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"Botan-chan, I think you should calm down first." Ayame said to her friend who is trying to cool down her mood.

"He did it again Ayame-chan! That sneaky fox! Wait 'til I cut his head off!" Botan fumed. She is already dividing her blanket into half.

"Botan-chan, you already knew Youko-san. You know! He is fun of borrowing things." Ayame said, with that statement, it just made her friend's mood worst.

"Borrowing?! Ayame! Do you think that he is just borrowing! He is stealing Ayame. Argh! This is Koenma-sama's fault. He trusted that kitsune." Botan said with frustration.

"What did he stole from you again Botan-chan?" Ayame asked her with confusion.

The ferry girl flashed a silly grin and said "A bar of my favorite meiji chocolate!"

Ayame bursts into laughters. She can't help it but to laugh on her friend's statement. "Botan-chan, we can still buy another bar of meiji chocolates." She assured her friend.

"But… Ayame! You know that how much I love those sweet bars. I can share that to him but look what he did! He stole my last bar!" Botan fumed again. Ayame just smile with a massive sweat drop on her head.

Outside her room is a sneaky fox that enjoys eating and listening to the ferry girls' conversation. He really loves to tease her.

"Hey Youko! Can I have one?" Kuwabara approached his friend, hoping to have a piece of sweet bar.

"No" he said firmly while he continues to devour the sweet bar.

"You kitsune! Give me one." Kuwabara said with a threatening look to Youko.

"Try to catch me first red head!" He laughed at him. Kuwabara knows that he has no match on the kitsune's speed.

He just smirked at him and started walking out from his friend. "I'll just loose on that match kitsune. I'll go ahead! I've noticed that you really enjoyed teasing our friend Botan. You have stolen a piece of sweet bar from her just to catch attention. Nice style kitsune."

A blush starts to crept on the kitsune's face but he easily replaced a smirk on it. Maybe his friend is right. He is trying to catch attention. The attention of the head ferry girl whom he secretly admires and love 'Hey? Where did it come from?' He smiled at the departing figure of his friend.

'Maybe a piece of chocolate bar is enough for this day.' He said to himself and started his way to his room and a certain beautiful deity of death starts to linger on his mind.


"Oh! It's snowing!" Botan exclaimed merrily.

"Yes! We can really have fun this week end." Ayame said to her friend.

"I have a plan!" Botan said merrily. A very nasty plan starts to build up on her head. She smiled naughtily at her friend.

"I think I don't like what you are planning Botan-chan and I think a silver kitsune is involved." Ayame said as the breeze of the cold snowy day crawls on her spine.

"Exactly, hmmm I just need your little help my dear friend to accomplish this plan. Now! I will make him pay by stealing everything from me." Botan laughed like an evil witch. A massive sweat drop formed on Ayame's head. She looked worriedly on her friend.

"What do you need then?" Ayame asked.

"A bucket" Botan smirked.


"Botan-chan? Are you sure of what you are doing? What if we will get caught by Youko-san! You know that he is really terrifying when he gets mad. We don't know what he might do to us!" Ayame nearly shouted her statement as they approached the thief's room.

"We will get caught Ayame-chan if you don't shut your mouth okay?" Botan hushed her friend. She is actually carrying a bucket filled with snow.



"Who could it be?" Botan averted her attention to her friend.

"I think its George the ogre, maybe there is an emergency. I'll leave you now Botan-chan. I hope that you will succeed with your plan." Ayame smiled weakly to her friend.

"Thank you Ayame, you are such a supportive friend." Botan smiled and watched her friend's departing figure.

'and now! Back to my mission.' Botan smirked as she entered the kitsune's room. The room smelled mysteriously like roses. She made baby steps as she approached the bed of Youko.

The fox demon is on his deep slumber. He hasn't noticed the deity that is approaching his bed.

'He is sleeping.' She blushed seeing a half naked Youko Kurama on the bed. His silver hair is sprawled wildly on the pillows. She looked at the outline of his face and she can't deny the fact that this handsome face youkai made every women swoon whenever he passed by. Her gazed travel on his powerful and tightly packed torso. She really adores this sneaky fox and she is just afraid to admit that she loves him because she is thinking that she was only fooled by its beauty.

'I wonder how many women had already slept with him. If only…' Botan panicked.

'Erase nasty thoughts! Erase! Erase! You can't think something nasty to him! No! Stop looking at his glorious god-like body though I know you can't help it!' her face turned into beet red.

'Back to my mission! This kitsune must pay all his debts.' She smiled maniacally.

"One…Two…Three" she counted silently and…

"BOTAN!!" a fully awakened angry kitsune jerked up immediately with a bucket on his head. But before he could make advances to his intruder it already flew away.


'Oh no! He is after me! Ayame is right. This is not a good idea.' Botan speeds up with her oar. An angry kitsune is behind her and he is shooting her an icy glare and a smirk. What's terrifying is his canine tooth is ticking out.

'I'll make you pay and you will regret this.' Youko runs after her with a very nasty plan playing on his mind.

"Oh! What's that?" an old woman exclaimed as she looked at the two teenagers chasing each other. One is a beautiful girl riding on an oar and a handsome youkai fox chasing after her.

"Young love. Can't you see it darling? They are having fun with each other. Like you and me during our teen years." The old man exclaimed to his wife.

"But I haven't remembered you being violent like that youkai fox." She said worriedly.

"Darling, that's how fox demons do. They piss and chase their mate." The old man laughed. She playfully hit her husband's arm and they started to walk away leaving them finish their business.

"Rose whip!" Youko Kurama summoned his favorite weapon and he hastily wrapped it on Botan's body.

"And now, you can't escape from me ferry girl." Youko smirked at her and he can sense that she is terrified. He really loves to tease her. He slowly walks on the cold pavement. She was leaning on a big oak tree.

"Let go of me Youko!" She shouted. 'Can't he feel the cold breeze?' she looked at him still half naked. He didn't mind of the cold breeze, he must finish this little game. A playful smirk drawn on his face.

"Na ah! Very bad ferry girl. You sneaked on my room while I am in a deep slumber. You secretly adored my body and after that you throw a pile of snow on my head. Tsk tsk tsk…" He said as he inched nearer to her. She flashed him her best puppy-dog eyes.

"Oh… my dear ferry girl. Your puppy-dog eyes won't work on me unless you…" He whispered to her seductively. He is really enjoying this.

"You pervert!! I just want you to pay of all the things that you have stolen from me but I think my plan didn't come up right." She confessed to him which made the fox youkai laughed out loud.

"Stop laughing!" she pouted. "Let me go Youko! Please!"


"Let me go or else I'll shout! I'll call for help and they'll punish you." She said with a threatening look on him.

"Help! Help! Help!" Botan shouted but she her words are cut off when Youko's lips crushed on her lips, the rose whip that was wrapped around her loosens. At first she didn't respond. She plastered a confused look on her face and later she responded on his kiss. Youko smiled as he deepens the kiss. He didn't expect that this little chase will turn into some romantic movie clip.

They parted away and he looked at his mate's flushed face. He smiled at her. Botan couldn't believe it, his hot molten honey eyes sparkles happily at her. He is really weird.

"Aisheteru Botan. Gomen Nasai" Youko said as he pulled her in a warm embrace. A smiled was drawn on her face as she responded on his embrace. He buried his face on her lavender-scent hair.

"You are forgiven my dear kitsune." She smiled as she leans on his chest. She could hear the rhythm of his heart beat.

"We should go back now. I think everybody is looking for us by now." She pulled away from his embrace. Youko pouted and starting to act like a brat child.

"You look cute when you are pouting." She smiled. They begin walking when Youko interrupted again.

"I'm wondering where you girls wear this." He said with a confuse look on his face. "Fancy costume! I wanna see you wear this." He smiled.

Botan's face turns to beet red as she snatches from his hand her bra while making an "X" mark on her chest.

"YOUKO!!" She fumed again. Massive sweat drops formed on Youko's head. He has a confused look on his face. He didn't know what is the purpose of that lingerie because most of youkai women don't wear that thing. He started running again and after him is his mate who is really really mad at him.

"You are such a pervert!" Botan exclaimed.

"Sweet couple." The old woman exclaimed as her gaze trails on the young couple chasing each other. Her husband just replies her with a nod.


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