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AN: For those who haven't seen Supernatural or Sin City, Dean Winchester is a hunter of the paranormal played by Jensen Ackles, or Alec. Natalie is a dancer at a bar played by Jessica Alba, or Max.

When the hotel came into sight, and the black car was still in the lot, she deflated with relief. Slowing down to a light jog. Her mind finally cleared from the blind panic she had been in, giving her a chance to actually think. When her brain had caught up with her, she eased her steps to a lazy pace.

Something was off.

Back at Manticore, shad for some reason, excelled at profiling. At the age of four she could give a brief summary of a person's personality after a mere glance at their face. Her secret was their fabled "window to the soul". It was people's eyes that gave them away. Manticore soldiers made her uneasy because they are hard to read- they shuttered their windows, a feat not many ordinary people could achieve.

That's why all this was giving her a funny feeling in her gut. In the five minutes she had spent in the hotel room, she knew a good deal about the Winchesters, well – Sam, anyway. Therefore, she felt confident in saying Sam was a good person. His eyes were caring. That's why she was heading here in the first place – she really believed that he had called a tow for her. He was sacrificially kind even, because she was aware that they were in some kind of a riff with the police. The fact that they fled the scene of the crime backed her up. By all means, if they were the innocent Samaritans they pretended to be, they would have stayed until officials showed up, and she would have woken in a white beeping hospital.

She reached the door and stared at it.

Max also knew that he was intelligent, brainy even. He didn't forget things easily, so she had to assume that when he pointed her in the direction of the crash site, he had purposely lied to her. And for the life of Logan's wheelchair, she couldn't make sense of it. It went against his caring personality. Max had tried coming up with possible motives, but couldn't figure out his reasons. Obviously it was something important. Something had changed his mind about her, or he wouldn't have bothered with a tow truck in the first place.

But none of that really mattered. What bothered her was surely he knew she would come back when she had found her bike missing, so she knew that this was some sort of trap, though she couldn't figure out why they would do that.

She stared at the door a little longer, but when her mind drew a blank, she shrugged her shoulders.

She was transgenic after all.

What trouble could these two normals possibly be?

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and stepped into the dark.

At first, she had stopped in the doorway because her eyes were still adjusting from the harsh sun, but as her eyes began to become accustomed to the dark, she didn't dare move because she realized that the lights were actually off, even though the door had been unlocked. If that wasn't enough to make her uneasy, the cocking of a gun echoing through the empty darkness was.

"Don't move," came Dean's rough voice from somewhere to her left.

Max obeyed. She was a stuck target in the midday sun that spilled in behind her, preying her like a barreled fish. While she knew she could blur out of the way before Dean's brain could even finish processing that he needed to pull the trigger, she had no idea where Sam was.

Wouldn't that be just her luck to incapacitate Dean and swing him around as a human shield while Sam had been right behind Dean the whole time.

Suddenly, the door slammed shut behind her, presumably by Sam since she hadn't head Dean's heavy boots move.

Max panicked, urging her eyes to adjust faster. She was at a great disadvantage compared to Sam and Dean who had been in the dark, waiting for her. Her heart rate picked up at his seemingly sudden, though he had more than likely been there the whole time, close proximity.

They could probably see her now.

It didn't matter. Max focused on her hearing.

Dean continued, "We have guns trained on you, so don't try anything."

She wished he would shut up.

"Now, tell us what you want."

What I want? Her mind screamed, but she stamped down on the thought, still waiting.

There it was. A faint rustle from her immediate right.

That's all that she needed. As she planned out her plan of action, instinctively taking care of the closer threat, and turning towards Sam, the most unexpected thing happened.

She was splashed in the face.

As she stood there, blinking in confusion, Sam bellowed in her face, "Cristo!!"

It startled her so much, she believed she really did jump about three feet in the air. She fell back landing ungracefully on the floor.

The room suddenly stilled, as if she had broken some uncrossable line.

She was panting heavily from her spot on the floor when Sam flicked the lights on. Both boys were staring at her, faces distinctly confused.

With the threat on her life gone, Max's anger erupted, "What the HELL was that for!"

She sprung to her feet. Sam looked down, ashamed. She didn't care.

"You guys got a lot of nerve, you know that! Sending me on some wild goose hunt trying to find my bike, assaulting me with- with..." when she wiped her face the liquid was clear, "With water! And yelling in my face. Tell me do you treat all the strangers you across like this, or does lunatic run in the family?"

As she ranted, Sam had looked increasingly guilty, shrinking with every biting word. Dean, who until then had been watching Sam, turned furious eyes on her.

"You bitch!" Max started. Alec had never called her a name before and meant it. She told herself this was Dean. "Are you upset because we splashed you with a little harmless water, or cuz we scared you?"

It was obvious he was protecting Sam, but it didn't seem to help. He looked even more miserable, maybe even a little embarrassed at having his big brother standing up for him.

"Dean," he groaned without looking up, "she's right. It's not her fault."

Dean's jaw clenched, a vein on the side of his face ticked, and though he looked fit to burst, his mouth stayed firmly shut. Max rolled her eyes and noticed something on the ceiling above Sam's head.

Her eyes widened, "What is that!!!"


"It's not what it looks like."

She made no indication she heard him.

He watched her warily, waiting for her to do something. Scream, cry, run away...throw up? - because if he wasn't the hardened Manticore soldier he was trained to be, that's the first thing he would have done.

She just stood there, her wide doe eyes fixed on the gruesome scene. It vaguely registered in his mind that she might be going into shock.

That thought was the one that broke the trance. He held his hands up in a placating gesture as he rose slowly. He jumped a little when her eyes flew to him. He imagined he could hear her heartbeats calm. With her eyes on his face, her breathing started to slow down.

Well she's just taking this all fine and dandy! A frown marred his brow.

There was an awkward pause as Alec wondered frantically about what he should do next. This Nancy person threw him off. Nobody should be taking this that well, especially a female. He suspected the only woman who could have handled it better was Max herself.

His problems were solved at the price of being shocked speechless yet again as she rushed forward and flung her arms about his neck. He stood still for a few seconds, his cheek against her light gold hair, eyes wide, before he hesitantly moved his arms and stiffly patted her back. She didn't seem to sense his unease because she squeezed closer to him.

After a few minutes, her weight shifted as her legs gave out. She sagged forward, causing Alec to tighten his arms to hold her against him. When he had a good grip on her, he leaned back to gaze at her face. She looked up at him through her lashes with an impish smile on her pouty lips.

"Sorry," her voice was similar to Max's, but much more girly, "it's just a relief to know that he can't hurt anyone anymore." Her eyes searched his face, "You don't know how grateful I am."

He smirked, "I can take a guess."

Her brows pinched together a bit as her wide eyes bore into his, "Thank you."

He sobered up a bit at the depth of her emotion. She leaned up and placed a chaste kiss on his cheek. And Alec, with all his one-night stands and dangerous charms, blushed. He held her up with one arm while his other hand reached up to scratch his neck. He looked anywhere but in front of him.

It wasn't Nancy's fault at all. How was she supposed to know that she was fulfilling his dreams, yet at the same time, putting him through his worst nightmares. He cleared his throat.

She stopped gazing at him, her eyes flicking side to side, before speaking in her feminine voice again, "I'm sorry I'm loading all this on you. You probably don't even care."

He wondered how she could have such a sweet sounding voice, yet not seem ditsy. He was going to say something, but he had lost his chance.

"I hate to put you through this, but I don't think I can make it home on my own."

Alec studied her face, letting the possible double-meaning run through his head. He wasn't sure that was what she wanted, but it would affect his decision. Her innocent face gave nothing away, so he made his decision.

"I'll walk you home." Her thousand watt smile melted his insides, and he knew he made the right decision, but hoped he wouldn't do anything he might regret later.

She shifted to the side, shoulder to shoulder, as his arm supported her across her back, hand resting on her waist. Ever so slowly, they started their hobble down the street.