In a small town there lived a 15 year old boy named Nick. Nick lived in a house that was between the two houses that his best friends Anthony and Wayne live in. His father was the mayor of the town Nick lived in and his mother was a great inventor. His little brother and sister Oliver and Angela are the imps of Nick's family if you know what I mean. His big sister Sadie always kept them under control but now she is at college and is no longer there to help Nick calm them down. Nick also has another friend named Kristy who he secretly has a crush on. But unfortunately he doesn't have the nerve to go up and talk to her. He also doesn't have the nerve to stand up to Marlon. Marlon is a bully at Nick's school who always liked to beat up and torment Nick for the fun of it. Every day Nick, Anthony, and Wayne ride their bikes to the city and by snacks and video games with which to watch TV and play video games with. Nick is always addicted to the television ever since his parents got him that 22'' plasma screen TV on his 15th birthday. Nick used to be a good boy who always got good grades in school and did community service for the town. He was great and never let anything distract him from doing his jobs. But that was all because he never had a TV and now that he's got one his grades suddenly began to plummet and he skipped doing his jobs. All he'd ever do is lie on his butt the whole day and watch TV and play video games all day long. He might seem lazy, but he might just be destined to do great things. It might just be that boy who will save not just the universe, but other universes as well.