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Chapter 1: The Beginning Of A New Life

This is where our story begins. The story of how Light will find his family's killer, or is it going to be the story of how this whole experience drives Light insane.

It was a dark night, a night that no one can ever forget; especially for one bright and gifted student. This is a night that would be the worst for Light Yagami. It's not going to be a birthday. It's not going to be a wedding anniversary. If it's going to be an anniversary at all, it will be a death anniversary.

On this night of October 11th, the Yagami family has been murdered. By who is the question all wish to know. There was no mercy shown within the house. There were signs of a struggle and very little evidence. Light was the first to walk see this dreadful sight. It's something he will never forget, and something he will have to learn to adapt to somehow.

Light stood over the pile of dead bodies. The pile of bodies was his mother, his father, and his little sister. Light shook and trembled at the sight, not knowing if he should run and hide, or if he should break down and cry. Light was speechless and motionless. What does one do when they see their family dead right in front of their very eyes?

Still standing and staring at the pile of dead bodies, the police arrived along with L. Word was sent to the police about the sound of gunfire. "This is defiantly not part of the Kira killings." One of the officers said as he walked into the house. Light paid no mind to the intruders; all he wanted was to break down crying. Light was too shocked to even do that. L walked up to the stunned Light and placed a hand on his shoulder. The two have met shortly before the killing of Light's family and L knew that Light was dear to his whole family; and the family was dear to light as well. L gripped Lights shoulder a little tighter and steared him out of the house and into the van that the officers came in.

Once inside the van, L closed the door and Light started to show his tears. L turned to face Light, ready to do the questioning required. "Light, I'm going to need for you to calm down and help me answer these few questions I have." L said in his normal, relaxed voice. Light's crying slowed down a bit, but didn't entirely stop. He nodded his head, letting L know he was listening and ready to answer the questions.

"Right now, can you tell me the time you found your family dead?" L began the questioning. Light sat there for a moment and went to speak, but nothing came out. L gave Light a questioning look. Light tried to say what he needed to tell L, but each time he tried nothing would come out and he would just start to freak out. "Light I need you to answer me." With that Light started to search around the van for something. He ended up grabbing a clip bored that had paper on it and a pen. L lifted an eyebrow at the sight. Light was writing down something on the paper, but L couldn't think of what. Soon Light revealed what he was writing.

Apparently my words are locked up at them moment, so I'll just have to tell you my answers by writing. I found them lying in the pile they were originally in around 10 pm, no later than that. I was out studying at a library and was taking a train home when the killing was going on I take it. L looked up at Light who was just looking at the floor, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone.

"I see. Do you have any idea as to who would want to kill you and your family? We have reason to believe that you would have been killed if you were home as well, Light." L said, handing Light the clip bored so he can answer the question.

No. We are usually a loved family, so I can't think of anyone who would want us dead, unless it's Kira. L was surprised to see the sight of Kira's name. Light was a bright kid, but even L knew that Light should know that Kira focus's on heart attack killings, not killing with a gun.

"Well, I don't think Kira is involved with this case. We are going to have to test you for gun shot residue in precaution." Light nodded and held his hands out for L to do the tests. Light then started to stare that the clip bored, having a question he wished to ask L, but obviously he couldn't say that he wanted it. "When we are done with the test you can ask me your question, just wait for a little bit." L said, not even looking up from Light's hands.

The tests were brought back negative and Light got his cance to ask L his question. Where am I going to be staying at? I'm still going to go to school and work on the Kira case. I am not going to let this stop me from my studies and keep me from finding Kira. I don't have a place to stay, so where am I to go?

"You will be staying with me at the house I rented for the Kira Case. We will have to share a room since it is only a two room apartment and Watari has his own room." Light nodded his head and grabbed the clip bored again.

Am I able to get my stuff? All I want to get is my school book and the stuff I use and need for the Kira case. L nodded his head and allowed Light to get a few folders he uses for the Kira case and his back pack. As he was getting his school stuff gathered L was packing Light's clothes. After Light had everything packed he got into the van and was driven off to his new home.

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