In This Together

In This Together

Wakes usually involve more people, Cassie knows. But this was a private wake, just between the former members of Young Justice, the ones who became Titans.

Wakes also usually involve more clothing, but that is probably because they involve less alcohol. Without his speed, even in a body that's older than everything except his eyes, Bart could actually buy beer – and he could finally get drunk.

Cassie can't, but that doesn't mean she isn't letting go of her inhibitions. She ended up in bed with both Bart and Tim, after all. Funny that remembering Kon turned into completely forgetting him while they were in each other's arms, in each other's bodies…in each other's hearts and minds.

Kon would have loved to be part of this, Cassie is sure, and it's that that makes her let go of the guilt and smile as she watches Bart – for once, not an early riser – snore softly into Tim's shoulder – for once, letting himself sleep in something approaching peacefulness.

This probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, and when the boys finally wake up the morning after is going to be weird and awkward, but…Kon's gone, and all they have left is each other. They needed this, this reminder that even thought things change, they're still the best of friends.

Whether or not Bart will ever be on the team again, whether or not Tim takes a year off from being a hero, whether or not Cassie takes a sabbatical to Themyscira…whether or not they see each other again for a year, they're still in this together.

Kon would be proud of them for that, Cassie thinks.

She snuggles back down against Bart's warm, naked body, wrapping an arm over his chest, hand clasping Tim's in a loose grip. Remembering how Kon's body felt against her, for the first time in over a month, there's a smile on her face as she falls asleep.