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This is the last part of a trilogy. Learn from History is the first part and Friend or Foe is the second.

Pairing: canon pairing (if any)


Proof of Existence


He ran away as quickly as he could. He could not see where he was going. All he knew was that he had to get away from this place.

Just ahead of him, he could see the shadowy outline of what seemed to be a wall, blocking his way. But as he drew closer, he could see that it was not a wall at all, but a stone archway. A tattered black curtain hung from the archway, fluttering slightly even though the air was still.

He stopped abruptly, frightened, and began to back away from the veil. But even as he did so, he could feel someone approaching him from behind. He spun around, pulling out his wand at the same time.

A cloaked figure stalked towards him. The pair of crimson red eyes bore into his, but he refused to look away even under the intense gaze.

The figure stopped when they were only a few feet apart. No words were exchanged; they were not needed.

He raised his wand as his opponent did the same. They circled each other and as one, raised their wand, intending to kill.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Harry's eyes snapped open, his heart pounding. He quickly looked around at his surroundings. Finally realizing where he was, he let out a small groan and forced himself to relax.

Just a dream. That dream.

He pushed himself up from the hard ground and leaned back against the nearest wall. Shaking away the images from the dream, he looked down at the necklace he was wearing. Despite everything, he had insisted on keeping it for the past eleven years.

"You'd never leave me alone, would you?" he muttered. Reaching up slowly, he rubbed away the dirt that had gathered on the dull surface of the crystal hanging at the end of the necklace.

He let his hand fell back to his side as the sound of footsteps reached his ears. It grew louder and louder until it finally stopped, followed by a voice.

"Time to go, Potter."


A/N: Finally, we've come to the last part! Those who have played the game should know where this title came from.

As I said in the final chapter of Friend or Foe, this may not be what you expect. You should be able to gather a few clues from this prologue.