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25 Things EDWARD CULLEN is NOT allowed to do

1: "Experiment",

2: And not tell Bella,

3: Or tell her.

4: Tell Bella he really can read her mind.

5: And he was faking the whole time

6: And heard all the things she thought about him.

7: Drink Bella's blood (duh)

8: Burn all of Bella's clothes,

9: And tell Alice (as if she wouldn't know),

10: And let Alice take Bella to buy a whole new wardrobe.

11: Tell Carlisle that Jasper is becoming a doctor,

12: And wants to deal with the people with serious cuts.

13: Kill Jacob (no matter how much he or we want him to, it would upset Bella)

14: Leave Bella again.

15:Cut up Alice's credit cards,

16: And blame it on Jasper.

17:Tell Rosalie that he finally discovered his love for her.

18: Bring Bella against her will to another dance.

19: Hide all the keys to everybody's cars,

20: Including Bella's.

21: Tell Charlie that he and his family are vampires,

22: And Bella plans to become one too.

23: Give into Bella's "one condition before she becomes a vampire"

24:In front of Charlie.

25:Kill Stephanie Meyer. (No more Twilight books. NO!!")