WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Nah, just kidding. But seriously, the story may well confuse you. If you want something simple and straight to the point then I don't recommend reading Reflection.

Chapter One

Amid the Flowers

Pairings: KaKaSaku, ItaSaku

Sakura sat up abruptly.

She had wandered into a field of lilies earlier, utterly amazed by their beauty. She had indulged herself in a childish impulse, and run through the field aimlessly, her laughter ringing in the air. The cool breeze hit her face, and Sakura found that she had felt alive and free. Not wanting to leave yet, she had sat down on the grass and tilted her head to the sky, enjoying the beauty of the day.

Somehow, she had managed to fall asleep in that field.

The day was now fading away, and she knew she was going to be in a bit of trouble for her lapse. She had picked up a few items for Tsunade, and she was supposed to deliver them as soon as possible. After that, she was supposed to meet Kakashi and Naruto for dinner. Sakura stood up, shaking the grass from her pink hair. Sakura then rushed out of the field, and back towards the main part of the village.

When she finally made her way over to the Hokage Tower, and stood in front of the Hokage's door, she knocked a few times then waited.


She twisted the knob, and quietly entered.

"I got those items you requested, shishou."

"What items? What are you talking about?"

As usual, Tsunade was busy with paperwork and such – her blond head was bent down, and her hand was furiously scribbling and jotting down notes and signatures on the papers she had stacked messily on top of her desk. With brows furrowed, the blond Sannin looked up, giving Sakura a questioning frown.

Sakura simply gazed back, giving a small frown of her own.

"You sent me to get some herbs from the Nara's. I know I'm a little late, but—"

"I never sent you to get any herbs."

Sakura blinked.


Then she covertly began looking for the sake bottle that had to be somewhere.

When nothing seemed suspicious enough (meaning no bottles in sight), she simply sighed, and walked closer.

"Well, I have them so I might as well give them to you."

With a nod, Sakura laid the pouches of herbs on her mentor's desk, and turned to leave the office. She slowly made her way to her apartment, pondering over the odd situation she had walked out of a few minutes earlier.

What was up with her shishou?

When she reached her home, she tried to stick the key in the lock, like she always did in the past – but, to her surprise, she found that it wouldn't fit. Sakura frowned again, and tried the key again, to no avail. Frustration began to overtake her, and she began to rattle the doorknob in irritation.

Her mouth dropped when the door swung open.

"May I help you?" A tall woman with blond hair asked her. The woman looked confused, and her tone was quite polite.

"What are you doing in my apartment?" Sakura blurted out, absolutely shocked.

The woman's confused look became instantly guarded, her tone turning suspicious. "Your apartment? I've lived here for six months. This is my apartment."


"I think you need to leave," the woman said crisply. Then, before Sakura could retort a reply, the door was suddenly slammed in her face, leaving her dazed, and confused.

What was going on?

First, Tsunade didn't remember sending her on an errand for herbs...and now, someone was 'living' in her apartment. Something weird was going on. She decided then to keep calm, and go see Naruto to find out if he was playing some sort of practical joke on her.

That must be it.

Of course, she found him eating ramen (nothing new), which annoyed her since they had planned to have dinner with Kakashi.

He looked up and saw her. "Sakura!"

He gave her a cheesy grin, and waved her over to join him.

"Where's Kakashi?" Sakura asked without preamble.

Naruto shrugged. "I don't know. You know how he is."

What was that supposed to mean?

"But he said that he'd join us for dinner this evening."

"He did?"

"Naruto, quit joking. You were there."

"Sakura…I would remember if Kakashi said we were going to have dinner."

"What the hell is going on around here?" Sakura blurted out.

"Sakura...are you okay?"

"Stop looking at me like that," she grumbled, a bit testily. "I remember what he said."

Naruto stared at her, looking perplexed. But the expression faded, and slowly a grin formed on his face. Sakura relaxed a little when she realized he was going to admit that they had all ganged up her, and tried to make her think she was crazy.

But what went on next wasn't what she was expecting.


The words were said softly in her ear, terrifying her more than someone yelling ever could. Sakura let out a yelp, and jumped, causing a chuckle from the man behind her. She whirled around, ready to yell at the idiot who had scared her. When she discovered who it was, she froze.

She stared.

And her blood ran deeply, frighteningly cold.


It was none other than Uchiha Itachi.

A moment of panic fluttered through her, making her immobile, unable to do or say anything. He had come for Naruto. That had to be the reason, right? He had come for Naruto, to take the demon...to kill him. Her eyes narrowed.

She'd be damned before she let him take Naruto.

Immediately, she raised her fists, ready to do battle.

Itachi merely chuckled at her, amused. "Sakura, you know you can't win against me. Why do you insist upon trying?"

"What do you want, and why are you here?" Sakura demanded, already knowing the answer.

But again, what happened next wasn't what she was expecting.

"I want you," he murmured, practically purring. His voice had gone low and velvety, and before she knew it, he was suddenly standing beside her, his mouth next to her ear. "And I'm here to take you home."

Disturbed, and more than a bit frightened now, Sakura took a step backwards – and immediately bumped into Naruto.

She had forgotten he was there.

She was about to yell at him to get help, go get back-up, or something like that – but the words stopped, when Naruto suddenly spoke first. Her eyes widened at his words.

"That's gross. Why don't the two of you take your dirty talk elsewhere?" Naruto yelled, looking somewhat disgusted and unamused. He didn't look frightened. He didn't even look threatened in the least.

Why the heck was he reacting that way?

Again, before she could say something, Itachi spoke once more.

"Gladly," Itachi said, a playful smirk on his lips. He advanced upon Sakura, causing her to squeak, and try to back away.

"Naruto, I could use a little help," Sakura muttered, reaching out behind her to clutch Naruto's arm at the predatory look in Itachi's eyes. Her hands found empty air. Confused, Sakura whirled her head – and confusion immediately became shock when she found that Naruto wasn't even there anymore.

The guy had left her alone with Uchiha Itachi.

"Come along, Sakura," Itachi whispered, his mouth touching her ear. Slowly, one of his hands came up, gripping her arm and stirring her closer.

"Don't touch me!" Sakura hissed, trying to break free and glare at him at the same time. But, unfortunately, Itachi was a strong person – and after a moment, she began to realize her efforts were fruitless. She didn't understand what was going on, but she was pretty sure something was going on – either that, or this was just one big nightmare that she would hopefully wake up from in a few more seconds.

"Sakura..." His breath tickled her skin again.

It didn't feel like a dream.

"I'm not going anywhere with you!"

But if this wasn't a dream (or nightmare, to be more specific)...then what was it?

Suddenly all the fight left her and it was replaced with fright, because it seemed that Itachi had not come for the Kyuubi. No, not with the way he was handling her, whispering to her. Touching her.

He had come for her.

"Sakura…is this about yesterday?"

"What the hell are you talking about? Why are you here?" she asked frantically, trying to ignore the increasing paranoia going through her.

Itachi sighed. "Sakura, I apologize. I never meant to forget our anniversary. If you'll just come home I'll—"


"Anniversary! What the fuck?"

She was taking back what she said. This had to be dream. A nightmare.

A genjutsu of some criminal's fucked-up mind.

If that was it, then it was time to leave.

Without even stopping to process what was happening anymore, Sakura did the only thing a sane person would do in such a predicament.

She ran like the devil was on her heels. Because when you thought about it, and thought about it hard...

He was.

He was the devil.

And she was in big, big trouble.

Thank you so much cutecrazyice for beta-ing this for me. You rock!