The Prey



Part One

It was the year 2008, six years had gone by and Oracle was walking around with her cane. There was an amazing new technology with nanos that had fixed her back and she was still practicing walking around. She was researching more on what happened at New York, a week ago, It involved a graphic novel writer called Cass Lincoln, she had wrote a series called Hybrid and had helped the city of New York with a terrorist action. Oracle just kept reading trying to find an answer and Helena was waking up in a tank-top with a very small throng on, she went into the bathroom and took medicine that she climbed back into bed with Dinah. Six years ago, It was no more than a month after the fight with Quinn, since Reese broke her heart and Gabby shot Dinah down. The two started to take their relationship very serious and have been together for a long time and the sex was great. Dinah saw she was awake and then reached out, she tangled the rubber mouse in front of Helena, Helena opened her eyes and it was on. Dinah jumped out of bed, Helena was on all fours, the game was simple catch the mouse while on all-fours. If Helena does it, she could do whatever she wants to Dinah. So after a chase, Helena caught the mouse and threw it down. Cass walked into her hotel room and un-pack her bags. Courtney was one time a prison guard as Cass was staying there for Manslaughter. Courtney helped her to get release early.