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Booth sighed into her mouth as her tongue rose to meet his and he cupped her face with his hands, gently rubbing his thumbs across her delicate cheek bones. He suppressed a shiver as he felt her fingernails dig into the small of his back, drawing the cotton shirt up until she made contact with skin. Then the shiver escaped unhindered.

Unwilling to break their kiss, he released her face and gripped her hips, lifting her suddenly but effortlessly onto the counter. Immediately she wrapped her slim calves around him and hooked her ankles around his back, pulling him tightly between her legs. He slid his hands across the fabric of her cotton blouse and covered her hands with his where they rested at his collar.

"Off," he growled and she purposefully pushed the thick fabric over his shoulders and down his arms onto the floor.

She squeezed his hands and then drew her fingertips excruciatingly slowly along the back of them, then changed direction to flutter them across the sensitive skin inside his wrists and along the softness of his forearms. He slid his cheek along hers until he was able to take her earlobe between his teeth. As he bit gently down, she paused with the pads of her thumbs to the inside of his elbows. He felt a shudder run through her in response and she grasped his biceps. Throughout her ministrations he found himself torn between soaking in the sensations and throwing her over his shoulder and carrying her to the bedroom.

The reactions her caresses were eliciting won out and he shut his eyes, delighting in the contact. As she slipped her hands under the sleeves of his shirt and gripped his shoulders he hoarsely made a suggestion.

"Why don't we lose the clothes?"

She nodded and he gripped the hem of her white shirt; In what could only have been seconds, her shirt was flying across the room closely followed by his. Instantly his hands were back on her, firmly smoothing a path over her hips and waist, up her back to her neck, creating a delicious heat. He dropped his head to slide his tongue down her long neck and suckled her milky skin.

"Booth." Only his name on her lips could distract him at that moment; he drew back and locked his gaze on her.

"Bones." He smiled, using the name that belonged to them, the corner of his lip curling as he saw her flushed cheeks and dilated pupils.

Her mouth worked silently, trying to articulate some direction or request and he grinned wider, delighted that he could make her speechless. Returning to his apparently successful mission, he lowered his lips once more to her silken shoulder and sucked her increasingly moist skin, pausing to curl his tongue into the hollow where collar bones met.

"Yes, more," she pleaded, gripping his shoulders rightly, holding him against her. He could feel her cheek pressed against his hair and her chest rising and falling deeply as her breathing turned into panting. Her hands seemed to have found purpose, her palms pressing solidly across his shoulders and upper arms, fingernails teasing his hot skin.

Unable to resist her demands, he lowered his lips still further, gently dipping his tongue inside the cotton of her simple white bra. Cupping her breasts, his thumbs lightly skimming over her taut nipples through the material. She moaned as he dragged his teeth across the cotton, and as she spoke his name again he snapped out of the fog of passion that had been claiming him.

"God, Booth."

He knew where he needed and wanted her to be. He raised his lips to hers, forcefully claiming her, biting her lower lip, aiming to distract her from the next move he planned. Quickly he slipped his hands under her buttock and lifted her again.

She broke their kiss and laughed throatily, tightening her thighs around his waist. Taking her lack of brutal assault as assent to him carrying her, Booth shifted her higher and removed them hastily from the kitchen. She twisted in his arms trying to allow him to see where he was going and they giggled their way to her bedroom.

Pausing at the threshold to her room he shifted her again as he raised a foot and pushed the heavy wooden door slowly open. She slipped from his arms, her body causing a delicious friction as it crushed against his.

As her bare feet silently hit the floor she took his hands and drew him into her unfamiliar room; he followed, ready to stake a permanent claim on her body and heart.


Brennan's knees bumped against the bed and she let gravity take her down, his eyes were nowhere but on her face, hers nowhere but on his. She sat and then reclined, laying flat, her fingers tugging Booth's buckle pulled him with her. He raised his body over hers and she shivered as he drew his palms along her flanks. Involuntarily she found herself raising her chest toward him, inviting him to continue the ministrations he had been lavishing on her body. He paused, hovering above her.

"Booth?" She whispered, dropping her body flat to the bed. A moment of uncertainty began to invade her as he ceased his exploration of her body.

"Just looking," he responded, his gaze roving over her face again and again. She watched as the heat in his eyes faded slightly to be replaced with a measure of tenderness that soothed her worry beyond words. The urgent ache to be touched diminished as she saw him memorising the moment.

"Just looking at what?" She whispered again, an unbidden grin playing at the corner of her mouth.

He raised an eyebrow and extended his cockiest charm smile. She laughed and turned her head away, blushing at his attention.

"Bones?" His voice lowered and the atmosphere changed. He took her chin between his finger and thumb and turned her to face him. "No more waiting." He murmured, softly reminding him of their vow.

She nodded as he lowered his lips to hers, opening her mouth and accepting him in. She curled a leg around his jean clad calf, and raised her knee against his butt, pulling him onto her. Feeling the insistent nudge of his erection in her hip she felt a whimper escape her throat, and she lifted her hips, pressing gently against him.

Even in the darkness of her room, she saw the colour of his eyes change. The tender moment passed, fluently replaced with hunger as he growled into her mouth and forced her hard into the bed.

"Shit, Bones." The weight of his body on hers was perfect, the touch of his hands roaming every inch of skin, divine but she wanted more. Placing her hands on the front of his shoulders she pushed him away. He instantly grasped her intent and stood, unbuckling his belt and swiftly removing his jeans. He bent to untie his laces and push off his shoes and socks.

With another partner, in another time and place she might have wanted some scraps of clothing to remain in place, to elongate the experience of disrobing her lover. But now, with him she lifted her hips to slip her pants and underwear off, quickly unclasped her bra and slipping it from her body onto the floor. She saw his his head move and his eyes dart to it as it appeared in his line of sight, still bent at the waist as he was. She laid back on the bed and raised her arms above her head, laying herself open for him.

If she had come close to believing in magic the first time he kissed her, there was no doubt left in her mind now that certain things in life would remain inexplicable to her. The myriad of emotions that passed across his face as he react to her body caused a jolt to run through hers unlike anything she had ever experienced.

He whispered just one word as he knelt on the bed above her.


Her eyes fluttered shut as his soft lips danced downwards across the flat of her belly, and her fingers tangled in his hair as she held him against her.

"So good." Her cry escaped as he reached his goal and she heard him inhale deeply.


He hardened more sharply than he imagined possible as the heated musk of her arousal merged with her scent that had intoxicated him for years. Linen, daisies and essence of Bones.

Reality eclipsed every fantasy he had ever had of her, surpassing them all. The steadiness in his movements betrayed the trembling he felt infusing every muscle, the same trembling mirrored in the movement of her flesh under his.

Finally granted admission to her nakedness he reaped his reward. His fingers, his tongue moved along the inside of her butter-soft thighs, encouraged by clawing fingernails and whimpers and whispers telling him exactly where he needed to be.

Mirroring the rapid movement of his lips down to her centre, he hastened the journey of his hand towards her nipples, simultaneously reaching with both glorious destinations.

She keened wildly into the darkness of the room and arched into his hands as he pinched a hard nub and gently lapped at her sensitive folds. The taste of her was exquisite, the quivering of her flesh under his mesmerising.

He raised his eyes to see her thrashing her head from side to side, her auburn hair spilling across white pillows.

His heart seized at the sight. Twice now she had told him they had waited too long and as her writhing became more frantic he found he shouldn't need to be told to do anything twice.

She was wet and hot for him, for them, opening her body for his, her heart inviting him further inside.

He released her, desperately ignoring her disappointed cry, and swiftly moved up her body. Booth gripped her hip and lifted it, whereupon she slung her leg over his, demonstrating a wordless understanding of his intentions. She traced her hands across his chest and abdomen, steadily down the length of his torso to his strong hips until she gripped her prize tightly. He groaned and fought the urge to end it all on her hot, pale skin.

Managing, he didn't know how, to stay his arrival, he glanced down to watch her guide him toward her slick entrance.

Raising his lust heavy eyes her face he found her staring back. Their gaze locked as they realised there was no more waiting, no more hiding; it took all his control, but little effort, to slip inside and bury himself within her.


And with the final anchoring of their bodies at their hips, their hands and lips hastened to gather and taste as much of the other as possible. They rocked into each other, turning and rolling across the bed, his body driving her down, then hers floating above his as his powerful arms raised her over and over. Her hair became damp against her forehead and his hips ached deliciously from the rhythmic motion as he thrust into her again and again.

It wasn't clear who started to come first. Maybe it was her as his thumb flicked across her clit. Maybe it was him as she massaged him from within. But their cries and declarations of love mingled in the searing heat of her room as their bodies finally united as their hearts and minds had so long before.

And as the rhythm began again, they could barely discern whose was the first body to fall into climax the second and the third time. Over and over their bodies joined, parted, twisted and curved. He lowered his lips to her aching centre and she bucked into his mouth. She draped her legs over his shoulder as he rejoiced in the tightness of her.

It was hours later, when their sated, aching bodies finally stilled, wrapped round each other in tangled and twisted sheets, that a realisation broke through their passion.

There would be no more lonely dawns, no more solitary slumber.

When daylight invaded their world, their pact was broken and a new one forged.


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