Well, it has been some time since my last story…I have been writing this and another story at the same time and I had problems in where to take these. If you where waiting for something deep and thoughtful, this might not be what you want…Hmm, it is summertime and I wanted to write something light (on my scale) and personally I like cross-dressing, so this was fun Deceive people with gender I say!

Please do not flame (I do not find a reason for it so you better not either). I apologize for the possible misspellings and other errors.

Pairing: Naruto X Sasuke

Summary: The school's own gay boy and you do not want to get "homo stamp" on your forehead. So what do you do? Ask the boy to pretend to be your girlfriend. Do you not see the contradiction there Naruto? NaruSasu, M for SEX

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters or whatsoever (do not sue me Mr. Kishimoto), I am just loaning them and returning to the rightful owner (Mr. Kishimoto).

Want to come over, he asks while we walk hand in hand. Yeah, I reply hazily. My mind travels its own routes and I am not sure what the hell I really want. Does he? He opens the door to his house and as we walk in, he says he would like to take that payback now. What payback?

He yanks me down and savours my lips right then and there and we have not even closed the door yet. With my foot, I slam the door close, but I do not break the kiss. His hands glide over my skin like swans on a lake and my rough hands try to sneak under his dress. Not here, he huffs and leads me stumblingly into his room upstairs. I cannot even think straight…my line of thoughts is a never-ending circle that cannot find a room for escape.

I do not find guys attractive, I am not gay, I try to assure myself, but my body does not respond to orders. It only finds Sasuke's body a perfect match for my own, something desirable and exciting. My inner battle is killing me, yet my hands take off his underwear leaving only the dress and black headband on. His soft fingers hungrily fight my zipper and finally free my growing problem.

It is quite weird this feeling inside, when Sasuke sits on my lap and I can feel his buttocks against me. He does not take my pants fully off, just slides them down a little bit. Maybe he can see the contradiction in me and for that reason does not want to shatter me. My hands have all the control now and they almost dance to Sasuke's shoulder in order to strip off that beautiful dress of his. Do not, he whispers and my hand looses its power.

He can probably see that I might not be ready to have sex with a guy naked as Adam and -well- Adam in the Garden of Eden. He might be okay with that, but he knows I have got issues and plays it safe. I gain the control again and I agree, he is my "Sun", I am having sex with my girlfriend. Does it hurt him to know, does he guess what I am thinking? Maybe he does not care, I hope he does not or else this is fucking painful to him.

Usually I top, he smiles. But this time I make an exception for you, he continues. He moves so that he is right above my already twitching shaft. I just watch him in somewhat amazement as he lowers his dress-coated body so that his entrance meets the tip of my member. He sure is fast, I think, but probably he was afraid I would decline, if he started touching and prolonged the inevitable end - intercourse.

I might have declined, but now my mind is so full of this person and his touches, all the elegance makes it so that I do not have the strength to use the better part of my brains. His warm hole gives quite easily room for my "concrete pride" and slowly, but surely sucks me in. All the air seems to escape me as the warmness engulfs my lower body easily conquering my every cell. My pre-cum works as a medium, easing the pain I must cost him, but he does not even wince.

Finally he pushes himself, taking all of me in and I have to take him by the shoulders so I would not faint. You are warm, I huff at him and he flashes a little smile and then…he starts to move. The hem of his dress slides on his thighs as he moves up and down my length, creating friction and heat that are familiar but then again wholly new. His tightness squeezes me and it feels like I could explode.

I start to match my moves with his, rising my hips to meet his pushes. He rides my length like a cowgirl and I want him faster and deeper, so I grab him by the hips and pull him down so that my member can fondle every part of him. He huffs and sweats and we fuck as hard as we can, like two rabbits in heat. No words are exchanged, only sounds of flesh meeting flesh, skin meeting skin.

The friction becomes too much to handle and he cums on to my pants and his dress, but instead of grossing me out, I find it really exciting and I cum too short after. Sasuke's ring of muscles twitch because of his orgasm and my spasm is unbearable. I let out a massive groan and fill his tight hole with my semen. He takes it all into him, rolling his buttocks against my cock and thighs. His little moans echo in the room like rain until he gracefully stands up.

I fall back on the bed and I can see how my white liquid runs down his left inner thigh. I…I think I might have to get home, I say to him awkwardly. I thought so too, he says voice again neutral, almost hurtful. I think I need to take a shower too, I laugh as awkwardly as I said the other thing to him before. Probably, he answers back.

Hey Sun, I mean Sasuke, I think I might like you, I say to him smiling slightly and then I take off. Never did I know that a single tear rolled down his perfect cheek because of those words; he knew that I liked "Sun", not really the real Sasuke. Although he was somewhat happy, he suffered too much without ever telling me.

Somehow we ended up having sex quite often like real couples, but not once did he let me take of his dress. Never did I have too see that he was really a guy and what we were doing was something out of the ordinary for most of the people. I did not consider his feelings…I always thought that everything was okay between us. How could it have been - outside our world we did not exist to one another, or so I thought.

He was always so far away and the world we had on the roof seized to exist. Time flew on the wings of an eagle and I began to miss those stupid conversations, Sasuke's laugh…his, not hers. I liked "Sun", I really did, but gradually when I got to know this "Sun" better, the Sasuke I got to know from the roof became more visible - like leaking through that shelter that was my supposed girlfriend.

Maybe I had fully fell for him when I saw his true colours, when Sasuke and Sun united in little things, like when he forgot to change his raspy voice into a sweet one or some other silly things. Just this once, I wanted to see all of him. The next time his heated body was above me I raised my hand to remove his dress. Again he halted me, but this time I did not listen.

Slowly but surely I peeled the red dress off of him until he was fully naked on my lap. My hands travelled and crossed his skin, which was like velvety milk. Do not…he whispered, but I just shushed at him. I pressed my lips on his and started to glide my hands from his shoulders to his groin. He shivered under my touch, eyes closed and lips parted as if waiting for someone to save him, to give him all. He was so extremely sexy and beautiful.

Shoulders became lower abdomen and gradually groin. His little groans and moans almost made me burst, but I wanted to explore every nook on him. I fondled his organ earning purring sounds from him. I raised his body on top of mine and I let him suck me in…it felt better than ever before. I wanted to be tender, gentle, since I felt as if he was made of glass.

I kissed him all over and I made the sweetest love to him; the tears leaked from his eyes and his huffing was ragged, but I whispered that I wanted him. The whole night was full of magic, fairy dust and angels as our bodies united like they were meant to be one. My shoulder was wet from his tears and I hoped it was relief, but the morning proved it otherwise.

The next morning I woke up alone in the bed and saw a note on the pillow next to mine. Oh yeah, this was my house this time…a note? I looked for Sasuke with my eyes, but the only thing left was the note that said, "It is over now". What the heck did he mean by that? What did I do wrong? I was already panicking, which was quite odd, since he was not my real girlfriend…just something to prove I was not gay. Fuck…the whole reason for proving was now swept away.

Why the fuck did I even needed to prove anything? I have lost my secret from the rooftop and now my so called girlfriend too - and I had just begun to really see him as he really was. I could not fight the tears as I began to think that he was not going to be there like he always was, smiling, moaning, laughing…just being himself. I sound so fucking sappy that I might even puke myself…for fuck's sake; I think I am in love with him. Not merely in love with Sun…I understood that already the second I started to undress him.

Why does this have to be so complicated? I need to find him; I do not want to end this like everything was a game. Was it a game for him, I wonder? For crying out loud what the hell am I thinking! Do I really consider myself in love with him and do I even consider how he feels? Would a guy in love leave a message that it is over? Fuck, I feel so sick now…I need to find him and tell him…something.

I grab my clothes from the floor and take off running for the hills, no shit, his house of course. My brains are all mushy, but my legs do not let me down - I practically fly to his house and my breathing is so ragged that I have to stop in order to catch air. I bang the door of his house like there was no tomorrow, open it, I shout. What, he mumbles and opens it looking like something the cat dragged in.

His hair was messy and he was wearing black t-shirt and ripped blue jeans. Finally he noticed it was me and he was about to slam the door against my face. Let me in, I order, but he does not listen. Why did you leave the note, I ask him. Because I meant it, he said almost casually. Why, I say disbelievingly. Because your Sun has vanished behind the clouds, his voice cracks. I am not up for this game anymore, he smiles sadly and starts to push the door in order to close it.

His sad smile stabs my insides and I push the door open with such a force even he flinches. Then I see it; those fine lines of tears running down his beautiful face. Sasuke, I say gently, but he just turns fast and orders me to fuck myself. Smooth, I snarl. Still I catch him from behind and press my head against his neck and inhale the smell.

The tears drop like heavy rain on me and he begs me to stop. Sorry it took so long for me to catch up to you, I smile into his hair. Hell, I will not let you go…I think this cloud has a silver lining, you know, I whisper. His knees give upon him and he cries so softly, but my arms hold him like a mountain. You can be just you, I say to him and kiss his forehead.

The next day at school, I walk the halls with my friends and we see Sasuke at his locker. A smile breaks on to my lips and instead of following my friends, I walk to him and greet him with my smile. You look like Kurt Cobain, I say to him laughingly. Oh fuck you, he snarls back until I press my lips on his. It takes him by surprise and fuck, is he angry after it. I laugh out loud and he swears and starts to chase after me. It is the happiest run of my life even though I got my locker full of shit implying I was gay.

The heck with it, maybe I am. I gathered the papers and threw them in the dumpster. Are you sure it is okay, Sasuke asks me while leaning against the doorframe. It always is, I smile back at him. I used to do boxing, I add and he laughs like thousands of pearls in a jar. So, want to hit the rooftop, he asks brushing his black hair from his face. Sure, I reply.

Everything is changing, but one thing remains, I say to him. What is it, he asks curiously. You, I smile and he just takes me by the hand. But I can live with that, I snicker. You better, he just says and I know we are alright - like in that Supergrass song.