Knockouts Versus Divas



Part One

As T.N.A started, the camera stayed as several women from WWE made there way to the front, they were Michelle McCool, Ashley Massaro, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Victoria, Katie Lea, Maryse, Candice Michelle and Maria. They all sat down in the front and the camera went to them, they were all business. As the show progressed, they just sat there and then the music of the Beautiful People came on. Velvet and Angelina didn't do their famous entrance to the ring. Angelina grabbed the Microphone, "Oh look, it's the Divas." Angelina said and Velvet added, "So, are you here to see real women not play dress up?" Michelle McCool grabbed the Microphone, "You know, you so-called knockouts have been talking a lot of shit, we're here to see if you want to back it up." She then handed it to Beth, "Now I beaten up some of these women, we put our bodies on the line just as much as you do!" Phoenix said and Velvet responded, "Really? All I see here is three playboy models, a go-daddy ho and Victoria who used to dressed like a ho." It was then Roxy, O.D.B, Rak-a-khan, Christy Hemme and Awesome Kong then Gail Kim with Clutches . Gail Kim grabbed the Microphone, "You bitches made it so it would take a damn long time for a women's division to be made! You bitches made us a laughing stock." Mickie snatched it, "First off, we have broken our necks for this business! You know what? Here's the deal, two weeks, us versus you, Vince cleared it, we know we could beat you. A best of seven series…" The Divas left and that night Jarrett cleared it.