Authors note : This story takes place when they were young, in a school like setting. Yes I know BumbleBee wouldn't have even been thought of, but we like the funny little guy so he's in here even if it is just a tiny bit Enjoy 3


"Hey WheelJack!" BumbleBee called waving from across the room. WheelJack looked up to see him and wave back, his concentration broken now.

"Hey Bee," he smiled, rather tried to as he was annoyed, didn't matter much since his mask hid his face. His thoughts rolled and churned not about his most recent project, but of the other 'bot's questions of him

'Do you like femmes of mechs?' they would always ask. He would answer with an honest 'I don't know,' with such answer they would laugh, 'How can you not know?' He would think the truth, 'It's hard to know when you haven't done anything with anyone…' he would just shrug to them though.

Must they bug him? Must they know every little thing? He sighed and asked 'Bee what he needed.

"Oh I was just wondering if you've seen the new guy?" Since WheelJack's most current work was not in the least prone to exploding ( at least not yet ) he inquired if Bee would point him out.

"He's training to be a medic, " Bee explained as the wandered the campus. Find the crowd find the new person. Well there was a crowd, but no new guy. Apparently he had disappeared, a femme with a sport car build walked up and explained. She was the last new arrival, her name? StarCheck, she was training to be a body inspector. The running joke among the young 'stud' mechs was they would like to check out her body. WheelJack, while interested in her, was not one to make perverted jokes like that. StarCheck said the new guy's name was Ratchet.

WheelJack was surprised by the simple name, so many had double names like himself.

"Thanks," he slipped away to return to his work, though he admitted he needed the breath of fresh air he wished to finish his project. And to get away for those who don't like him, which was most of the 'bots standing in the cluster. His room was set away from the main dorms and other buildings, after a couple of mishaps the dean decided he didn't want to have to keep rebuilding the chemistry lab everyday. So in a way he had banished WheelJack but he didn't mind he liked being away from everyone else they wouldn't stare at him like some circuit side show.

As he returned his hideaway he frowned, there was someone bothering his work, well not really they were just looking at it, but still they were in his space.

"Can I help you?" he asked closing the door behind him a little harder than he had meant to.

"Oh… sorry," the mech, by voice and outline of body said stepping away from the desk. "I didn't mean to invade."

"You're new huh?"


"The you must be Ratchet." He flipped the over head light on tossing the surroundings into high relief. His optics paused on the bright neon yellow-green form of the mech before her turned to a drawer and started rummaging seeking a network of gears he could have sworn he had stuck in there. He could feel the others optics starring at him. Ratchet was indeed, he stared at the mech's mostly white body, pausing to examine the interesting vocal lights that protruded from his head. WheelJack knew he had never seen such a build design so he didn't mind the starring, everyone did at first. Ratchet's eyes found the mask on the lower half of his face and starred still as he asked, "Who are you?"

"WheelJack, this is where I live. In a few minutes, if you are going to stick around, you might get to see why." He explained to the new guy with a light wave around the connected rooms. He continued digging for that darn part.

"Um…" Ratchet started, WheelJack mentally panicked it was that stupid question again…. "Are you training to be a mechanic?" WheelJack stood straight as he had finally found the piece he sought and needed for the contraption.

"Yeah, how'd you guess…?" sarcasm clipped his words. "Man… I'm sorry, I don't mean to be short with you." He rubbed the back of his dome, "I just haven't had a good recharge in a while." He perched on his stool and worked the gears into the contraption.

"You're being short?" the other snorted, "Slag if I found some strange 'bot in my room I'd've half lopped their head off and then asked what the pit they thought they were doing." WheelJack just glanced at him before he returned to his tinkering.

"I think that just about does it…" he stood his device up and brushed the dust off bits of it. "Now if we're lucky you will get to see why I am out here instead of the dormitories with everyone else." He tossed the switch. It took a moment for it to start up, slowly working up to a glow.

"Yes… Yes," the inventor urged it. Just as he did it gave a loud groan and an odd grinding hesitation, his urges changed quickly. "No… no, no, no. Get down!" He reached over the table in his gesture for Ratchet to get down just as the thing exploded with a small sonic boom. When Ratchet looked up there was a hole in the ceiling, the rest of the room was choked in thick smoke. He stood carefully waiting for it to clear some before he made any other moves. Looking about all he thought was, 'Impressive.'

"Ow…" groaned WheelJack as he sat up slowly only one hand moving up to his head. He opened his optics as he realized this. "Crap not again!" His right forearm, where he had reached for Ratchet, was missing. There was no sign of it anywhere either. "That's the fragin' third time this week!"

"It's only Monday…" Ratchet pointed out.

"Yeah I know!" he grumbled, "Give me a hand would yah?" Ratchet did and also accompanied him to the medical wing in case he started to pass out.

"Oh! WheelJack, Again?" the femme bot that was the head medic and teacher on the wing sighed as she looked at her most frequent visitor.

"Sorry Ms. Comet." WheelJack apologized knowing she had run out of pre-built spares that fit him already. "I misjudged the speed the gears could withstand, and they decided to rebel," he gave a slight shrug.

"You know I should stock an entire cabinet with arms for you and a drawer full of legs, That way I can get you in and out and we wouldn't have to saddle you with an ill fit," she said after directing him to a table. She cleaned the dust ash and fluids from the open cords being careful not to cross anything as she attached a blank arm of a slightly smaller build.

WheelJack sat quietly grimacing in pain as she worked, Ratchet watched this and frowned.

"Why don't you take him offline?"

"If you've gone through this as many times as this one has, you wouldn't need to."

"Doesn't make you like it any better," WheelJack joked lightly as he suppressed a groan. "I am actually doing well this week, I have yet to loose a leg…." Ratchet's frown only grew the longer he watched.

"This is ridiculous! He needs to be offline." He reached towards WheelJack, who jerked away with a great effort.

"Don't. Don't take me offline," his voice shook slightly but it was firm, he wouldn't look at the other mech. Ratchet realized he was scared. He wondered what had happened to make him fear being offline. Ready to ask he opened his mouth and caught Comet's optic and thought better than to ask just yet.