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As a queen, Izumi needed a king. So what would Mitzuki possibly suggest as a solution? That's right, a contest. This is the story of the fight for true love between Yoshitaka, Anna, and many, many OCs. Set in medieval times.

I'm quite happy with this, and yes, this is the contest between Yoshitaka and Anna I promised in Ask the Gang. Psh, I bet you all expected a simple contest, but I'm going to go much farther than just that! I'm still lacking some ideas for the many stages of the tournament, so any requests or suggestions are welcome! Oh yeah, enjoy!

"Wake up nee-chan."


Izumi had woken up very unruly. The 'beautiful' queen was certainly NOT a sight for sore eyes in the morning. Her long hair was sticking out on one side and completely flat on the other. And her pajamas were so crumpled up no one would have noticed the large cleavage underneath.

Desperate for some more sleeping minutes, (or HOURS), she started lazily poking her overly energetic sister.

"Nee-chan? What are you doing?"

"I'm looking for the snooze button!"

"Haha, very funny. C'mon, the tourney is starting in an hour!"

Izumi tried to open her still very sleepy eyes to look at her blonde friend. She was already completely dressed up. She had her curly hair flowing all the way down her back. Her skin was covered in a pink, lightly ruffled dress. And it was all topped off with a golden, wavy, royal crown.

"Why can't I just wait another half hour and then get ready?"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. How do you plan on governing an entire country with that slacky attitude?"

"I'm not going to be slacky when ruling, just every morning."

"Ok, be that way. Come late and disappoint every single man in the entire kingdom for all I care!"

"Oh fine, I'll get ready."

Mitzuki just smirked victoriously and left the room, leaving the sluggish maiden to dress.

The kingdom capitol was an overflowing, mediocre town. It was stocked with middle-class houses, except for the palace in the center. Which was half an acre in size and three floors high, made of aging, gray bricks. In the heart of the castle was a tall tower, where the royalty slept. The town was filled with a massive, loud crowd waiting in front of the palace.

Amongst this crowd was a successful rougue, who goes by the name of Nakabayashi Yoshitaka. He wore a simple brown hooded jacket with matching loose pants. Like those of a merchant or a monk. And on his head he sported a detective's cap, just for his own personal style. He had entered the tournament, but partly to pick pocket all the people not paying attention to those they bump into.

HAHA! These suckers, don't they know that a busy crowd is a theif's paradise? So far I've already gotten 15 wallets, and I've only been here for about 5 minutes! HAHA! This is great.

Little did he know that he was about to meet up with another legendary figure, Kurauchi Anna. She was the first woman to become a knight, and a pretty damn good one too! Rather than wear heavy plates, she wore light chainmail on her torso and legs with army green clothing underneath. When Yoshi had quickly digged his hand in her pocket in order to steal -SHING- she had pulled out her rapier and held it to his throat just as fast.

"Did you just try to pick pocket me?"

"Impressive swordsmanship, but-" Yoshitaka brought out two slender daggers with lightning speed and locked blades with her, "-mine's better!"

Anna pushed her saber down and out of the lock, then thrust it up again, only for it to be forced back down again by Yoshi's right. Yoshitaka grinned.

"I have you now!" And he sent a barrage of jabs to her head with his left. Skillfully, Anna manuevered her way around every stab, then twisted her weapon away from his and attempted to chop his legs. He jumped over it in the nik of time, but she brought it up, then axed it back down. Yoshitaka was reduced to a defensive and could only dodge and block her slow, yet organized slashes.

"You're all talk, no skill!" Anna continued her attempts at hacking in every direction at him, but was just being blocked every time. She stopped her slices and mustered her power into one last lunge.

Yoshitaka noticed immediately and crossed his daggers to defend and they were pushed out of his hands and landed on the ground, leaving him defenseless. He shut his eyes waiting for the inevitable.


He opened them again and saw that her rapier was at his throat again, but didn't continue.

"I just spared your life ronin." Anna was victorious, and turned away to continue waiting for the queen. Then she felt cold metal on her neck. "You were hiding another dagger? You evil little-!"

"Hey, I aint a criminal for nothing." Yoshi removed his knife and went to pick up his other two daggers. "I haven't had such a good fight in a long time, what's your name soldier?"

"Anna, Kurauchi Anna."

"Hm, that's a pretty name. You're a good swordsman, want to work for me?"

"NEVER! My loyalty is to the queen and to the queen alone!"

"Understandable, speaking of which," He pointed past her, "there she is now!"

Just as he said, Izumi was being carried on a throne into the plazza by four men, being led by Mitzuki. Her throne was made of solid gold with simple yet elegant design, and was surrounded by barely see-through red drapes. The majesty herself had her hair lightly curled and on top of it was her royal crown. Made of strong gold with a shining ruby on the front. Her outfit was also vey expensive. It was a long blue dress with lines of gold on the shoulders, fore arms, waist, and tips. Though not much of this could be seen because of the red curtain.

Izumi was actually kind of stressed, for she didn't think there would be so many men (and Anna) in the competition. But thankfully the drapes covered that up too.

Once everyone saw the royalty the crowd roared with applause. The princess and the queen enjoyed every moment of it. Then the younger one raised her hand to mute the large mass and spoke loudly.

"People of Willoweer! I'm sure you all know of the reason that you here! To take part in the tournament, and WIN THE HEART OF YOUR MAJESTY!" The populous roared and clapped again at this, then was silenced again.

"The tournament will consist of seven challenges! And our first one is going to be simple, SHARPSHOOTING!

Like it so far? Again, I could also use some ideas for the tourney so if you have a good idea tell me!