There are probably other stuff I should be doing, besides posting this. Buuuut, this was more fun. This is from the Livejournal 1sentence community. And you can expect the other four prompt tables, eventually. Interspersed lightly throughout, you may catch a sentence on the Dinobots.

1Sentnce: Set Alpha

01. Comfort

Whenever Wheeljack hugged him, the war became just a bit more bearable for Ratchet.

02. Kiss

It may be a human custom, but Ratchet could grow used to it as long as it gave him an excuse to finally take off Wheeljack's mask regularly.

03. Soft

Giant metal robots and gentleness were not easily associable for the humans, but a simple comcept for Wheeljack as Ratchet oh-so-softly ran skilled hands up and down his frame.

04. Pain

Wheeljack wished he could take away at least some of the pain he felt in Ratchet's spark after every battle and lost patient.

05. Potatoes

"Primus, I hate you Wheeljack," Ratchet muttered as he tried to scrub off the caked on white mush on his armor with steel wool.

06. Rain

The pair just sat, listening to the light pitter patter with peace as the stress slowly receded from both of their frames.

07. Chocolate

"Now that you've learned not to allow the combination of Daniel and chocolate ice cream anywhere near your interior, let's clean you up, shall we?"

08. Happiness

Happy could not begin to describe the exultant joy Wheeljack felt when Ratchet agreed to become his bondmate.

09. Telephone

If Wheeljack had a credit for every time he 'misused' the private communications line with Ratchet; well he'd be quite well off.

10. Ears

"Nothing escapes my audios, you must have learned that by now Jack; now get on the berth before I force you."

11. Name

It was a game, a competition to see who could get the other to call out their partner's name first.

12. Sensual

Wheeljack loved playing with Ratchet's hands, nothing else could arouse a medic quicker or turn him into putty so easily.

13. Death

Wheeljack felt his death before it happened as Ratchet's side of the bond withered and died long before he saw the space shuttle.

14. Sex

It didn't define their relationship, one birthed and nurtured from an ages long friendship and symbolic brotherhood; but damn if it wasn't a pleasant part of it.

15. Touch

One touch was all it took to lose themselves in each other and the ARK would be lucky to see them again before the next morning.

16. Weakness

As fearless as they could be when threatened, it was the thought of their other's pain that could break the pair.

17. Tears

Nothing could make Wheeljack feel like a glitched mechanism quicker than the flicker of hurt his harsh words put in Ratchet's optics before the medic could smother his reaction.

18. Speed

"If you'd slow down just a tad you wouldn't receive so much damage, and for the love of Primus could you cease with the reckless stunts?"

19. Wind

"You'd better run like the wind because when I catch you, the Pit will seem like a paradise after I'm through with you!"

20. Freedom

"I'll take being a captive with you over being on the outside where I can't watch your back any day ."

21. Life

It was unmistakable, the pulse of another life under Ratchet's chest, his secondary storage unit holding what could only be their sparkling.

22. Jealousy

"Should I be jealous of all the attention your new project is getting, or just cut to the chase and distract you from it?"

23. Hands

If you wanted Ratchet to pay attention and listen, holding his hands was the way to go; Wheeljack just had to make sure he didn't do anything else with them or nothing besides their names and 'Primus, please more' would ever be said.

24. Taste

High grade always tasted better being licked off Wheeljack then drunk directly from a cube.

25. Devotion

They would do anything short of ending the world to see each other safe, and even a saved planet was debatable of being worthy for the other's life.

26. Forever

In this timeless place of peace and beauty, forever didn't feel nearly long enough for the reunited lovers.

27. Blood

Wheeljack came upon Ratchet in their quarters, scrubbing so harshly at his hands most of the red paint had been scraped off as the medic wailed in panic, "I can still see it, it's there Jack, why won't it come off?"

28. Sickness

Medics really did make the worst patients, as Wheeljack discovered caring for an ill Ratchet.

29. Melody

The soft hum of Wheeljack's frame as he recharged was the most beautiful sound to Ratchet's audios.

30. Star

When he saw his lover's spark the first time, it was like holding a living star in his hands.

31. Home

"How can I miss it when you're the only home I could ever want?"

32. Confusion

The way Ratchet could go from gentle to angry to silent and giving Wheeljack that sad look of disappointment left the engineer baffled.

33. Fear

Nothing scared Ratchet more than the thought that one day all his medical knowledge wouldn't be enough to save Wheeljack.

34. Lightening/Thunder

Caught away from the ARK and sheltered in a cave barely big enough for the two of them, Wheeljack still thought it one of the nicest nights he'd spent with Ratchet listening to the storm outside as they lay curled up together.

35. Bonds

They were young, too young to be thinking of binding themselves together in every sense of the word; but both knew the minute their sparks touched they had found their soul mate in each other.

36. Market

Ratchet could only grumble as he helped Wheeljack find places for all of his new purchases; the engineer was incompetent at spending frugally.

37. Technology

"It'll cut our workload by nearly twenty percent so…" and Ratchet could only sigh in exasperation.

38. Gift

For their sparkling to have not only survived a 48,192 vorn storage, but grown and thrived with four other sparks was truly a blessing of Primus.

39. Smile

Ratchet didn't know why, but even his worst moods could not remain with Wheeljack around.

40. Innocence

Ratchet froze in horror as Swoop finally asked about interfacing.

41. Completion

"You're the only one I want or ever will, you complete me."

42. Clouds

"Love struck buffoon," Spike groaned as the 'name that cloud shape' game became the 'how this cloud looks like Ratchet like the last seven did' game.

43. Sky

Ratchet decided to humor his mate and not lecture the engineer how all the Autobots had optics the color of Earth's sky.

44. Heaven

It was no competition, the Matrix had nothing on his bond mate.

45. Hell

"To the Pit with all of you, I'm going after him," Ratchet spat before transforming and speeding out of the ARK after his upset and wayward lover.

46. Sun

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…" and Ratchet would laugh if the gentle crooning and soft caresses weren't so soothing to his nauseous and unbearably over heated systems.

47. Moon

The soft glow reflecting off the white of his mate's frame was more beautiful than he could hope to recount.

48. Waves

"Stop listening to the ocean and do something you sadistic glitch, I'm not getting sand in my joints for nothing."

49. Hair

Some humans liked having their hair brushed, Ratchet loved having his chevron stroked.

50. Supernova

As the youngling pair watched their 'secret' base go up in a bright explosion, Wheeljack turned to Ratchet grinning as he said, "Well, that was fun."