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I stared at him and felt myself go stone cold. I hadn't seen his sorry face since he had broken up with me (I had avoided all his stupid commercials and ads), and seeing it now helped fuel my anger for a bit. If I had evil spirits who would do my bidding, I would instruct them to attack him and I would fantasize at how it would be hilarious to see him on the ground, writhing in pain or, running away from me, calling me names.

His clear, brown eyes stared at me deeply, as if he was trying to communicate with me silently. I knew this. This was one of his old tricks, the "Stare" as I'd like to call it. I'm pretty sure he had used it on several actresses and even some of the hotter fangirls he had. It was sick and dirty, and I'm not falling for it. I gave him a satisfied smirk and went to him. I walked slowly and deliberately, making it look like a cat walk. I smiled, a pure girl's innocent smile can capture anyone's heart – and that was my plan at the moment. His eyes lit up in excitement as he said, "Kyoko, long time no see." I thought I'd heard a trace of lust in his voice, but that was impossible. He's just a sick dirty dog trying to find out what happened to the old bones he had buried. An old bone like me.

"Ah, Sho," I said slowly. When I was finally beside him, he touched my hair and curled it in his fingers. He breathed into my ear. "Eight thirty tonight, my hotel room," he said, his voice tight with concentration, "and by the way, you look really hot." I flashed him a quick grin before I grabbed his hand out of my hair and gave him a well-deserved knee-kick to a place where the sun definitely does not shine.

"Go and find new bones to gnaw on, Sho! Your old ones didn't stick around and wait for you," I snapped at him. He looked back at me, confused. "But…I –I…" he stammered, wincing in obvious pain. "If you think I was gonna stand around and mope while you claim all success, you were wrong. And, if you think that you cheating on me was legit – good grief, Sho! I stuck with you all the way, your ups and your foul moods! And then, when you had the chance at spotlight, I let you go for it, I had your back…" I went to his face and jutted his chin up. "Alright, I'll keep this short for you, Sho, because I highly doubt your pea-sized brain can digest this much information: I'm not your old, mopey and quiet Kyoko. And, get lost."

With that, I gave him a hard shove, and he looked at me once again, bewildered. Then, he dragged himself out of the parking lot. I heard a distant clapping noise and I spun around. Ren's manager was right there, watching the whole thing unfold. He whistled and then went to me. "That took real courage out there, young lady. Not every girl out here would have the guts to not only stand up for herself, but give an impressive knee kick! Are you a blackbelt?" he asked. I laughed and soon, tears almost sprang out of my eyes. "No, no. It's something I picked up, er, earlier in my childhood days playing with only one playmate – Sho. And, uh, thanks?" He gave me a bright smile, then said, "You've got the spunk kid! That's really impressive to see in an amazing actress like you."

"Thanks," I said again, blushing now, "and I know you're Ren's manager. What's your name?"

"The name's Yashiro. You can call me Uncle Yasha or Shi-shi, or Shiro…whatever floats your boat!" he grinned. For a moment there, I could swear he grew puppy ears!

Suddenly, my footing became unbalanced and I had forgotten I was sick – before Sho came up anyways. I felt myself tip backwards – curse my unbelievable back weight and I knew I was going to hit the ground. I closed my eyes, and waited for Mr. Yashiro to call for help. Instead of the cold, hard ground, I landed in a soft set of arms that not only felt welcoming, smelled like home too. I looked up, and in a haze I managed to identify my hero: Ren Tsuraga. He looked really worried about me. Or maybe, that was just my overreactive hallucinating sick mind. Yeah, maybe that was it. I heard my names a couple of times, in a sweet angel's voice, asking me if I was alright. I managed to grunt a 'Hmpph' here and there, but my strength was waning and my consciousness was slipping. Before I knew it, I was out of my angel's arms and in a place I'd never ever want to come back to. I gripped my sides as I forced open my eyes. And what I saw horrified me, to say the least.

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