to tell that she was wearing glasses because her eyes were too tired to wear contacts, that she had been crying herself to sleep every night, and completely devastated by the death of her best friend. Ginny took a deep breath and wiped at her eyes, "and you loved her too!"

Blaise pursed his lips together and looked down, away from Ginny's eyes. He knew where this was going now and as much as he wanted to say something, he couldn't.

"Did you know she told me she thought you were two were soul mates? That you were the only one for her and now-" she was breaking down, tears starting to leak, and Blaise could barely look at her. He really couldn't say anything. She pointed a stern finger in his face and anger took over her sad body, "If I find out that you had anything, anything, to do with her death I'll make sure you get the dementors kiss before you can say 'Moon."

Ginny looked at him sternly, her eyes glaring into him like hot pokers, until she couldn't look anymore. He had something to do with this, she just knew it, and much as she hoped that he loved Luna as much as she loved him. Before she did anything stupid, like hit him again, Ginny turned on her heal and stalked out of the now empty Manor, passing Draco Malfoy as he entered. He meant to say hello, but she brushed passed him, bumping his shoulder as she went.

"What was that all about?" Draco asked as he entered, noticing Blaise standing there and aware of Ginny's tears.

Blaise shook his head; he didn't want to deal with it. Instead he glared at Draco.

"Where the fuck have you been!" Blaise unleashed on Draco.

"At your place," Draco said simply, "I've just come to grab a bottle of wine to go along with dinner."

Blaise nodded, "that's right, Luna told me she was going to try to make your mother's old Sheppard's Pie recipe."

Draco laughed, "yeah, right up until the point where she burnt it."