Ben10: Hero Academy

Ben10: Hero Academy

Side note: In my story, Alien Force is not going to happen, therefore, Ben still has Omnitrix!

Chapter 1


"Man, I love this job!" Thirteen year old Ben Tennyson thought as he fired off a fireball at a speeding get-a-way car as Heatblast, riding a blazing meteor above the freeway. The ball of flame struck the wheel, melting the tire and sending the car skidding into a large oak by the road. It crashed into it, crumpling the hood and trapping the robbers inside. Ben flew down and raised his arms. His hands glowed briefly and the doors melted off. In a flash of blinding green light, he had changed into the hulking red figure of Fourarms and plucked the robbers from the car. "Please! Don't hurt us!!" They begged. "Oh, please. I won't hurt you, much." Ben said in Fourarms' gravely tones as he threw them at the oak's lowest limb. In another green flash, he transformed into Stinkfly and blasted the criminals with a blob of goo that stuck them to the tree's limbs. "See ya later!" Ben said and, in another flash, became XLR8 and raced off. He blasted through the streets of Bellwood until he skidded to a halt in front of his own non-descript two-story house. A flash of blinding light, this one a brilliant crimson, bathed him and in the super-sonic lizard's place a thirteen year old boy stood. He had brown hair which ruffled in a slight breeze and green eyes which sparkled with excitement. "Dang, this job is fun!" He said happily to the air as he strolled up to his house and quietly opened up the front door, so not to wake up his parents, and creeped up to his room. He slipped off his jacket and plopped down on his bead, shoving aside some of the ever-present clutter and laying down his head. "Well, another typical day of my life to look forward to tomorrow." He thought as he drifted off into slumber. Boy, was he wrong.

In a darkened room on a huge space station orbiting Earth, four beings sat in a half circle. In front of each was a holographic projector, and, on each, were videos of Ben's fights against numerous foes; Vilgax, Kevin 11, Ghostfreak, and Eon. They murmured amongst one another until one said, "You were right, he is ready." Another said, "Send his invitation immediately."

The next day, Ben hopped out of bed and ambled into the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and was about to go get dressed, when he looked in the mirror and noticed his head. His hair looked like the nest of some particularly sloppy rodent. "Dang, bed head." Ben muttered to himself as he grabbed a comb and pulled it through the tangle. Once it was sufficiently tamed, he went back into his room. He shoved his hands into a random pile of cloths and emerged with his trademark shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He slipped a recent addition to his wardrobe, a black and green patterned jacket(not the one from Alien Force) onto his shoulders. He laced on some generic Nike sneakers and ran down the stairs. He slid into the kitchen and popped down into one of the chairs surrounding the dining room table. "Hi Honey. Did you sleep well?" Ben's mom, Sandra, asked. (If you've seen the last episode or the movie, you know what the parents look like) "Yeah Mom, I did." Ben responded as he attacked his plate of bacon and eggs. He finished devouring his breakfast and glanced over at the clock. He was shocked to see how much time had gone by. He ran out of the room, calling behind him, "Bye, Mom. See you later!" Ben raced out the door, and, seeing no one was watching, transformed into XLR8 and blasted off towards school. He flew around traffic and arrived at school seconds later. He blew past several students, sending their papers flying and dust clouding into the air. He skidded to a halt outside his class and turned back into Ben. He ambled inside, and, surprisingly, no one looked up. Ben slid his homework into the proper folder and sat down at his desk. The rest of his morning past without incident, and, when the bell rang and a river of students flooded the parking lot, Ben ran behind the school. "YES! Finally, the end of the school year is here!!" He became XLR8 and dashed off to the RV park where his Grandpa had lived for the past year. He ran up to the Rustbucket and, with a flash, became himself again. He knocked on the door and stepped inside. His Grandpa was at the oven, cooking something on a frying pan with a bunch of peppers. The smell hit Ben like a punch from Vilgax, and he pinched his nose and said in a nasal tone, "What're you cooking Grandpa?" His Grandpa smiled and said, "Hey, Ben. I'm just making some of my famous possum stir-fry. Want some?" "Uhh, no thanks. I just ate." Ben said quickly with a panicked expression. That's when he noticed the room's third occupant. His cousin Gwen was sitting at the table, calmly reading the spell book she had gotten from Charmcaster years previously. "Hey Gwen! How are ya?" Ben asked happily. After all, he hadn't seen Gwen for a couple of months. She looked up and smiled at him. "Hi Ben. I just got out of school and decided it was time to come see Grandpa." Suddenly, their happy reunion was interrupted by a crash from outside. They ran outside and were shocked at what they saw. A crater at least 30 feet across defaced the lawn, and, at its center, sat a glowing pod. The pod, about a foot wide, was black and gold in color and shaped like a peapod. It floated out of the hole it had created and hovered in front of Ben and Gwen. A shimmering blue ray shone from the front of the device and a metallic voice stated "Face recognition. Ben Tennyson. Playing message." Then, a soft, feminine voice said, "Congratulations, Ben Tennyson. You have been accepted into the Galactic Hero Academy for your past heroic actions. If you wish to attend, please respond to the probe." Then, the voice was gone and the drone sank to the ground, hovering about an inch above the soil. Ben turned to Grandpa Max and asked, "What was that?" "The Academy is a school for heroes from across the galaxy. They're trained, taught, and disciplined to be able to use their powers responsibly. As far as I know, they don't use many earthlings. You can go if you want." Ben immediately said, "I'm in!" and stated yes to the probe. Suddenly, a glowing blue sphere surrounded him and he disappeared in a flash of light.

End of Chapter 1

Will update soon. Keep on the story!