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It was dinner time at the Echizen residence...

It was a Japanese dinner so everyone was (probably) happy, so this was the perfect time(for Rinko) to tell them the big news

Rinko(standing up):"I want to tell you all a good news so pay attention" And yet no one was, "Or else no more Japanese breakfast or dinner for two weeks!"

And that everyone finally paid attention to her

Rinko:"We are going to spend 3 days together at the beach as a family,we leave tomorrow!"

Ryoma,Ryoga,and Nanjiroh:"WHAT!!"

Rinko:"Yes, as a family, meaning you are ALL going and no tennis!"

Ryoga:"But Okaa-san..."

Nanjiroh:"Aw Rinko honey..."

Ryoma:"I don't want to spend 3 whole days with these two perverts!"

Ryoga:"Who are you calling a pervert Chibisuke!? Dad here is the pervert! And I don't want to spend my 3 days stuck with you two either"

Nanjiroh:"Would you two brats shut up! And I am NOT a pervert!"

Rinko:"Enough! That's it! No more porn(Nanjiroh),Ponta(Ryoma) and oranges(Ryoga) for 3 days!"

Then she left with Nanako leaving the 3 male Echizens

Ryoma:"Great! First, no tennis, now no more Ponta and its a your fault you perverts!"

Nanjiroh:"Shut the hell up brat! And you're the one started it!"

Ryoma:"No I didn't!"

Ryoga:"Yes you did Chibisuke!"

Rinko(shouting across the room):"You three better be packing!"

So the trio went to their bedrooms to pack

Ryoma:Groan! Why do I have to spend 3 whole days with my family! Especially my baka Oyaji and Baka Aniki! and with NO tennis or PONTA!

Ryoga: It was kinda okay when Okaa-san said that we would spend 3 days together, but without oranges! The HORROR!

Nanjiroh:3 whole days with these two brats! That is already a nightmare! and now she won't allow my precious magazines! That makes it a million times worse than it already is!!

The next day...

The three acted like statues the whole trip, three dead scowling statues.

When they arrived at the resort there were only two rooms, the first had two beds and the Second had three...which obviously means that...


Rinko:"No I'm not, me and Nanako will share the other room you can now start unpacking your things and if your done, change your clothes and join us at the beach"

At the beach...

Ryoma,wearing red shorts, lied on his blanket and began to sleep when-


Ryoma:"'cough' 'cough' BAKA ANIKI!!"

Yes,Ryoga did throw a bucket of water on Ryoma.

Ryoga was wearing black shorts

Ryoga(smirks):"Cool off Chibisuke, your on at the beach for crying out loud! You should be having fun and not sleepin-"


Apparently Ryoma had thrown a 'mudball' at him!

Ryoga:"CHIBISUKE! You are going to pay- Splat"

Ryoma(smirks):"Mada mada dane"

Ryoga knelt down and began making his own mudballs

Ryoga:"HaHa! Now the war begins Chibisuke!"




And the two kept throwing mudballs at each other when...

Nanjiroh:"Will you brats shut up!!"

The two look at him and laughed and laughed and laughed some more! Because Nanjiroh was wearing PINK shorts with heart designs! Rinko bought it for him on Valentines Day and it's the only thing left for him to wear.

Ryoga:"HaHaHaHaHa! I-i can-t b-breathe Ch-chibisuke! HaHaHaHa!"

Ryoma:"HaHaHa! M-mada mada d-dane!"


Ryoga and Ryoma:"What the-...BAKA OYAJI!"

Yes, Nanjiroh did throw a bucket of water on the two laughing-their-heads-off brats.

Nanjiroh:"HeHeHe-" Splat Splat, Splat! As the two used their remaining mudballs to get revenge on the Samurai.

So Nanjiroh made his own mudballs and they were now having a mudball fight! Woots!

While at war, Ryoma snuck out of the fight, unknown to the two,grabbed a bucket of water and-Splash!



Ryoma then ran for his life as the two came after him! And they ran around the beach when the two (unbelievingly) caught him, they tied him to a wooden pole stuck in the sand...

Ryoma:"Hey! Untie me! You two are going to be so dead when I get out of her-Splat"

Nanjiroh:"Good one Ryoga, at least that made him shut up"

Ryoga:"Thanks Oyaji" As he throws another mudball at Ryoma.




Then finally Ryoma got pissed off.

Ryoma:"Aaaagh! That's it!" And he stood up and carried the pole he was tied to, yes he did carry the pole.

Ryoga and Nanjiroh:"WTF!!"

Ryoma smirks and points the end of the pole at them.Charge!

As they ran around the beach again until they both got tired and-Toink! Toink!

Nanjiroh and Ryoga:"Ow!" While rubbing thier aching butt in front of Ryoma.

Then Ryoma heard Nanako approaching so he struck the pole back at the sand again and sat down so he looked like his original position when Ryoga and Nanjiroh tied him up.

Nanako(angry at the two):"How could you two do this to Ryoma! First you tied him on that pole and then you rub you're um-rear ends in front of him!"

Nanjiroh:"But it's because of him why we're rubbing our butts! He carried that pole and-"

Nanako:"Are you saying that Ryoma carried that pole?"

Both Nanjiroh and Ryoga nodds

Nanako looks at Ryoma, who pouted innocently

Nanako:"Don't make up lies uncle! I know Ryoma is strong but not this strong that pole is twice his height! No porn and oranges for you two for one week! Now go untie Ryoma!"

Nanjiroh and Ryoga:"But-"

Nanako pointed at Ryoma:"Go, Now, Untie him!"

The two went to Ryoma and began to untie him.


The two hissed at Ryoma:

Ryoga:"You just wait Chibisuke!I'll get you for this!"

Nanjiroh:"You brat! I'll get back at you because of this!"

After dinner...

When Ryoma got back to his room he was surpised by Nanjiroh and Ryoga armed with pillows!

Ryoga:"I told you we'd get back at you Chi-bi-su-ke"

Nanjiroh:"Ready Ryoga? 1, 2, 3, Attack!" As they both hit Ryoma with their pillows! Ryoma grabs his.




Ryoma:"Prepare to be defeated Baka Oyaji and Baka Aniki!"




While in the battle Ryoga betrays Nanjiroh and started hitting him with the pillow too!

Nanjiroh:"So it's every man to himself kinda fight is it?"

Ryoga:"Yes, yes it is"




Ryoma,Ryoga and Nanjiroh:Pant,Pant,Pant,Pant, I'm so tired must sleep-

And with that they all fell down onto their weapons(pillows) and went to sleep.