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Amu's POV:


I stared wide-eyed when I saw him standing on my balcony. I wondered for a minute how he had managed to climb up there without making a sound, but then my brain jumped to the more important question; what was he doing here?

I jumped off the chair I had been sitting on and rushed to the balcony. I guess the shock was still showing on my face because he kept smiling and laughing. I waited a couple minutes for the laughter to die down and when it didn't I suppressed to urge to just leave him out there in the cold.

He knocked again on the door, this time louder, and I realized if I didn't let him in my parents might come and see what the noise was about. And I could only imagine the amount of trouble I would be in if they caught me with some random guy, who I couldn't have know for to long considering the fact we had just moved here, in my bedroom.

I opened the door and he walked in my room, after smiling at me and saying 'hi' he just plopped down on my bed.

"What are you doing here!?" I asked in a whisper, not wanting to alert my parents of the situation at hand.

"I just wanted to stop by and say 'hi', anything wrong with that?"

"Yes, what do you think would happen if I got caught with a guy in here?"

"Not my problem," he said smiling.

After that neither of us talked for a few minutes. He just looked at me, and I couldn't help looking back.

"So what homework were you working on?" he asked as he pointed at my desk.


"When I was outside you were at your desk."

"Oh, I wasn't working on homework," I said, "I was writing something; I guess you could call it a story. I could feel my cheeks burning up; I was embarrassed. Never before had I told someone I wrote stories.

"A story?"
"Yeah, since I was little I loved writing. I've always loved how you could become anyone or anything in a book, almost liked escaping reality."

"Can I look at it?"

Before I could even answer he's at my desk, picking up what I wrote. I try unsuccessfully to pry it away from him, and in the end I just let him read it.

I watched him as he read; he was expressionless, which just added to my embarrassment. I mean what if he made if he hated it? Then again, I really shouldn't care what he thinks.

He put the book down and smiled a little, "It's really good Amu."

I blushed, though this time not from embarrassment, "Really?" I ask, not wanting to believe a jerk like him could compliment me, or that his compliment could affect me as much as it was.

"Yeah, you've got talent," he said smiling again, this time it was a bigger smile.

"Thanks," I say once again, but this time I can feel myself blushing harder.

He closes his eyes, and the smile disappears, turning into a frown. "I've got to go. I'll see you later Amu."

I should have been happy he was leaving, but for some reason I wanted him to stay with me, even if only for a few more minutes. Somehow Ikuto was able to put me at ease.

"Okay, bye," I said trying to sound happy, and by the look on his face I could tell it didn't work.

He began to walk to the balcony's door, but then turned around and took few steps toward me.

Bye Amu," he leaned down a little and for a second I felt something on my forward head, it took me a couple seconds to realize it was his lips.

"What the hell!" I said, almost yelling, but as I turned around to glare at him I realized he wasn't there. I looked around the rest of my room, but he was gone. But when had he left? I couldn't remember hearing a door open.

I closed my eyes for a minute, trying to gather my thoughts, when my mind floats back to the kiss. Well it wasn't a kiss, but a forward head kiss, but still it had been my first forward head kiss!

"What a jerk," I said, but I could still feel my heart beating and even though I was tying to be mad at him for almost kissing, I couldn't. I was almost kind of happy.

Not wanting to think about how I might possibly like him I closed my eyes and decided to sleep. Hopefully, I would forget all about this by the time I woke up.


I walked into class the next day still thinking about him and how I was suppose to act when I saw him.

It took me a few minutes to realize he wasn't there yet. It took me another 15 minutes into class to realize he wasn't coming. I put my head on my desk, in a sense I was relived I wouldn't have to deal with him, but I was also worried. I kept remembering how he was frowning yesterday. Had something bad happened? He had just left yesterday without me even knowing, so I had no clue what happened.

I closed my eyes and sighed, it was going to be another long day.


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