I'm on a roll! I actually updated one of my fanfics quickly! Ok, quick disclaimer. I don't own Alien, Predator, Predator 2, AVP, AVPR, or Mugen. I do own Huntress, Alertion, and the names I made up for the Predators and Xenomorphs who didn't have names (See last chapter). This chapter contains a lot of cursing as we have two races that despise each other in the same room (Not to mention, Wolf begins to tease Scar because he won't admit his feelings for Lex, which leads to things that should never had been said.). Okay, so I drew names out of a hat and Fate decided on these fights:

Hunter VS Nostromo

Lex VS Kouhiki

Scar VS Grid

Ryoushi VS Alertion (I added Alertion to the hat for fun, and so it would be even)

Wolf VS Chet

Then, there'll be a HUGE showdown where all the people who died get revived and all fighters (Exception being Alertion) fight to the death. (...What?) Whichever team wins, their team members get revived and the losers... well, read the summary. Or, better yet, read this chapter! Huntress explains the rules in this chapter (Poor girl.). Plus, Scar and Wolf talk about... LOVE?! This can't turn out well. Anyway, enjoy!

"What? You're making no sense to us!" Huntress cringed at how loud Scar was roaring. "'Once and for all'? What the hell?" Huntress put up one of her hands, silencing Scar and a hissing Kouhiki.

"Listen. To me." She glared at Wolf, who was growling. "You too, big boy, before I rip your arm off." The room fell silent. "Good. Now, I found this handy little book in the basement. It holds both the rules for fighting and standby phases." We all sat down. "First, may I say, Welcome to the Warrior Arena. Now, for the waiting room rules. Ahem. One: No fighting. Save it for the arena battles. Two: No Cursing-"

"Bullshit!" Scar roared, pointing at Huntress accusingly.

"NOT FAIR!" Lex cried, also pointing at her. Kouhiki hissed. "You can't even speak!" Wolf threw a aluminum can at Huntress.


"HA! YOU BROKE YOUR OWN RULE!" Ryoushi roared. Huntress covered her mouth. Shouts of "HYPOCRITE!" and roars of "CHANGE IT!" were heard, as well as many hisses and primal roars. Huntress brought out a ball point pen and crossed out rule number two.

"There, happy?" The yautja let out cries of happiness as did Lex. "Okay, Three: No food or drink in the control room." She gestured to the door behind Scar. "Finally: No setting off bombs, blasters or any other weapons in the waiting room." She sent a pointed look at Hunter, who tried to look as innocent as he could. "Okay, for the Arena, there is only one thing to say: Expect pain. Go in there with caution because these are fights to the death. And if you fail your teammates, you may end up failing your races." Scar wouldn't be surprised if thunder rolled in the background. "You will be here for at least seven days, maybe more. So get used to the Hard Meat's presence. That means you, Scar." Scar shifted uneasily. "Let's try to be good fighters, okay?" She winked at Wolf, who stared at her. Scar did a yautja's version of a sly grin.

"You like her." He said, keeping that grin on his face. Wolf stared at him in disbelief.

"Yeah, right!"

"You do, and you damn know it!" Lex happened to walk by then.

"Hi, Scar." Scar's head snapped over to where the human was standing.

"H-Hi, Lex." Wolf grinned. "What?" Lex walked away, seeing this was going to end badly.

"You love a ooman." He sang. Scar growled.

"Shut up, you love a half-yautja!" Wolf stared at Scar for a few minutes, then he started to growl.

"Behave, you two. No fighting." Huntress called from the other side of the room. Wolf stared at her again. Scar slapped his forehead. Oh, Wolf. Lex walked over to Huntress.

"I hope you know what you're doing." She said, shifting uneasily as Chet walked past her, followed by Kouhiki.

"Hey, your...uh...Lex, right? You were great in Antarctica." Huntress looked longingly at Wolf. Lex grinned.

"You like him right?" What is she...psychic?

"Maybe?" Lex chuckled softly.

"At least you'll admit it. The men never admit it until it's too late." Lex looked back at Scar, and waved. He waved back.

"Ooh, you like Scar!" Huntress whispered. "I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!"

"Okay, so I may like him." Huntress almost squealed, but her yautja side kept her from doing so. Scar was trying to listen in. "Scar! You damn eavesdropper!" Scar gave a surprised roar when Lex put him in a stranglehold.

"How the hell did you do that?" Lex smiled and flipped him onto his back.

"I'm a single woman, livin' in Manhattan, Scar. Defense classes are a must!" She walked off, Scar getting up and dusting himself off.

"Wow...Just...Wow." Huntress and Wolf looked at each other and slapped their foreheads.

"That's all you can say about that?" Huntress said. " 'Wow'?"

"Honestly, I think she likes you." Wolf said. Scar stared at him. Wolf gasped. "You eavesdropped on their conversation? Does she...?" Scar nodded.

"I'm not ready to tell her yet, though." He murmured. "Even though I know she likes me."

"You'd better tell her soon, big boy. Because look at the chart for the battles." Scar looked at the chart and found Lex's name. He couldn't believe his eyes. 3rd day: Lex VS Kouhiki.

...Uh oh. Remember that Kouhiki is the alien queen? So, Scar just found out the girl he loves is in a match that will probably kill her. How will he react? How will the first match go? The first match, dear reviewers is up to you. Vote for who you want to win in the first match: Hunter or Nostromo?