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Chapter 2: Nightmare

The car that contained Light, L, and Watarishortly arrived at the small building used for the Kira case. Light grabbed the few folders and his school bag and carried them into the house, making sure to look at everything that he happened to walk past. He and L entered a decent sized room and turned the lights on. "This is our room. It will probably be a little cluttered with two people sharing the room, but it's the best we can do at the moment." L explained as he threw the bag that had Light's clothes in it onto his bed. "And this is your bed. I'll just sleep on the sofa until we get another bed into this room." Light just nodded and set the stuff he was carrying onto the bed.

"Thanks…" L just nodded and pulled the sofa out to a bed.

"I see you're doing better. You were probably just a bit too shocked during the interview." Light nodded his head as well and opened the trunk full of clothes.

"Where do I put my clothes?" L pointed to a dresser that appeared to be a dust collector more than anything. Light walked up to the old, dusted thing and opened the dowers to see that they were empty. Light gave a questioning look to L who was sipping away at his highly sugared tea.

"I never used it. It was here when we rented it and I thought that I may need it for something so I just kept it." Light nodded his head, understanding why it's a dust collector and not an actual dresser. Soon Light was finished unpacking and went to the dinning room area to look through the Kira papers he had. Light was sure to hide the Death Note inside of his back pack so that L wouldn't find it. Hopefully L wouldn't go digging through the bag. L was sitting across the table, eating marshmallows while he watched Light go through the papers. "You are one who loves to study, huh?"

"It has always been mine and my fathers dream for me to become a master detective. So when I'm not studying school related work I am working on the Kira case." L placed another marshmallow into his mouth, listening carefully to Lights story.

"That doesn't mean that you don't deserve a break. Especially after what you have been through I think your father would want you to take it easy for a while." Light just simply shook his head and went on reading. The rest of the time was spent in silence. That night was slightly different however. That night, both L and Light were able to fall asleep easily in their room. L had pleasant dreams of being surrounded by ice cream and marshmallows with sugar cubes piling up as high as mountains with rivers of melted chocolate. L was defiantly in wonderland, but Light was a different story.

Light did dream, but he wasn't dreaming of candy land or anything along the line of a happy dream. His dream was reality as he watched his family's death. He tossed and turned as the horrible night played over in his head. He first saw how the man killed his mother. She was in the kitchen preparing dinner for everyone. The man covered her mouth withhis hand and with just one shot, he killed her. The gun shot wasn't too loud to alarm Sayu or Light's father.

The man walked up the stares and entered their parent's room to find Mr. Yagamigetting his work uniform off. He was only working on the tie so it's not like the intruder saw anything. Just as Light's mother, the man covered Mr. Yagami's mouthand shot him in the side once. It badly injured the detective, but he wasn't dead at the time. Mr. Yagami's mouth opened to shout out a yell, but it was far too late as the man shoved the barrel of the gun against the back of Mr. Yagami's head and fired the killing bullet. Sayuwas the only one left. She was in her room, talking on the phone with one of her friends, not knowing this will be the last time they will be able to talk to each other again.

Slowly and quietly the man entered the room. Sayu not eve knowing he has entered, that is not until the phone was yanked out of her hand and she was pinned to her bed. The phone was shut off, no one there to hear her cries as the man started to rip her clothes off. "Mom, Dad, HELP!" She yelled and cried, but no one answered. They were all dead. Then man on top of Sayu laughed his evil laugh and finished undressing the young girl. She was naked, lying underneath her attacker. He removed his pants and started to rape her. He grinned in and out of her tight, unprepared entrance. He went faster and harder after each cry she made. "He…lp…" She continued to call out, but no one came. She was alone with the attacker. He came inside of her, but he wasn't through with her. He couldn't leave any witnesses, so after coming inside her he pulled out, put his pants back on and fired a gunshot into her chest, killing her almost instantly.

The Yagami family was dead. All but the gifted Light Yagami, but he was lucky. He wasn't going to die. Was he really lucky though? He lost his whole family; no one was able to survive. Can you call it luck? The killer dragged each body into the living room piling them up in the order he killed them. The mother on the bottom, the father on top of her, and then the young daughter on her father. The man laughed at the sight, taking in what he have done and admiring it like a piece of art. It was sickening. The dream suddenly started to spin and then it went black. As if the killer had passed out. Right before Light were to wake up from this horrible dream, it showed one thing that only lasted a second. It showed a clock on a T.V. cable box. The time read, 10:03pm.

Light woke up and quickly sat up on his bed. Gasping for breath and covered in sweat. That had to be the worst dream Light has probably seen in his life. The sudden awakening of Light woke up his room mate, L. "Light-Kun, is everything okay?" Light stared at the detective across the room, trying his hardest to not cry, but he was failing miserably.

"I-it was just a-a bad d-dream." Light barely said. L got up off his bed and walked up to the frightened Light and embraced him in a tight hug. This didn't bother Light the least bit. He needed the comfort and hugged L back, crying on his shoulder as the images of his family dying continued to play in his head.

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