First Kiss

It was nothing like what either of them had heard it would be. There were no fireworks, no overtly exaggerated proclamations of love beforehand, and no songs started to magically play on cue as they leaned into one another.

It was just him and her.

And his brothers and her sisters ruining ever possible chance they had.

He rested his forehead to hers, taking a deep breath. She was blushing ā€“ it amazed him how she always managed a flush, even though they had tried so many times before and their sudden close proximity should have been something she was used to by now.

He bit his bottom lip before leaning in and ā€“

"Alvin!" Brittany shouted as she stormed through the living room, the place Simon and Jeanette had claimed sanctuary. "When I get my hands on youā€“!"

Thankfully she stormed right passed the two inadequate love-birds on the couch.

"You know," Simon sighed and leaned back against the plush cushions, "at this rate... I think our first kiss is going to be our last."

Jeanette chuckled and ran a sympathetic hand through the tuft of fur on her boyfriend's head.

"It's better than nothing?" She offered sheepishly.

Simon groaned and fought off the incredibly strong urge to smother himself with a throw pillow.