For Hikari because she makes me smile and for Shadow Over Egypt because she beta'd it, and she's with me in spirit while I kill my siblings. Also dedicated to my recently obtained betta, MattFish.

God I love my fish.

"Mello, what the hell is this?" Matt asked, pointing to his Xbox-which he had been about to play until he realized it wasn't in his room-which had been literally torn apart and filled with water and a distinctly girly fish.

"Hm? Oh, that's MattFish."


"Yes. MattFish. As in, a fish named 'MattFish'. I bought him this morning."

"And this explains why he's in my XBox how?"

"I didn't have a tank or anything to put him in. Since you haven't been using it lately, I figured I'd just use the XBox."

"I'm not even going into just how many things are so very wrong with that conclusion. Get him out of my XBox, dry it out and put it back together. Then hope to god it still works when I try to use it or I will tear you into miniscule pieces and mail each piece to Near in a seperate box. You know how he loves jigsaws."

"I'll do it once I have a tank. Bug off."

"Fuck you Mello. That's my XBox and I do not want a girly little fish thing that looks like it'd make maybe half a fishstick swimming around in my gaming consoles."

Mello covered the 'tank'. "Don't listen to him MattFish. You're not girly at all, and you'd make a whole fishstick. He's just jealous."

"Me, jealous of a fish. You're off the deep end man. Blowing up your face totally fried your brain." He reached for the XBox only to be smacked away by Mello.

"Don't touch my fish Matt." He got up. "I'm going to go find some dinner. He better be there when I get back or I'll shoot you in the face."

"...And I better get an XBox on my desk when I wake up in the morning or I'll flush it down the toilet and let you go sewer-diving."

Flipping him off, Mello stalked out the front door, slamming it behind him.

Matt spent the next hour and a half staring at the fish swimming in circles in his XBox.


He woke up to a box on his pillow and Mello nowhere in sight. In a one bedroom apartment, the two had agreed to share a bed-on the nights Matt even slept, he did his best hackjobs at night when Mello was sleeping and therefore less of a distraction.

Glancing over the box, he realized Mello had actually gone and bought him a new gaming console to replace the one the fish was still swimming in.

He knew it was still there because the XBox tank had migrated from the coffee table in the other room to the nightstand on Mello's side of the bed. He could see 'MattFish' swimming in happy little circles.

Getting up to throw on some clothes and set his new toy up, Matt decided that Mattfish was a little cute, and dropped some food into the box for him.

He'd forgive Mello later.