Chapter Thirteen: Better Life

Peter recieved the kiss, he wasnt able to escape, he had recieved it right in Dumbledore's office. The Ministry took his soulless shell away, where they wasnt sure. Sirius didnt much care where they took the soulless rat, all he cared about was that he would never come near his godson again, they could live in peace, if only for a little while.

They had decided since school would be letting out for summer the next morning and they would be boarding the train to go home, that they would take a breather. Now that there was no longer a threat on the school, they could go out to the warm lake and have fun. Sirius felt like a kid again, there with his godson talking laughing, and even running around the lake.

Harry had splashed lake water on Sirius, who pretended to be mad, Harry laughed and started to run away so, of course, Sirius ran after him, but soon found that the little bugger was fast, he had to transform in order to catch up with him.

"NO FAIR PADFOOT!! NOOOO!" Harry barely went anywhere after that, as soon as Sirius had caught up to him he transformed back and grabbed him around the waist and lifted him over his shoulders. Harry yelled and kicked, "NO NO NO IM SORRY I WONT DO IT AGAIN!" He yelled between laughs. Ron and Hermione was chuckling but didnt bother to help him. "WHOS SIDE ARE YOU ON? AHH-"Sirius through him over the dock and into the water, but he didnt do it as smooth as he wanted, he was going to throw him in and walk away and laugh, but he had fallen in as well.

They surfaced the water and looked at each other and laughed and started splashing each other furiously. They looked at Ron and Hermione who was holding their sides from laughter. Sirius and Harry smiled evilly, and started splashing them, they stopped laughing instantly and kicked water back at them.

Sirius had looked around at his friend Remus to see if he wanted to join but in time to see him walking back to the castle, "Where is he going?" Harry had noticed to. "Ill go see," Sirius got out and started to follow his friend.

Remus had gotten so far ahead he had to guess where he might've went. So Sirius went to the DADA office. He was right, Remus was rummaging through his stuff, putting his items in a suitcase.

Sirius tapped on the door, Remus looked around, his collection of books in his arms. "Oh Sirius, come in." he said non chalantly and continued packing as Sirius sat down, he needn't ask what his friend was doing.

"So what will you do? You dont have to leave, no one blames you for what happened."

"The parents of the students will not want a werewolf to teach their kids." Remus said matter of factly.


"Sirius please stop! Its hard enough ok. Please, I dont want to put anyone else in danger like that again." Remus looked Sirius straight in the eye. Sirius didnt want to argue, but he still wanted to ask him, what he has wanted to ask since he asked Harry.

"Remus, if you need a place to stay," He said, "You will always have a place with Harry and I, please consider this Remus."

Remus stopped packing, he looked at his friend. "I-I dont think-"

"Remus!" Sirius stopped him, he knew exactly what Remus was afraid of, "I swear i will be there with you! You will not hurt Harry! I will be there, please Remus i want you to be there with me...and Harry."

Remus didnt have nothing to say, he was touched to have recieved such an offer, but he was still afraid of what he might do, on one fateful full moon. But he couldnt hurt Sirius like that, he wanted him there, he himself wanted it, more than anything.

"I-Sirius what-"

"It will be FINE, ok, we will handle it, i want you to be there Moony." Sirius friken Black was PLEADING.

Finally Remus smiled a true smile, "Yes, Sirius I will."

Sirius smiled and embraced his friend. His life will be perfect once again.


Sirius and Remus rode the train home with Harry and his friends, from there they can start looking for a house, Harry was ecstatic about Remus moving in to, it would be a true family.

They joked and laughed and bought sweets from the trolly. However as they drew nearer and nearer to the muggle world, Harry started getting quieter, Sirius had explained to him that he would have to go back to the Dursleys at least for a week. So he had to wait.

Sirius had told Harry that he rode the train home with him so that he could spend more time before they have to be apart, and that it was closer to where he could apparate to the Ministry to start with the papers. But Sirius also went with Harry, he wanted to see these Dursleys that have brought so much pain on his Godson.

Sirius noticed Harry's mood changing. He could guess why, he almost cried at the thought of someone-especially Harry-getting depressed and nervous just because they are going home. He would make sure that the Dursleys so much as didnt even look at his godson wrong, until he can pick him up, and take him to his real home, where he belongs.

The train had slowed to a stop, and the got off the train, Sirius helped with Harry's luggage. They went through the wall into the Muggle world.

"AHHH!" a woman screamed, Sirius panicked, didnt the Muggle world get the news? "Boys! Ginny, Hermione!" a dumpy red headed woman was running towards them.

"Hey mum!"

"Mrs Weasley!"

The kids gave the woman a group hug and she hugged everyone individually, Sirius couldnt help but when she hugged Harry and asked him if he had a good year. Harry felt comfortable talking to her, so Sirius was comfortable around her himself.

She had spotted him just standing there smiling. "Oh Mr. Black."

"Oh im sorry, please its Sirius." he said as politely as he could.

She nervously nodded and shood his hand, "Molly Weasley. These are my boys, and Ginny, my daughter."

"Weve met." all the Weasleys said. "He's Harry's godfather."


"BOY ARE YOU DONE LOLLI GAGGING!" A monstrous sized man said from across the station.

Sirius would have lost it when he saw Harry flinch alittle. "Stay here a minuter Harry." he said holding his godson's shoulders. "Im going to have a talk with your Uncle." and with that he went up to the man.

Vernon recognized who the man was immediately, he was on the news just the other day, his name had been cleared of all charges. But what did he want with him?

"Mr. Dursley." Sirius said, the politeness completely deminished, he didnt realize that Mr. Weasley and Remus had followed him, "Sirius, now first his name is Harry, and he will be referred to as only that, second i hear of any stress," he said the last word venomously, "you put on him in the time before I collect him I will personally do you the same way tenfold."

Vernon stuttered, "What are you talking about."

"I mean it Dursley, any imprints," he said through clenched teeth, "anything i do not like, you will not like. Understood." he said as menacing as was possible.

Mr. Weasley raised his eyebrows, he really did care about Harry.

Remus put his two sense worth in, "Oh and he wont be alone."

Sirius spun around and saw the two of them.

"No." Mr. Weasley shook his head, "They will not be."

Sirius smiled at them and looked back at the huge man in front of him, a man this size putting his hands on someone as small as Harry, not just child abuse, bullying would be a good word for it as well.

"So any questions?" Sirius said cocking an eyebrow.

Vernon stood there, pale and stuttering.

"Now, Harry will be with you whenever I am done with him. And you will allow him to use his owl, that is how i will know everything is fine, understood?" Sirius said again. Vernon couldnt say nothing, so he just nodded.

"Good, Now Harry will be along in a few minutes." he turned around and walked back to where the Weasley's, Hermione and his godson were talking.

"What was that about?" Harry asked when they made it back to the group.

"Well i had to discuss with him about the arrangements and i had to give him a time frame as to when i will be picking you up. And that you would be along in a sec." Sirius replyed non chalantly, as if nothing was wrong.

"Oh! There's Dad!" Hermione yelled, "Ill see you guys around!" She said as she hugged Ron and than Harry. "You better write back Potter!" she yelled as she ran to her father.

"Bye Mione!"

"See ya!"

"Well boys, i think its time we took our leave." Mrs. Weasley said and gave Harry a final hug before they left. Mr. Weasley shook Harry's hand and followed his wife, the twins waved and told Harry not to blow up his cousin without taking pictures.

Ginny gave Harry a shy hug and followed her mom, Harry and Ron did a series of hand slaps before they said their goodbyes and that they will see each other later on in the summer.

"Well, Harry. I will be along in a week or so ok?" Sirius said as they walked to the Dursleys car. "And if they give you any trouble at all, any at all," he emphasized, "if they so much as make you leave the room you tell me ok?"

Harry raised his eyebrows, "Ok,"

"Are you ready to leave,..H-Harry." Vernon said as politely as possible, Thats when Harry knew that paperwork and dates wasnt all Sirius talked to his uncle about.

"Ill see you as soon as i can." Sirius said, and embraced his godson, Harry hugged him back.

"Well come and get you as soon as possible." Remus said and slapped Harry on the shoulder, "We promise."

Harry nodded and got in the backseat of the car, Sirius closed the door and waved through the window Harry smiled and waved back as they drove off.

Sirius and Remus watched as the car turned the corner and went out of sight. "They better heed my warning, Remus."

Remus nodded, "He will be with us in a week or so, i think they can wait as long."

"Yea," Sirius sighed and looked up in the sky, "We will give him, a better life."


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