Well, it has been some time since my last story…I have been writing this and another story at the same time and I had problems in where to take these. If you where waiting for something deep and thoughtful, this might not be what you want…Hmm, it is summertime (here in Finland at least) and I wanted to write something light (on my scale) and personally I like cross-dressing, so this was fun Deceive people with gender I say!

Please do not flame (I do not find a reason for it so you better not either). I apologize for the possible misspellings and other errors.

Pairing: Naruto x Sasuke

Summary: Do not hang out with the gay boy if you do not want to get a "homo stamp" on your forehead. So what do you do? Ask the gay boy to pretend to be your girlfriend. Do you not see the contradiction there Naruto? NaruSasu, M for SEX

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters or whatsoever (do not sue me Mr. Kishimoto), I am just loaning them and returning to the rightful owner (Mr. Kishimoto).

One Thing Remains

Yeah, I have seen him walking through the corridors wearing his ripped jeans and over-sized t-shirt. A nerdy boy, who reeks of weirdness and something between heavy metal and lipstick. Sasuke is not in my class and I do not really know him. I just know his name, since everybody is whispering that he swings the way which tastes like metal in your mouth after you have been beaten up, your bloody cheek against the cold railway bar.

The bitter taste never leaves your mouth, but then again - it is not my problem, I do not swing. I even hate roller-coasters. High school, what a brutal place, even your friends can eat you alive or perhaps skin you for not representing their view of the crooked world. Your spit against their faces is your final judgement; you just better bow and fast with a fake smile on your bruised lips.

I do not find guys attractive or neither girls - I find people attractive. So what if Sasuke is a gay arse wanker? I do not give a shit, since it does not concern me. Yet, it concerns the people I am with…the people, who do not like guys sucking other guys' cocks. It is a girl's privilege, they say and I can see how they watch him. Like hawk eyes glistening, waiting for the perfect opportunity to wipe out the menace. My smile is devilish as I agree with them, but only my words mocker him. Sasuke is not my concern. He will never be.

I and my so called friends pass Sasuke by in the hallway and they snicker, push him and then laugh like scarecrows. He hits his elbow against the metallic locker, but does not make a sound. From the corners of my eyes I can see him brushing his elbow with his hand and squeezing it. I keep walking and try to laugh like everybody else, but it tastes like shit. Their venom reaches out for my veins, wanting them to be tainted.

I can feel Sasuke's stare burning holes into my back, I do not want to turn around, but it is starting to hurt. Does he use black magic? Burn me inside out? Dear Lord, have I done sins greater than life itself? I turn. Why? I meet his eyes; they are like two charcoals. His expression does not reveal anything. I do not dare to flash out a smile, since it would look like he deserved the treatment he got from those around me. I just turn my gaze away. A silent promise.

After the classes I walk to the roof wanting to get fresh air. I stretch my sore limbs until I notice that I am not alone. He sits against the cement wall smoking his cigarettes while keeping his eyes almost closed. I do not say anything - I keep staring at the scenery around the building. Did I smash your gaydar, he asks me blowing the steam from his nose. Maybe, if I had one, I reply dryly but still keeping the distance.

Are you not afraid I taint you, he asks mockery in his voice. You better suck me dry then, I say and he laughs. Maybe I will, he says back at me and gives a wicked smile. Then he stands up and leaves. What the fuck was that? My mouth spilled those words without permission from my brain. Still, I came back the next day. Sasuke was on the roof again.

You have got beaten up, I say to him. So what, like I have not experienced this before, tastes like - trains, he says after pondering awhile. Trains? I say disbelievingly. The blood, he smirks. How many guys have you fucked, I ask out of curiosity. Enough, he replies and after it our conversation dries up. Why, I ask then. Why do you want girls, he asks me back. A question for a question - good one.

The days go on like that; little conversation, understanding and silence. I have never known any gay people so he interests me hell of a lot. There must be something wrong with me too. In the eyes of others of course; I like the feeling that a little bit, life tastes like fear. Running on the edge of sanity and perverse, thinking of him giving me head. Haha.

Maybe I am just bored of life; I get excited by talking to him, letting him tell me of dirty things. Things, my mother warned me about and yours too. In the hallway I do not find his eyes burn my back anymore, now they are just calm and relaxed. Yet, we do not exchange words. We do not cross the line. Our world is the roof and the roof only.

Well, that was before he asked whether I would like to visit his house. Would I really want that? Maybe I was curious, maybe his world would be very different from my own and if not? I would not loose anything - just gain. So I agreed and promised to meet him at his house. Was it safety I was after with the request? Was I afraid of people mistaking me for a homo? Perhaps. I hope Sasuke did not take it like that.

I walked the paved street and the air smelled like fresh spring morning although it was late summer. I was nervous like it was my girlfriend I was going to see, but it was Sasuke - not a girl. I never thought he would look at me like that, with hungry eyes or anything, I saw him as Sasuke and nothing more. Now I lied.

Of course I was interested in the fact that Sasuke was gay; it was unknown magic to me. He walked on the wild side of the life and I desperately wanted it too…so maybe standing beside him, I could grab the essence with my bare hands. I would shape the sin into a balloon animal. These were the thoughts that floated in my mind as I strolled towards his house.

Gently I climbed the stairs as if I was in a church until I reached his door. I held my breath as I knocked on the dark wooden door, which hurt my knuckles and scratched them just the slightest. I heard steps from inside and not so long after the door opened slowly. Hey, Sask…was the only thing that left my lips, since the person in front of me was him and was not. Before my eyes was a person in a black silky dress with lace and red lips. Thick black eyelashes and hair loose Sasuke looked like one hell of a babe.

Why the fuck do you wear women's clothing, I ask him dumbfounded. He shushes while laughing and pulls me inside. What do you think, he asks me looking so innocent that I have to be careful so I would not drool. If I did not know that you are a guy, I would definitely fuck you, I smile. He smiles back, but I do not miss the little something that changes in his expression. He dances into the kitchen and I follow him as if I am in a trance - I really wish he was a she.

Want to drink something, he asks voice seductive as alcohol. A whiskey would be fine…I mumble incoherently and he starts to rummage in the closets and fridge. Would beer be fine, he then says and I nod although I fear my head may roll off somewhere. One beer becomes two and two becomes more. Want to dance, he asks after awhile, his eyes clouded with something I cannot put my finger on. I am not really a dancer, I try to mumble, but he whispers that he will teach me. What the heck, like it could kill, I think to myself.

He takes me by the hand and leads us into the living room. The graceful beauty puts on some music and comes close to me. Put your arms around me, he whispers and I do what he wants. He pulls us closer so that I can smell the fragrance of his jet-black hair. Slowly we move around and he presses his body closer to me and I can feel his breath against my skin.

His breath is warm and oozing, why do I find myself in the position of wanting him a little bit closer? So that his lips would touch my skin, burning it to the core…his lips are surely sinful venom. Somehow the beer has got the hold of us and we are so close I can feel every bump and nook on his body through the soft fabric. My hand slides along his thigh and both of our breaths hitch because of the contact. We are about to unite our hungry lips when the telephone rings.

It wakes me from the stupor as I understand that we were about to kiss and probably it would have led to something more. Did I really want that? I was not sure - just confused and I detached myself from him. He smiled sadly and went to the phone. In the meantime I took off, since I did not know any other way to solve the thing. How was I supposed to confront him again?

I ran home as fast as I could, but the image of Sasuke in laces and satin made my head spin. The wheel of Karma…the image of Sasuke in the dress haunted me in my dreams too. Not really nightmares, but erotic dreams him undressing the black dream garment. Instead of his manly body he had breasts in the dream; somehow Sasuke had turned into a girl and it eased my frustration, since I was afraid I had turned gay. In the morning I really thought things over and I came to a conclusion that the night before had been a hallucination or the beer…anything but the reality.