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Shattered Mirrors

The battle was not going well for them in the slightest but Micaiah refused to surrender. She could not surrender, there was too much at stake here. The army they were facing was well prepared to face them, they had been steadily gaining in momentum, all of them cutting through her forces as though they were wheat. In no time at all, it seemed they had reached where her and her close friends were. Even the Black Knight didn't seem to have a chance against the commander's might, she felt.

Another strange feeling waved upon her again and she tried to figure out what exactly it was. It had started at the beginning of this fight and with each step of the enemy, the closer and stronger it felt to her. It felt different then anything she had felt before but at the same time, something familiar.

She glanced back at Sothe who had begun to unsheathe his dagger. He looked back at her and gave an encouraging nod. Micaiah smiled back and took a look back at the enemy as they closed in on their group. Many of them beginning to keep their distance once they realized the Black Knight was there. One of them didn't though. She knew the moment she saw him charge the Knight that it was Ike. All the stories about him from her friend made him easily recognizable. She also noticed another heron gliding nearby the blue haired man. At first she believed it to be Rafiel, then she remembered that he did not fly, and felt that it was his brother.

Micaiah once again felt that feeling and it was on the tip of her tongue to what she felt, but still she could not place it.

Other people in the group soon became closer after the knight and Ike exchanged blows a few times, Ike barely dodging a lethal blow from the knight. A purple haired female swordsman soon began duelling Edward, while a small green haired archer hit Fiona critically, making her retreat in haste. Micaiah was glad that her friend would live to see another sunrise, and hoped that they all did.

Sothe soon became distracted when a large hawk swooped down on him, talons ready to rip him apart. He dodged and tried to hit it with one of his daggers, but it too, also evaded, leaving it a draw for the two. Another person came running up to her and Sothe, and when he did, she finally understood the feeling that she had been having since the beginning of the battle. The boy stopped just short of her, a tome in his hand, ready to attack before he began to study her.

"..Ah," He said after a moment. "that explains quite a bit about the stories that surround you, Maiden of Dawn"

She felt the feeling that was similar to her own. The intertwinement of a beorc and laguz blood was evident in him. "You…Who are you?" she asked, getting no response from the other. She glanced up at his forehead that confirmed her belief of what he was. "You're…You're just like me!" She had never met anyone that was like her, she had almost believed that she was the only one. But the evidence stood before, even if he was an enemy.

She saw the smallest twitch of his arm as he continued to stare at her before he closed his eyes. "Yes, they call us the Branded." He answered back to her, opening his eyes again and staring at her. "And as the years pass, I understand better and better how others see us. As hateful creatures that do not deserve any right to live."

Micaiah felt herself looking into his soul, finding hate, distrust, and bitterness. "You are so…cold. It's like you're cloaked in frost. Is there even blood in your veins?" She began to shake as she felt his presence. She had once been like that, not too long ago as well. Although Sothe was the one that had actually started her in coming out of her shell, once she realized that Daein citizens were nice and comforting, just because she was from Daein, she changed herself; that was why she was here in the first place.

"There is." He said, shaking her out of her thoughts. "Blood similar to yours, in fact. Blood that teaches us what it means to be rejected and alone."

She shivered again, as if he was making herself feel cold. "You're heart is frozen…" she said, then stopped, as she felt something different. "And yet…" She closed her eyes in thought as she tried to find what that was. "And yet...I feel a warm core. And it's trying to melt through that ice. I see…You have someone you cherish very much. Someone you rely on and who relies on you. That bond is very strong and--"

"Do not presume to understand me, you idiotic girl!" He shouted, readying his tome once again, glaring at her. "You have no idea who I am and what I can do. None at all."

Micaiah felt the winds begin to shift and she too readied her light tome, to defend herself. She glanced at Sothe for a second, who was still in battle with the hawk. Laura ran by to heal a gaping arm wound that he had received. She looked back at her opponent, waiting for the attack.

"Daein has no business in this war," he continued, opening the tome, the winds shifting more eagerly then before, waiting for their commands. "I will defeat you swiftly and send you and your army back to Daein. Where you will stay until the war is over. I hope you learn not to interfere with affairs that are of no concern to you ever again."

"I finally meet my own kind, and he is an enemy…" She trailed off. She had wanted to talk with him, to find out if others existed. To see if there was a way for them to exist in this society. But the light sage realized that it was futile to discuss this any further. She had to protect her homeland. She had to make sure the people of Daein did not suffer any more then they had. She owed them that much. "I will not retreat. I won't let you go any farther."

"Spirits, echoing amidst the sky, take wing and dance!" He chanted, a massive swirl of wind flying quickly towards Micaiah. She tried to dodge but to no avail as it hit her on all sides, slashing her everywhere. She faltered, ignoring the pain and the shouts that were coming from her friends, and began chanting her spell.

"O light, gather open my path, glisten through this dark earth and show thy radiance!" She let her hand drop as the ball of light descended onto him. Although it seemed to have an effect, he practically looked unharmed by it.

Bringing out his tome again he brought out another spell and before she had time to retaliate or fall to the ground, he was creating another. She closed her eyes waiting for it to descend upon her but it never happened. When she looked up, Sothe had gotten in the way of the attack, protecting her from the majority of the blow. Blood began to fall in numerous places but he seemed to take no notice.

"Micaiah, are you alright?" He asked her, running towards her. Micaiah smiled and gave a small nod as she stood up with his help. He looked from her, to the boy as he glared. "You're friends are retreating, Soren, so I suggest you follow. Unless you want to fight all of us." It was more of a threat then anything else. Micaiah noticed that the hawk her friend had been fighting was flying off, saying something about a main army to the commander, many of the others were falling back at the news. She looked back at the boy, who she now knew was Soren, and noticed that he looked unfazed by all of it.

"It seems we have succeeded, so there is no need to stay." He merely said, before also taking his leave of the field. Micaiah let them leave the marsh, following them would surely be suicidal. This left the Daein army alone in the marsh, a fraction of what it used to be before that small group came by.

Micaiah ordered a retreat as well and they returned to the base of operations. She was furious with the lack of information that she had received from the Begnion army. Her forces were losing ground and many of them looked discouraged. Micaiah tried her best to raise morale but she, too, was tired and downcast. As she and the rest of her companions walked back to their camp, she felt herself feel dizzy and before she knew it, the world went dark.

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