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The Akatsuki at the Amusement Park

Chapter 1: A Surprising Mission

"Hey Itachi, do you have any idea why Pein is calling us all back to HQ

"Hey Itachi, do you have any idea why Pein is calling us all back to HQ?" Kisame asked Itachi as the two walked through a forest trying to get back to Head Quarters as fast as they could.

"No. But I presume it has something to do with our failed attempt to catch the nine-tailed child." Itachi said closing his eyes while gliding through the trees. Kisame looked at his partner trying to analyze his thoughts. Itachi proved to be a hard person to read.

"Tch. I just hope he won't rip our heads off, I mean we have the Kyuubi. Not the Shukaku." He said with a bit of annoyance in his voice. Itachi opened his eyes and focused them on the course ahead of them.

"Let's just let it be a surprise. Hurry we are almost to the entrance." Itachi and Kisame jumped down to the ground floor and both made a couple hand seals.

Suddenly the group in front of them collapsed revealing an underground pathway. The two of them jumped down into the collapsed dirt and walked forward a little ways. They then both turned around and made the hand seals in the opposite order, causing the dirt to rinse and place once again into its former place.

Yes, this was an underground base. One of the many bases the akatsuki had.

They walked down the hall way that they where now in. It was very dark, and hard for Itachi to see at all. But since they had both been there many times, they knew the path like the back of their hand.

They continued to walk for about 5 minuets, until they came to a large clearing that was fairly lit. When there eyes had adjusted to the light, they saw that the rest of the akatsuki members where gathered there sitting in rows next to there teammate.

"Hey! What are you guys doing here?" Kisame said to Sasori. Sasori's cold eyes turned to look at Kisame.

"We have been waited forever for you to show up! That's what we are doing here." Sasori stated angrily.

"Calm down un, we've only been here a couple minutes un." Deidara said to his teammate.

"Sit down Itachi, Kisame. Pein has something very important to address to you all." Konan said coming out of no where from behind Itachi. They listened to what she had said and sat in the back.

Pein popped up from behind a pulpit that all the akatsuki where facing. Konan stood behind him.

"All right; well I am not going to waste time here. It has come to my attention that all of you have failed your mission to capture the demon assigned to your team…" Pein said a bit irritated.

"..So since you all failed. We will not be able to move again for 2 years." He continued.

"So to kill time, we will all be going to an amusement park in the morning. No questions. Meet back here at 6 o'clock promptly. All of you will be staying here till morning." Pein said coolly then continued to exit the room with Konan trailing behind silently.

All the missing-nin where in complete shock. Never once had their leader made them have fun. They all sat there trying to themselves out of the shock.

In the hallway with Pein

"Pein do you truly think this is going to be a good idea?" Konan asked her teammate.

"I am sure it will prove to be truly amusing." He said grinning evilly. He stopped in his tracks and turned to Konan.

"I want you to try to enjoy yourself as well Konan." She looked at her teammate kind of confused.

"Yes sir." She said smiling.

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