Chapter 10 – Trouble, trouble, trouble!

Harry Potter was rarely caught doing things he wasn't supposed to do. He went out of his way to act innocent and ignorant. He used his arsenal of childish features to nudge at the heartstrings of his victims, otherwise known as "authority figures". He knew that rule breakers were often closely watched by 'authorities' and it only took one incident for the likelihood of being caught again to rise exponentially. And being caught meant punishment, which he didn't care for at all.

Before coming to Hogwarts, Harry felt like there was a magnifying glass on him. The Dursleys blamed every little problem in their home or lives on him. When his Aunt Petunia had forgotten to get her change from the cashier at the market, she had blamed him. She told him that it was due to his unnaturalness that the change had slipped her mind (never mind that she was running late from picking up Dudley from Piers' house). Harry argued that he was locked in his cupboard the entire time she was out shopping. But that didn't matter. His sentence extended even more for his cheek. Uncle Vernon never had seemed to forgive him for somehow making his secretary quit. After all, she was the best he ever had. She was elderly yet worked hard. What could Harry do but apologize for the fact that she met her former boyfriend at a park at an entirely different part of England? Apparently, his unnaturalness made it his fault that the two had eloped soon after. After all, he controlled the universe. Dudley, on the other hand, blamed many small things on him. Like the broken television, which Dudley had put his foot through when his favorite show was cancelled; his broken air rifle, which Dudley had sat on; and his missing parrot, which Dudley had traded in for the then-working air rifle.

No matter what he seemed to do or not do, he would always get in trouble. This was the reason he was so adamant on not standing out at Hogwarts. Bad rule breakers were always watched. Good ones were never caught. He couldn't help his track record at the Dursley home, so he would start anew at Hogwarts.

So far, he was doing well. He couldn't help but smile at the exasperated students as they grudgingly displayed his Yule time efforts. He figured, if they all liked white so much, they would like to become more personally acquainted with the color. The Great Hall looked odd with half the student populations robes being completely white instead of black. The Professors were appalled at the disregard for the proper uniform, but at the same time couldn't do anything about it. No matter what dying charm or spell was cast on the robes, they remained adamantly white. Even house scarves and ties became white. The other half of the student population were the same, except their robes and house accessories were all black. He found it amusing that the Professors hadn't figured out that it was a layered charm. His top-most layer had been to render 'Finite Incantatem' and other dispelling charms useless. This had kept the entire charm intact despite the Professors best efforts.

Harry found the situation even funnier when Gryffindors and Slytherins, who hated each other, suddenly caught themselves being civil to members of the others house. After all, being all black and white, it was hard to distinguish between houses at first glance. Only those within the same year level knew each others houses. It was particularly entertaining when Ronald Weasley found himself playing chess with a third year Slytherin without knowing. He was still exclaiming loudly how he thought the boy was a Ravenclaw, and how deceived he felt. The third year Slytherin merely smirked and said that Ron was only bent out of shape due to the fact that the Slytherin had won.

The Professors were also having difficulty with the House Points system. Without the tell-tale signs of colored ties and scarves, they were making mistakes on which house to reward during classes. Other than the classes conducted by the heads of the four houses, at least ten minutes of class time was otherwise used to correct a professor on to which house he/she should have rewarded points to. In fact, the only Professor who seemed delighted by the prank was Professor Dumbledore. The longer the prank wore on, the happier the headmaster seemed at the head table during supper. Harry suspected that the Headmaster hadn't tried very hard at undoing the prank.

In the name of being a good rule breaker, Harry himself had allowed his robes to be spelled white. And while he remained innocuous in the minds of the Professors, he was in a foul mood about his robes. It was, in fact, thanks to watching Ron Weasley gorge himself in the Gryffindor table, that he figured out how to stay innocuous and be somewhat rid from all the white. The layered charms would dispel any color charm or spell, but it did nothing against outside materials. As he was once again table-hopping, he witnessed Ron splash some gravy onto his black robes and it had remained brown. The next day, Harry was seen wearing his white robes with his tie and emblem colored in using black and yellow crayon. The wax from the coloring materials stayed on the cloth, and remained their designated color. Needless to say, Muggle-borns made a killing in selling crayons they had their parents owl to them.

And if they all thought classes and normal life at Hogwarts would be the worst affected by the prank, they had all massaged their foreheads trying to dispel a headache while watching the Gryffindor-Hufflepuff Quidditch match. Chasers kept passing to the other team, and keepers looked to be suspicious of all players who went near them. Beaters ended up agreeing to just play catch with each other to avoid accidentally hitting their own teammate. It was bedlam. And the pouring rain didn't help the players any. Harry couldn't help but beam when they also discovered that the bludgers, quaffle, and snitch had become white (well, muddy brown part-way through the match). The match finally ended with Hufflepuff winning by a narrow margin of ten points, and it was due to Cedric catching the snitch when they were down by 140. Wood was seen trying to wrestle the bludgers by himself while one-handed, he clutched a large black crayon in the other hand. After seeing the Gryffindor Keeper smile triumphantly while clutching a broken wrist, Harry decided to cancel the spells the next morning. That boy was just plain creepy, and would probably go mad if he had to play another match like that.

As Harry moved around Hogwarts, casting the counter-charms in frequently used corridors, he spotted Professor Snape rushing past his invisible form. If anything, the youngest Potter was very curious. So he followed.

The Potions Professor rushed out of the castle, down the front steps, and into the Forbidden Forest. Harry ran after him. However, he soon discovered that the forest was a very good hiding place. The dark trees provided perfect cover for whoever did not want to be seen. Unfortunately for him, this included his Potions professor.

He was about to give up and return to the castle when he suddenly spotted something light from the corner of his eye. He moved towards it and couldn't help but gasp. Unicorns! Two white adults and a golden foal were grazing in a clearing, the moon casting its soft light on them. He stepped into the clearing and the three unicorns immediately glanced in his direction. They seemed frightened and hesitant. Looking wildly around in his direction, their ears pointing up, and they were sniffing around. Harry realized he was still invisible, but that they could still somewhat sense him. He cancelled the charm.

The two adults immediately started to turn away, however the golden foal held its ground and stared at him.

"Hi." Harry whispered, staring at the beautiful and shiny golden foal. "My name is Harry Potter. Can I come closer?"

Harry was well aware of his obsession with gold and shiny things. But he had never seen anything golden or shiny be as intrigued by him as he was of it. The golden foal started moving towards him, hesitantly. As if afraid that Harry would be the one that would run away!

He smiled when it finally reached him. He carefully extended his hand towards the foal. He brought his hand towards its nose, like how he did when he first met Kirby. The foal, however, did not smell him and merely rubbed its head on his hand. His smile widened.

The two adult unicorns cautiously approached him, taking their cue from the foal. After a few seconds, they had relaxed in his company and started to nudge him. They even allowed him to pet them. He didn't think he could get any happier. These shiny magical creatures were letting him pet them!

He was about to try and ask if he could ride one of the adults, when their ears suddenly pointed up once again and they turned to the other side of the clearing. They immediately situated themselves between whatever scared them and Harry and their foal. At first, he heard and sensed nothing. After a minute, he heard two voices getting louder and louder. The three unicorns quickly left him, galloping away into the forest. The golden foal took a second to bow its head at him before disappearing after its parents. Disappointed, however intrigued about the voices, he crept slowly towards the two shadowy figures. He had to cover his mouth to hide his gasp.

It was Professor Snape and Quirrel! Well. He had not expected to walk into a lovers' quarrel when he had followed his Potions Professor, but Harry did not judge them. He simply turned around and went back to the castle, making sure to try and block out their voices. He would leave his Professors' love lives where it belonged: far, far away from him.

He practically run up the front steps and into the castle. Harry walked towards the Great Hall to continue his work. If any of the students used lesser-known passageways, he would place the layer-charm-counter on the doors of the Great Hall as well. He wanted to thump himself on the head for not just spelling the Great Hall doors in the first place. He took out James, his second wand, rolled up his sleeves and started casting.


Harry visibly flinched and turned around to see Peeves flying down from one of the corridors. The moment Peeves saw his face in the light, the poltergeist stopped shouting. But the damage had been done. He could already see the caretaker at the end of that same corridor.

Harry turned tail and ran back to the Hufflepuff Common Room, once again turning invisible. He didn't know whether Filch saw his face or not, but he did know that the caretaker saw him.

Even in the silence of his dormitory, tucked into his think blanket, Harry fell into a fitful sleep. He was going to get caught. He knew it. All too soon, Wayne was shaking him awake for breakfast.

"Harry, what's wrong? I've never seen you this depressed. And that includes over the yule break!"

Harry merely grunted and followed his housemates to the Great Hall. They all grinned when their robes righted themselves on the way back. The Puffs were back in the yellow and black, and they couldn't be happier.

"I can't believe it took this long to get the colors back in our robes!" Smith smiled as he continued to hold onto his tie, as if the act of letting go would make the color drain from it.

"Even the Professors couldn't dispel it!" Ernie said, awed. "Though, I heard Professor Dumbledore didn't even try."

Harry let the inane chatter wash over him, too depressed to take part in it. When they finally saw the Great Hall, Harry spotted Filch by the doors and flinched. He felt his heart skip a beat when he actually passed by the caretaker. The caretaker scowled at all of them.

"What's his problem?" Wayne whispered.

The other first years just shrugged. The caretaker was always in a sour mood. Harry breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn't caught! Filch didn't see his face or know anything other than there being a student being out after curfew!

He found it easier to go on his everyday morning routine, eating his sandwich and keeping up conversation with the others. Pretty soon, he was already laughing with the other first year Hufflepuffs when Justin, who was never really a morning person, missed his mouth and poured hot oatmeal on his lap.

Examinations. Personally, young Harry did not see the point of having them. In the perspective of the school administration and other education authorities, he knew that it was an efficient method and the quickest way to determine if a large number of students 'learned anything'. Or at least learned enough to pass the class. It was also a way to determine if the method of teaching employed for that particular class was able to convey enough information to the students. It was a one-size fits all solution to conveying knowledge. And Harry just couldn't support that. Maybe it stemmed from his being forced to wear clothes many times larger than him, or never really having anything tailored to suit him. No matter how it came about, Harry hated taking examinations.

In the perspective of the students, examinations became an incentive for them to study or force themselves to learn as much as possible from the class in order to do well in the exams. They were told that studying hard led to getting high examination scores, which led to good grades. It also acted as a disincentive since doing badly at exams almost assuredly resulted into punishment from his/her parents. This didn't work on Harry. He personally didn't want good grades, and he definitely didn't need them. He aimed to be in the middle of class, thank you very much. And parents? His were dead. It might be a sad way of thinking about it, but he had never really understood what it felt like to want to get high grades for a parent. Dudley never seemed to want to get good grades for his parents. Yet the youngest Dursley still got every little thing his heart desired. Whenever Harry got good grades he was accused of cheating, and got nothing his little heart desperately needed.

And really, examinations didn't really measure what the student learned from the course. Most of them forgot what they learned a few weeks after the exam. They knew the lessons enough for the exams, but didn't understand the lessons enough for real life.

Unfortunately, no matter his opinion on examinations, the Professors were determined to get their class averages rather high that year. Rumor had it that the European schools were going to be examined within the next decade. Class averages would be compiled and analyzed. These would then determine the rating of each school in each subject. In an effort to cram even more in their supposedly empty heads, more and more homework was assigned. Harry was part of the popular opinion that the Teachers merely wanted a grade cushion in case they needed one. Giving a large percentage of class average to a small number of homework assignments was questionable. Giving a larger percentage of class average to a large number of homework assignments was more justifiable.

Which is why he was sitting in the library, surrounded by fellow first years, textbooks, quills, and pieces of parchment, staring amusedly at a Gryffindor girl named Hermione Granger. She was sitting by herself a few tables away. Her table, which was supposed to fit six students and their school things, was overflowing with her own books, pieces of parchment, bottles of ink, and color-coded notes. She was furiously going back and forth between two books. One he recognized as their Potions text, and the other an obscure Charms theory library book. She was also mumbling to herself.

His transfiguration essay lay finished, but lacking many inches the assigned length, in front of him as he continued to observe her. He turned to the other first years sharing his table. Wayne was next to him finishing a Potions essay, Justin was inconspicuously trying to catch a nap between preparing for their Astronomy exam, Hannah was furiously scribbling away at their History homework, and Susan was sighing as she read the required chapter for Herbology.

"Is it just me, or have all the professors gone barmy?" Wayne groaned as he dipped his quill in an ink bottle.

"Tell me about it, mate." Justin yawned. "I feel like I haven't had a wink of sleep all week!"

"Which makes History of Magic that much more unbearable." Susan added as she put down her text, "I was having enough trouble staying awake in that class before."

The rest all nodded, too tired to really engage in complaints about their boring History lessons.

"Has anyone else noticed how bad Defense has become?" Hannah asked them.

Harry sat upright at that. "What do you mean?"

Hannah was contemplative for a moment before speaking, "well, I noticed that Professor Quirrel stutters a lot more now. I knew he stuttered a lot before, but it seems to have become twice as often. It takes all the concentration I have to take notes in class."

The others nodded.

"He seems jumpier too." Wayne added. "I was going to ask him something after class the other day, he almost jumped a foot in the air when he spotted me still seated when you lot had left. Did you know he talks to himself once we leave? It was mighty disturbing."

As the others continued discussing the increasingly strange behavior, not that it wasn't strange before, of their Defense Professor, Harry thought back to the day he saw Professor Quirrel and Snape at the Forbidden Forest. Harry knew that Professor Quirrel didn't really have a stutter. But the fact that the Defense Professor was increasing the amount of stutters made Harry believe that maybe the professor was trying to get someones attention (or maybe losing it). He also noticed that the MerVamp had also become snarkier than usual. The two must have not made up yet. He felt bad for them. If they really loved each other, they should just make up. Maybe it would help them ease up on the students too.

Harry decided to try and give Quirrel encouraging smiles every now and then. Maybe mention Defense in passing during Potions class. Little reminders might just be what the two needed to remember how much they loved each other.

It was with this new resolve that Harry entered the Defense classroom the next day. He took his regular seat and waited, with his other classmates, for Quirrel. Looking around, he made a mental note to congratulate Justin for mastering the charm that allowed the person it was used on to sleep with their eyes open. The only drawback to the spell was that the person never blinked, and looked like they had consumed an inordinate amount of coffee. He, for one, had never seen his classmates eyes so wide. They reminded him of Hedwigs' owl eyes, actually.

The door to Quirrels office opened slowly, the Professor had finally arrived. Ernie nudged Justin awake, while the other settled themselves in for another Defense Lesson. Professor Quirrel stepped in front of the board and wrote the word 'Curse'.

"N-n-now that we-we-we've l-l-learned the o-other s-s-s-s-ix types of s-s-spells, w-we have r-r-reached 'Curses'." he stuttered. "I-i-it-"

The Professor paused for a bit, looking at Harry.

For his part, Harry was giving him the most encouraging, and widest smile he could muster. Of course, he wasn't really used to smiling encouragingly or widely at anyone when he himself didn't feel entertained. But he tried his best. Wayne later told him he looked like he was enjoying the subject matter way too much. Or was about to happily murder someone. He forgot which wording his fellow 'puff actually used.

"W-w-well, y-y-es. M-m-maybe a bit of r-r-r-recitation. W-w-what is-s-s t-the de-de-definition of a cu-cu-curse?"

Harry raised his hand immediately. His unique smile still on open display. He did not notice his Professor step back a bit.

"Y-y-yes, M-mister P-potter?"

"It is the worst of the seven types of spells since it needs the intention of causing harm, control, pain, or death to work. This is why other spells which can still cause harm, control, etc. which do not need such an intent is classified under other types."

"T-t-ten points f-for Hufflepuff."

Harry's smile widened. Professor Quirrel flinched.

And so, this was how the rest of the Defense class had gone. His other classmates took his cue and started raising their hands whenever they had already read the information discussed. This had helped them all avoid trying to understand Quirrel's stutters, and also limited the amount of information they had to rely on from Quirrel to provide.

As the class ended and his classmates started to file out of the room, Harry loitered, arranging his things slower than usual before walking towards his Professor. Quirrel had his back turned to Harry and was clearing the board. He was mumbling to himself.

"-hound. ... -Snape.-..-help. ...-recognize-...-no assurance. -egg-.." The Professor finally noticed Harry.

The two merely stared at each other for a few seconds. Harry looked to the ground and took a deep breath. He did not see Quirrel's face contort, almost looking angry and feral, the Professor reached for his wand. After another second, Harry looked up, eyes focusing deep into Quirrel's. He ignored the stabbing pain in his scar, and once again smiled.

"Good luck."

Harry left the room without another word.

"Blimey. How long do you think she can keep that up until her head explodes?"Justin muttered.

The Hufflepuff first years were once again in the library, studying for their upcoming exams.

"No idea. I'll tell you one thing though, I don't envy Weasley or Finnigan."

The rest nodded their heads as they watched General Granger order the two boys to follow her study-charts. They all winced when Weasley accidentally fell asleep for a second during one of the girls' rants.

"Oooh, she'll rip him a new one for that." Susan flinched.

"She's only trying to help them get their grades up. I heard they were at the bottom of our class standing. I suspect Crabbe or Goyle are the only ones below them. And Longbottom. But Neville's Herbology grade is pulling up his average. So I'm not so sure about him." Hannah whispered. "Have any of you met their Mothers? They'd be killed during the summer if they don't do well."

Ernie agreed with Hannah. "That Mrs. Weasley is a nice lady and a great cook, but man, she can shout anyone's ears off."

Not wanting to witness anymore exam-purpose-abiding actions, Harry excused himself.

"I just need to get the blood circulating in my legs again."

Harry started to wander around the library, shooting a few spells at random tables. Well, after placing in a clause that exempted fifth and seventh years from activating the spells. Good thing he read about age lines and the theory behind them. After witnessing some of the stressed fifth and seventh year Hufflepuffs literally pull their hair out, he decided not to include them in the rest of his pranks that year. He think they could handle another prank right now. He was considerate that way.

He must have not been looking where he was going because the next minute, he had bumped into a rather large man.

"Oh! Sorry. Didn' see yer there."

Harry accepted Hagrid's humongous hand as he got up.

"Hullo Hagrid. What brings you to the library?"

The half-giant turned red. "Jus' researchin'."

"Yeah, a lot of that going on here." Harry chuckled. "I'm feeling a bit stir-crazy though. Too many books!"

Hagrid had a thoughtful look on his face. He glanced at Harry's black and yellow tie before having a determined look on his face.

"Do you, err, wanna see somethin' then? You can' tell anyone abou' it though. Mighty big secre' it is."

Harry was intrigued. "Sure!"

He did tell his housemates he was going to stretch his legs. He just hadn't counted on his legs taking him to Hagrid's hut. Harry was sporting a massive grin as he cuddled a large and hot baby Dragon in a baby blanket. He was so happy that he didn't even mind that it was frantically squirming and that he was sweating much more than he ever had in his entire life.

"This is amazing Hagrid!"

Hagrid was beaming as he continued tending to the fire, raising it's temperature as much as he could.

"He's a beaut int he?"

Harry nodded then frowned, thinking back to his History lesson of all things.

"But Hagrid, what about the Warlocks' Convention of 1709? Isn't it illegal to own a dragon?"

The half-giant gave out a huge sigh. "I know. I jus', I couldn' leave the little guy. An' I always wan'ed a dragon. So when I was down at the pub, an' this bloke offered to play for his egg, well.. Shor' story is tha' I won. I think he was quite glad ter get rid of it, ter be honest."

"So what do you plan on doing after he grows a bit? Aren't adult dragons.. well.. big?"

"I dunno. I reckon I'll look for a new home for 'im when he's ready."

Harry found himself in a dilemma. Hagrid was a sincerely nice fellow with good intentions. He loved animals, like Harry, and secretly broke the rules, like Harry. Hagrid was such a good secret rule breaker that he was even part of the Hogwarts staff! Yet Hagrid loved the baby dragon. That would be his undoing. If he was caught, he wouldn't be punished by a detention, like Harry would be if he was caught. Hagrid could go to jail. And Harry of upd to bear the thought of this animal-loving rule breaker behind bars. He was a chap after his own heart. Harry finally found someone he felt a bond with. He couldn't let that man go to jail. But what could he do to the baby dragon? Just charming it invisible wouldn't work. It would also one day be too big for a notice-me-not charm. Well, the version he currently knew anyway. He decided that at present, it couldn't stay at Hogwarts. Hagrid would be discovered for sure.

All of a sudden a possible solution hit him.

"I am open to future correspondence and might even assist in a prank or two."

Harry thought back to his letter in his dorm. He hadn't answered it yet. And the person did offer to help.

"How long will it be until he'll be easily noticeable?"

Hagrid frowned. "Maybe a week or two? Dragons grow right quick. Double in two ter three weeks, I think."

"Leave it to me, Hagrid. I'll find a home for him. You just take care of him in the meantime."

"Norbert. 'is name is Norbert." Hagrid smiled as he took the baby dragon back into his arms. The baby dragon sneezed, burning away half of Hagrid's bushy beard. "Aw, look! 'e knows 'is mummy!"

Harry had wasted no time in writing his letter and sending Hedwig off to another adventure. Luckily, he had a mountain of homework to distract him while he waited for a reply. Which reminded him, he forgot to write his potions essay due the next day. He raced towards the library, hoping his dorm mates were still stuck under their own mountains of unfinished work.

In what seemed to be a snails pace, a week had already crawled on by since he had requested for help. But a reply had not yet arrived. He had been gone to Hagrid's hut as often as he could. To both their pleasures, Hagrid was wrong about the time frame. Norbert had grown twice his size within just one week. It was still a relatively small size for a dragon, especially when Hagrid was carrying him, but it also pushed Harry's timeline a lot faster than he had anticipated.

He had taken to visiting Hegwid every day after class in case she had his reply waiting for him. At the eighth day, he finally got his answer. To his surprise, it only had two words written on the back side of his sent letter. More accurately, one name.

Charlie Weasley.

He took a deep breath and tried to psych himself up more.

"You can do it, Harry." Wayne encouraged.

"Better you than me, mate." Ernie shook his head as he continued with his charms essay.

"But if anything does happen to you, can I have your owl?" Justin joked.

Harry saluted the Hufflepuffs before marching towards a certain table in the library.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Ronald? It's Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, make the 'gar' nice and long."

He heard Ron mumble profanities under his breath.

"Hullo there, Granger. Weasley. Finnigan."

Granger, whose hair had somehow gotten bigger and bushier in the past few weeks glared at him at first for disrupting them, before schooling her features. She sent him an apologetic look.

"Hello, Potter. Do you need anything?" she asked, slightly more polite but he could tell she was itching to get back to work.

Harry smiled. "Just need to borrow Ron for a bit, if that's alright."

She seemed torn between being helpful to Ron and remembering she was not, in fact, Ron's mother. In the end, she shrugged. Ron jumped off his seat and nearly ran for the doors. Harry laughed at the traitorous look on Finnigans face as the red-head sped off.

"Thanks, mate. I thought she'd literally bite my head off if I didn't get the next question right." Ron smiled as he took a deep breath of non-library air.

"I actually need a favor." Harry told him.


It was a week later when Ron slipped a piece of parchment into Harry's bag after dinner.

Tallest tower. Midnight. Saturday.

After convincing Hagrid of the plan, it helped that Charlie was a former student and known to the half-giant, the two made arrangements to meet half an hour before midnight. When the time finally came, Harry thought that Hagrid had emotionally and mentally prepared himself for the separation. He was wrong.

the half-giants howling cries were so loud that Harry had to silence him before they entered the castle. Fortunately, it was a very dark, and cloudy night. Unfortunately, Hagrid was a half-giant and his silencio had worn off half-way to the tower. Harry was originally going to deliver Norbert alone but Hagrid insisted on making sure his baby would be well-cared for. Harry slightly regretted allowing Hagrid to come.

"I-I got 'im lots o' rats an' some brandy fer the journey." Hagrid whispered loudly, large tears falling on his face. At least he was trying to be quiet. "An' I've packed his teddy bear too."

Harry already had his work cut out for him, making sure no one saw or heard the strange party of three. He could already feel himself grow tired from the many spells he had to re-apply to the half-giant and their dragon-carrier. Both were, unfortunately, highly spell resistant. Midnight ticked nearer and he watched as Hagrid carried the crate containing Norbert up the staircase to the top of the tower. Finally reaching the top, they breathed in the fresh cool air.

While waiting, Norbert thrashed so loudly in his crate that they almost missed the sound of four broomsticks come swooping down out of the darkness. What came next was one of the most heart-wrenching sights he had ever seen. Hagrid kept asking the handlers again and again how they were planning on transporting Norbert.

"Harness!" Hagrid was horrified.

However, after an inordinate amount of time the handlers took to explain the process to Hagrid, as well as assure him that 'yes, we do know what we are doing. We are dragon handlers. This isn't our first time transporting a dragon hatchling.' Hagrid was finally saying his goodbyes to his baby.

"I'll visi' as soon as I can! I'll bring yer favori' brandy!"

Harry yawned for the fifteenth time that night. It was already two in the morning. And the constant spell work he had to cast at the door so no one could hear them, as well as a locking spell, drained his energy even more. He didn't think he could even cast a disillusion charm anymore. It was a good thing he had brought his cloak.

"I'm sorry, Harry! You go ahead. I jus' wanna say goodbye to little Norbert one las' time." Hagrid told him, tears spilling from his eyes.

And Merlin knew how long that would take.

Harry thanked the handlers and patted a crying Hagrid on the back.

He made it down the staircase. Another thing he had not counted on was that he was coming from the highest tower of Hogwarts, and his dorm was on the ground floor, burrowing downwards. He was quite a long way from home. He kept yawning as he absent-mindedly ran his fingers over the cloak in his bag. He was relishing in the warmth it gave his hand as he used the other to cover his mouth every time he yawned. Justin was right, at the moment he couldn't remember getting a wink of sleep that whole week. The Professors really were going barmy. He should let Wayne know that he agreed. As was finally nearing the Hufflepuff common room. He yawned once again, stretching both his arms and his back, before turning a corner. When he took in the sight before him, he wanted to slam his face into the wall.

"Well, well, well." Filch whispered. "we are in trouble."