He pushed the door open with one foot and found the room lit only by two dozen candles, the curtains were closed and Ianto stood at the foot of bed, wearing only a black waistcoat, a red tie and black briefs. He had his hands behind his back and smiled at Jack, who gulped and almost dropped the box in his hands, suddenly feeling completely underdressed.

With two long strides Ianto was standing in front of him and took the box from his hands, placing it on a stool next to the bed. He then took Jack's hands and pulled him further into the room, they stopped next to the bed and just looked at each other.

Finally a smile tugged at Jack's lips. "So, what comes next?"

"Do you trust me?"

"Of course!" Jack didn't hesitate for a second.

"Will you let me tie you to the bed?"

Jack gulped again and felt his cock twitching at that prospect, but he was unsure in the same moment. He didn't like to lose control.

"I promise you, you will like it and we can stop every time you want, you just need to say it."

His throat suddenly too dry to speak, Jack only nodded.

Ianto smiled at him and pulled one of Jack's hands up to his mouth, kissing the back of it. "Will you let me blindfold you?" Ianto felt Jack tensing at the question and quickly put a hand on Jack's cheek, looking him in the eye. "You don't have to do it, but it will intensify everything."

"Ianto Jones, since when have you become a domina?" Jack chuckled to mask his nervousness.

"This has nothing to do with dominance, Jack," Ianto said calmly. "This is just about pleasuring you."

Feeling his blood rush to his groin, thinking became more difficult by the minute. Jack was really nervous about this, which surprised him, but he found that he really wanted to do this, but despite his willingness to do this, something else was nagging at him. "But this day was supposed to be for you."

"This day was for both of us and now it's my turn to do something special for you."

Jack looked at Ianto and only saw genuine love, no smirk, no smug grin, just the desire of his lover to pleasure him, so who was he to deny Ianto this?

"Alright, you can do what you want with me."

A blinding smile spread on Ianto's face. "You won't regret it. Now let me help you out of your clothes and then you can lie down on your back." Ianto reach for the rim of Jack's shirt and pulled it over his lover's head. The boxers followed suit and Jack crawled onto the bed and made himself comfortable. He watched Ianto open the top drawer of the bedside table and pull out three black satin scarves.

Ianto smiled assuringly at Jack as he reached for his right hand and wrapped the first scarf around the strong wrist. He made sure the fabric wouldn't be too tight, but tight enough to hold Jack's hand in place. Then he pulled Jack's hand up to the headboard and secured the other end of the scarf there, giving Jack enough room to lie comfortable. After completing the task, Ianto bent down and gave Jack a tender kiss, caressing his lover's chest in small circles. When they ended the kiss, Ianto stood up and walked around the bed to repeat the procedure with Jack's other hand, and again ended it with a tender kiss.

Jack had still felt a little uneasy when he lay down on the bed, but when Ianto kept smiling at him and bound his hands with gentle moves, stroking tenderly over his wrists and arms, he relaxed. This was not like his time on the Valiant, this was Ianto, he would never hurt him and his bounds wouldn't stand against a strong yank. Jack pushed the unpleasant memories back into his mind and buried them, but some of it must have shown on his face, because his lover was stopping and looked at him questioningly.

"You alright, cariad?"

Jack couldn't help but swallowed hard before he nodded.

Ianto tilted his head. "We can always stop this if you're not comfortable."

"No, it's ok. Being tied up brings up some bad memories, but I want to do this. Maybe then I can finally bury them." Jack smiled at Ianto and nuzzled his face in his lover's hand.

"You sure about that?"

"Yes, absolutely sure."

"But you will tell me, when it's too much? The blindfold will only reinforce everything, I want you to promise that you tell me, when it's too much."

Jack looked at his worried young lover and really wanted to pull him in his arms, but all he could do was promise and to close his eyes, when Ianto pulled the third scarf around his eyes.

Ianto was right, without being able to see he was even more exposed and the feeling of helplessness almost overwhelmed him before he pushed it back helped by Ianto's soft lips on his own.

Not being able to touch or see his lover just intensified everything else. He felt Ianto's slender hands roam slowly over his body, the tongue duelling his own was warm and filled his mouth, pushing slowly in and out, backing up enough to allow Jack's tongue explore Ianto's mouth for the thousandth time. Jack was almost overwhelmed by Ianto's smell, the young man smelled and tasted of coffee and chocolate and there were traces of cinnamon mingled with orange and citrus as well, the aroma of their shampoo.

To Jack's dismay, Ianto ended the kiss and moved to his lover's ear and whispered. "I will get up and go to the other side of the bed now, don't worry, I won't leave you alone."

Jack felt the mattress shift when Ianto stood up, he listened to the sound of his lover's bare feet tapping over the laminate floor. Following the sound with his head, he knew exactly when the young man was standing next to the bed again. He could hear his breaths go slow and easy. Some rustling followed and Ianto placed something on the bedside table, then he heard the box being lifted from the stool and the mattress on his right side dipped when Ianto's weight settled on it.

"I'm going to straddle you," Ianto warned the older man and carefully climbed over Jack's hips, settling down just over Jack's half hard cock.

The hands were back again and stroked over Jack's chest, slowly from his neck to his belly were Ianto sat and back again. Jack moaned appreciatively, hissing when Ianto's thumb stroked over his left nipple, repeating the movement on the right nub.

Ianto smiled when he felt Jack's cock coming to live again and bopping against his arse. He reached for the box and pulled a cream filled scone from it, breaking it apart and dipping his finger in the creamy mess. The Welshman leant forward slightly and without warning smeared some of the cream on Jack's lips only to bend down completely to steal a cream flavoured kiss from his lover.

Jack was startled when the sticky mess met his lips and his tongue darted out, but the taste of the sweet cream made him smile and he welcomed Ianto's lips on his own, squishing the cream between their mouths. When they parted again, Jack licked around his mouth to clean himself but stopped, when he felt Ianto's breath on his face. The younger man must be close. Jack giggled when he felt Ianto's tongue on his cheek, lapping away the rest of the cream. The slightly rougher surface of the younger man's tongue tickled Jack's smooth skin and he turned his head a bit so the tongue ended in his mouth again, eagerly met by his own. There was no fight for dominance, both men were moving forwards and backwards in a silent dance. It distracted Jack from Ianto's next move which led to Jack's chest being smeared with the cream from the scone.

Ianto sat back up and dragged the rest of the scone over Jack's torso, making the other man quiver when the slightly colder cream hit his nipples. Ianto actually enjoyed playing with the sticky cream and used it to write a word on Jack's belly, pulling his finger through the sticky mess.

Jack followed Ianto's every move and shivered expectantly, suddenly realizing the movements became a pattern. He followed his lover's hands in his mind and smiled when he realized what Ianto had written on his belly.

"Forever!" Jack whispered and smiled when he just knew that Ianto was blushing. The young man had not counted on Jack paying that much attention.


"It's ok Yan, I'm yours forever." Jack felt Ianto move and in the next moment lips were feverishly pressed on his own.

Ianto didn't care that his waistcoat dipped in the cream on Jack's belly and destroyed the word 'mine' which had been written across the smooth skin. When he sat back up again, he opened the buttons and wiggled out of the piece of clothing, dropping it carelessly on the floor, the tie following suit. He then bent down again and started licking the cream off Jack's body, carefully taking care that he got every bit of the cream and had Jack writhing beneath him.

The Captain thought he would go mad, without being able to use his hands and eyes he was bound to concentrate on Ianto's tongue on his skin, slowly licking inch by inch clean. His lover was seemingly very interested in his belly button as he shoved some of the cream with his tongue into the small hole, sucking on it, plunging his tongue into it. Jack gasped, surprised how sensitive this spot were. He had to remember that.

When Ianto reached Jack's nipples and sucked both of them clear, playing his tongue around the nubs, Jack was wanton mess beneath him. Moans were replaced by guttural groans which turned into growls. Jack's hands tugged unconsciously at their bounds, the older man's head lolled boneless from one side to the other. His mouth uttered incoherent words between moans.

Jack didn't know how long he could withstand that assault on his senses anymore. He saw stars behind his closed eyes and his world was only filled with the feeling of Ianto's tongue on his skin and his lover's hands trailing lightly over his sides. Ianto hadn't even touched his cock and Jack felt like he would come any moment now. And as if the younger man sensed this, he skidded back and nudged Jack's legs apart gently to settle down between them. One hand reached for his balls and a moment later a hot mouth engulfed his straining cock and Jack let out an uncontrolled cry of pleasure. Yanking shortly at his bounds he arched his back and bucked his hips involuntarily upwards, thrusting into Ianto's welcoming mouth.

The Welshman relaxed his throat and took Jack all the way in, while fumbling the balls of his lover. His tongue massaged the underside of Jack's cock and he hollowed his cheeks to provide the extra friction. He felt Jack shiver beneath him, his movements became erratic. The older man was panting now, a string of incoherent sentences poured out of his mouth, 'Ianto' being the only word that was understandable.

Jack felt on fire, every cell in his body was burning, his restricted perception only intensified every contact to his skin and especially his cock by 200 percent. He felt his climax rushing on, building up in his belly, sending waves of pleasure throughout his body, making his toes tingle before everything was focused on his groin and Jack came with a shout, shooting his cum into Ianto's mouth for the second time this evening. He rode out the waves of his orgasm and fell bonelessly back down on the bed, panting heavily.

Ianto felt Jack tense up just a moment before he came and he happily swallowed everything Jack gave him. When he felt his lover go limp he let the now softened member slide from his mouth and scrambled up to meet Jack with another kiss.

"Are you up for another round?" Ianto asked while grinding his still hard cock against Jack's softened member.

"As long as I don't have to do anything."

Ianto chuckled and gave Jack another kiss.

"Just give me a moment here, I'm still not completely sure what my name is, who you are and where the heck I am." Jack grinned and wished he could see Ianto's face. He felt Ianto reach for the bedside table and then wriggling out of his briefs. "Do me one favour, will you?"

"Of course, everything."

"I want to look at you and be able to touch you."

Ianto smiled and carefully loosened the scarf around Jack's head and revealed the shining blue eyes he loved so much. Straddling Jack again, he reached for the knots that held Jack's wrists captive and opened them gently.

The second, his hands were free, Jack pulled his lover down for a kiss, happily roaming his hands over Ianto's firm back.

"I love you." Whispering those three words into Ianto's ear he almost felt his lover beaming with joy. When Ianto sat up again, he drowned in the Welshman's blue eyes that looked down at him. Slipping his look down to Ianto's still rock hard cock on his belly he grinned. "I think someone needs attention."

The younger man wiggled his eye brows and held the lube up for Jack to see, before he skidded back again and reclaimed his place between Jack's legs.

The Captain pulled his feet up and placed them on either side of Ianto, giving him better access to his entrance, lifting his hips so Ianto could push a pillow under them.

When he had Jack where he wanted him, Ianto squeezed a good amount of lube on his hand and traced a finger over Jack's puckered hole. The older man was still very sensitive and hissed by the contact, his cock already twitching slightly. Ianto smiled and carefully pushed one finger inside, eliciting a delicious groan from his lover. He knew he couldn't wait much longer and quickly added a second and a third, stretching his lover, making sure he met the sensitive spot each time he pushed his fingers back in and had Jack writhing underneath him in no time, the Captain's member already standing proud to attention.

"Yan, please."

Ianto pulled his fingers out quickly and squeezed some lube on his cock as well, coating it nicely until it shimmered in the candle light. When he positioned himself at Jack's entrance the older man smiled up at him and wiggled his arse seductively. Ianto didn't lose another second and entered Jack in one smooth move, gripping the other man's thighs, panting heavily.

"Oh god!"

"You can call me Jack," the Captain pressed out between clenched teeth. It was always an amazing feeling when Ianto filled him completely and he wanted to hold on as long as he could, cause despite the fact he had come already three times this evening, his cock was happily throbbing and the warm tingling started to spread in his body.

"Shut up." Ianto squeezed his eyes shut and tried to breathe evenly, the hotness in Jack tight channel was incredible and he knew this wouldn't take long. Taking another breath, he started moving in a slow rhythm, tormenting both him and Jack.

Jack looked at his lover and saw how he was struggling. "Come on Ianto, let go. Come for me."

Ianto needed no more encouragement and quickened the pace, thrusting into his lover and feeling his orgasm building up, he reached blindly for Jack's hands which met his and they entwined their fingers, holding onto each other strongly when Ianto came, crying out Jack's name and finally collapsing onto the body beneath him.

Jack felt Ianto's hot seed entering him and the feeling of Ianto marking him as his was so overwhelming that he followed his lover into oblivion.

Both men were panting heavily, not able to move a muscle for quite a while until Ianto slipped out of Jack, peppering his chest with little kisses. The Captain gripped the younger man with his remaining strength and pulled him up to his side and to hold him close.

"We need to clean this mess up and take a shower," Ianto mumbled into Jack's chest. His eyes already half closed.

"Let me take care of that," Jack whispered. He didn't fancy moving, but someone had to blow out the candles so he could as well make the way into the bathroom and get a washcloth. When he wriggled out of Ianto's embrace he earned himself an unsatisfied groan and Ianto's hand was searching blindly for him. "I'll be back in a sec, Yan." Jack hurried to wipe them both clean and took care of the candles. When he crawled back into bed and pulled the covers over them he smiled at Ianto snuggling closer and draping one of his arms possessively over Jack's belly.

"Thank you for this day, Yan," Jack whispered and kissed the younger man gently on the forehead.

"I'm the one who has to thank you."

"Let's just say it was a brilliant day."

"You know, I kinda have an idea…" Ianto struggled to form the words in his half asleep state. "It involves the beach, my camera and you."

Jack smiled. "Sounds good, we can look for a date tomorrow."

"Love you, cariad."

"I love you, too, Yan."


When Ms. Jamison opened her door the next morning to get her paper she found a cup of steaming coffee on her doormat next to a small cake on a plate. She smiled and picked her gifts up, looking fondly at the door of her neighbour.


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