Even the lost will find its way back – A shuurei x seiran fanfic

"Seiran sei-ran" younger shuurei's voice echoed in Seiran's head. He was still confused on what to think of her as a lover or a sister.

Since she was at a marriageable age there were some possibilities of other men wanting to marry her. For example Ryuuki Seiran's younger brother. He was ok with him marrying shuurei. But it was Ran Ryuuren he clenched his fist. There were also other candidates like Kouyuu.

He heard footsteps coming his way so he broke out of thought. Shuurei came in with some food she had made and kan-ro tea. Seiran smiled "Thank you oujo-sama." He said. "It's not a problem." Shuurei replied back. "Would you like me to eat with you?" she asked "Yes I would like that." He said. Shuurei then sat down and began to eat.

Seiran was still confused on what to think of her as.

A week after came a day when it was stormy Shuurei could only think of Sa Sakujan on a day of this. "Stop haunting me…." She uttered "Please stop it I can't bear it any longer." She said. "I will love you and only you and die for you." His voice echoed in her mind. Shuurei knelt down on her bed and sobbed. Seiran was standing outside of her room. "Oujo-sama." He whispered it was then he realized his true feelings for his mistress and came to her room and hugged her. "Please forget about him oujo-sama." He whispered gently to her "Oh if it was only that easy." She said. "I love you." Seiran said "And it hurts me to see you this sad." He said and kissed her. "S-S-Seiran…." Shuurei said a bit surprised but there was a blush showing. "I accept your feelings." She told him. He smiled and the next day it was bright and sunny and the day of their marriage.