When Your Heart Stops Beating

When Your Heart Stops Beating

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Author's note: This little oneshot is inspired by +44's 'When Your Heart Stops Beating.' Listen to it if you want an idea of just how this would play out! Spoilers for 'The Wannabe In the Weeds.'

Temperance felt the heavy, pulse-pounding riff of the song reverberate through her body and grinned savagely. Opposite, Angela whooped and also threw herself into the music, dancing and twisting with her usual wild abandon that brought a laugh from Temperance's throat.

Behind them both, the rest of their group sat around their table, nursing their drinks and enjoying the atmosphere of the small club they had found themselves in. Seeley found a grin spreading across his face as he heard the lyrics he occasionally listened to on the radio roll across the dance floor and his head began to bob enthusiastically.

"What are you waiting for, man? Get out there and dance," Jack ordered. Seeley laughed and set his bottle down before giving a jaunty salute.

"Yes, sir!" he replied, having drunk enough that he was thoroughly laid back about joking around with the 'squint squad.' He was delighted that he managed to reach his partner just before the chorus kicked in, grabbing her around the waist and giving her a twirl and a smile, which she returned just as the words of the chorus roared into their perceptions.

Their eyes met as they danced, bumping and grinding, their alcohol fuelled blood pounding in their ears. Both heard the lines, realised their significance and the close bond they shared. Their complete trust in the other. Their partnership. The words continued, flowed onward with unrelenting passion. They pressed against each other, unable to tear their eyes from those opposite, moving as a single entity together in the raging, pounding rhythm.

The chorus came again, and Seeley saw the remnants of the carefully buried pain in her eyes as she remembered him laying upon the floor, bleeding to death beneath her delicate hands, unable to answer her frantic cries and pleas for him to live. Her agony at his 'death' that she shut behind walls as strong as steel.

The words carried him, filled his body with an electric thrill that he saw mirrored in the goose-bumps that raised upon her own flesh despite the heat of the club they danced in. they were both carried away. There was no one listening. It was just them. Just the two of them, together. Forever.

Their lips met without thought, both clutching each other desperately as they were forcefully reminded of the times they had nearly lost the other. When their hearts had stopped beating at the thought the other was gone. That words had never been said.

Seeley knew they didn't need words. There weren't words strong or deep enough to convey the pure, unbridled faith they had in each other. He knew he was lost, that such thoughts would likely damn him to hell. He had faith, in her. She was his false goddess, and he wanted to only worship for eternity.

They came back to themselves when they realised the song had ended and everyone was staring, even the strangers, feeling the purity of their connection. Angela had tears in her eyes, her fingers and lips trembling in happiness that they had finally realised what she had seen in mere moments.

Brown eyes met blue, and Seeley felt the little thrill that slithered up the nape of his neck, familiar and comforting. She was blushing, he realised, and so was he. A shy smile edged at her lips and he returned it with an ear-splitting grin. It truly didn't get better than this.

A/n: Just a short, fluffy oneshot for you!