Chapter One

Okay here comes my latest story, hopefully you'll like it. As usual it's filled with drama, angst and lots of romance. I've disregarded the epilogue! I won't be able to update as frequently as I did with the other stories, but I promise weekly updates at least!



Less Than Tomorrow



Chapter One



Harry walked through the old church, passing through a crowd of people. He waved at some acquaintances but hurriedly made his way to the large oak door to the bridal room. He knocked quickly before entering; he looked outside once again before closing the door.

"Oh, Harry, you're finally here!" Hermione walked towards him, smiling. Harry was taken aback by the look of her.

"You look beautiful," he mumbled.

Hermione was wearing a large white wedding dress with a long trail. "Thank you," she answered and gave him a sexy smile.

"So you wanted to see me…" Harry said, not able to keep his eyes from her. Hermione walked over to the desk and sat down, she gestured for Harry to take a seat on the red velvet sofa. He obeyed, still not looking away.

"So today is the day I'm marrying Ron."

"Yup." Harry looked at her face. She wore makeup and she had her hair up, a few curls hanging lousily like a frame around her face.

"Aren't you going to try to stop me?" Hermione spoke quietly

"Wh-what?" Harry stammered.

"I just have a feeling that there is something you want to tell me," she purred. Hermione slid off the desk and walked slowly towards him. "I know you want to stop me Harry. I know you don't want me to marry Ron. Do you?"

Harry squirmed uncomfortably in the sofa as she came closer. His eyes fixed on her hands that now were slowly lifting the hem of the dress.

"What are you doing, Hermione?"

"You know what I'm doing." She unzipped her dress and stepped out of it, revealing her white underwear. Harry started to stand.

"This is insane, I have to go…I have to leave." Hermione placed her hand on his chest and pushed him back down.

"Kiss me," she whispered and straddled him.

"Ron," was all Harry could get out.

"Yes, I love Ron, and I will marry him. I don't love you, Harry, but I want you to take me, right here, right now. We need to do this before I get married."

"We do?" he stammered.

"Tell me you love me, Harry!" She kissed him full on the lips and violently thrust her tongue into his mouth. Harry kissed her back while at the same time tugging at her white lace bra. He freed her breasts and took a moment to look at her nipple before he took it in his mouth. Hermione moaned loudly. "Take me Harry, take me now!"


"Harry? Harry!" Harry woke with a start. He blinked quickly before realizing where he was. He was in his bed, not in a church.

"You were moaning in your sleep, did you have a bad dream?" Harry turned and looked at Ginny, lying next to him.

"Yeah, kind of."

She leaned forward and kissed him. "Don't worry sweetie, I'm here to protect you," Ginny joked.

"I-I dreamt Hermione and Ron were getting married…" Harry mumbled while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Ha! Those two, married," Ginny said as she got out of bed.

"What do you mean?" Harry reached for his glasses and looked at his fiancé as she started combing her long, red hair.

"Seriously, Harry, have you ever heard of a couple being more on and off than those two? Besides, she's coming back to England now and he's staying in the States. They haven't even been a couple their last months over there."

Harry thought about it for a few moments. It really was true, he had never heard of a couple being on and off more than Ron and Hermione. Breaking up and making up – all the time.

"I think the whole thing is kind of odd," Ginny continued.


"Hermione moving back here all of a sudden... I asked Ron and he said that she was offered work as an Auror in the States but she declined all the offers. Instead she is returning here to be unemployed…. But I guess it's her life. Oh, maybe she's leaving Ron there so he will miss her and finally propose."

Harry didn't answer. He didn't have a clue about why Hermione was returning without Ron, he had found the whole situation kind of odd himself. "Anyway, it'll be great to see Hermione again. I've missed her a lot, haven't you?"

"Who is picking her up at the airport?" Harry asked without answering her question.

"Her mum and dad, I reckon. She hasn't said anything about it. You should probably jump in the shower or you'll be late for work Harry!"


Ten hours earlier

Hermione was standing at the airport in Oregon with Ron. He had followed her to the gate.

"So, this is it," he said somberly.

"Don't look so depressed, Ron, you'll finally get the flat to yourself," Hermione joked.

"I still think you should stay, it just doesn't feel right." Hermione couldn't stop herself from rolling her eyes.

"We've been through this already, Ron. We haven't been a couple for months, this is for the best. It's unnatural for ex-lovers to be flat mates."

"We weren't always ex-lovers," Ron grinned. She playfully slapped him on the arm.

"I miss my family and I'm going to try to get a job in the UK."

"You will, you're brilliant."

They heard the speaker tell everyone to board the plane. Hermione looked into Ron's eyes and saw that he wanted to say something.

"Ron, you will visit loads, you always do."

"I s'pose." Hermione wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. She was close to tears. She had been living with Ron in the States for more than three years. They had been dating for almost five years, even though they had technically been broken up half that time. But she had a feeling it had been the last time. She couldn't see them getting together again, even though she knew he would love to try again.

She kissed him gently on the lips and stroked his cheek. "I'll love you forever," she whispered.

"Same," he mumbled and hastily let her go and walked away. Hermione was sure he was fighting his emotions, as he usually did. Hermione watched his back as he walked away.


Draco looked at his image in the huge silver mirror above the sink. "Pure perfection," he said at his own reflection.

He took his time fixing his hair; it had to be just right. He loved the moments in the morning when he could spend time in his lavish bathroom. He loved having his own flat, being away from his mum. His father had passed away a few years ago and he had left Draco a lot of money and he enjoyed spoiling himself – after all, he was so worthy of it.

As he reached his dining room he saw that the maid had set up breakfast for two people. "Sally!" he bellowed and an older woman hurried to the dining room.

"Yes, Mr. Malfoy," she bent her head.

"Why is this table set for two people?" he snarled arrogantly.

"Well, the lady in your bedroom - won't she be wanting something for breakfast?"

Draco stood up. "What? Is she still here? Will you get rid of her for me?" She nodded and backed out of the room. Draco stirred his tea and then looked at his reflection in the spoon, pleased with what he saw.


Draco entered his office just in time for work. He looked at his desk and saw that three new rapports had come in during the night, but they'd have to wait. It was Monday and the working week always started with a meeting. He took off his designer cloak and walked to the board room.

He sat down around the long table with the other four Aurors, and glared at Harry who was glaring right back at him. Draco liked his job, he felt powerful being an Auror – but he hated working with Potter. Saint Potter who had saved all of wizarding world….

The meeting started and their boss Gawain Robards started filling them in about the recent issues and reports. "We have a very special case starting this week. Most of you know millionaire Connor Cowell as nothing more than a jetsetter. But strange things have started happening around Mr. Cowell. Large sums of money have started moving around his accounts, and Dark Arts objects have been linked to him. We need to know what is going on, because his money in the wrong hands could do serious injury."

Draco knew Connor Cowell, his parents had known him. He was much younger than them, but also ten years older than Draco himself. Connor was surrounded by the most beautiful witches and only stayed at fancy hotels. He was a famous womanizer and an excellent business man.

"Mr. Cowell is very hard to get close to, and he almost never hires new people. We can't risk having a well known Auror near him, as he would figure it out immediately. Cowell is known for his taste in young ladies, and therefore I have decided to put one of our female Aurors near him."

Draco looked up, this was interesting, and it had been a while since they had someone undercover with someone that important. The door opened and Hermione Granger walked in. Draco looked over at Potter but he could tell from the look on Harry's face that he was as shocked as he was. Hermione smiled brightly at Harry and her obvious desire to throw herself around his neck almost made Draco gag.