1Sentence: Set Gamma

01. Ring

"I'm not sure this is necessary Wheeljack," Ratchet said slowly; pausing at the hopeful look in the engineer's optics and sighing as he slipped the metal band on his finger while saying, "Yes, I'll marry you."

02. Hero

"You are truly my hero, Wheeljack," Ratchet said, giving his bonded a smile laced with fatigue as he accepted the offered energon cube with gratitude.

03. Memory

It would only take seventy-five cycles to repair Wheeljack's memory banks, but Ratchet's spark still ached having his partner looking at him like a stranger.

04. Box

"Aw, c'mon Ratch', you know I love your big boxy frame over that bundle of sticks of a femme's."

05. Run

"I think we need to get away from the table and it's contents right now, just back away slowly- oh slag, RUN!"

06. Hurricane

"You are not going to attempt to make a weather machine, everyone calls you a mad scientist enough as it is!"

07. Wings

Ratchet trailed a finger down the edge of Wheeljack's wing, enjoying the little flutter it gave at the contact.

08. Cold

"Ratchet's as passionate as they come and would do anything to save every mech here, even sacrifice his own life; so don't you dare ever call him a cold sparked glitch again, especially not in my presence or we're going to have serious problems that will end with me in the brig and you on a med berth, you got it?"

09. Red

Ratchet used to only be white and gray, until a dare from Wheeljack had him painting his hands and hips red; neither really complained after they discovered what a turn on it was for the engineer though.

10. Drink

"Huh, never would've figured Wheeljack for drinking Ratchet under the table," Hound mused, using the human euphemism.

11. Midnight

"Be in our quarters before midnight or I am dragging you there and welding you to the berth."

12. Temptation

Wheeljack knew by the third dropped wrench Ratchet was trying to get his attention, going so far as to nearly shake his aft in his partners' face as he bent over to pick up the discarded tool, and Wheeljack was happy to oblige.

13. View

"Nice view," Wheeljack said weakly as the first sight to greet him upon consciousness was Ratchet's face.

14. Music

Ratchet cursed the ones responsible for the creation of 'Bad Case of Loving You,' and whoever introduced it to Wheeljack.

15. Silk

"Huh, guess you were right about installing parachutes in with the twins' jetpacks."

16. Cover

"Don't worry, I've got you covered Ratch'," Wheeljack said amiably, helm lights flickering in mischief as he hefted New Invention number 734.

17. Promise

"As creepy as this sounds, I vow never to let you go; I know we're meant to be together even past death."

18. Dream

It was a dream he'd had several times and it had always left him shaken and scared at the thought of the very sparks they'd created causing systems failure in his mate's frame from the strain of supporting them.

19. Candle

"Aw, c'mon Ratch, we both know you're the best student here; your teacher just doesn't like you because you're smarter than him."

20. Talent

"All the skills in the universe can't stop time, please Ratchet, you have to learn that."

21. Silence

:Ratchet, please come in, what happened, why haven't you answered, please come in, come in Ratchet, ANSWER!:

22. Journey

It was a long way from Cybertron, and sometimes they wondered if they'd ever see it again; looking at the Dinobots, they weren't sure if returning would be a good thing.

23. Fire

"Ratchet, you are never allowed in the kitchen again," Wheeljack said as the pair watched the oil cake burn to ashes in a blue fire.

24. Strength

As long as they had one another to fall back on, nothing could bring the pair down.

25. Mask

Ratchet handed over the thick metal covering as he explained, "So you'll stop nearly blowing your face off."

26. Ice

The two curled up together, sharing warmth from the blizzard raging around them as they waited for rescue.

27. Fall

As he helped his mate up, Ratchet couldn't help but quip, "Have a nice trip?"

28. Forgotten

"I'm sorry," Ratchet said quietly as he kissed a sleeping Wheeljack atop his helm; the pair surrounded by the forgotten items gathered for a romantic evening.

29. Dance

"Ignore them," Wheeljack said cheerily as he pulled his mate onto the dance floor and continued, "It's just you and me, Ratch."

30. Body

As the adrenaline of battle finally died down and the casualties were gathered, Swoop couldn't stop the shriek of mourning when he saw both of his creators' lifeless frames.

31. Sacred

"Primus damn the lot of you idiots!"

32. Farewells

The five mechs stood before the memorial, silently saying their good-byes to the pair who had given them life and love.

33. World

Their world had always consisted of each other, upon the discovery of the new spark housed inside Ratchet, their everything grew just a little more.

34. Formal

"I hate, hate, hate these things," Ratchet grumbled as he heard another boring speech about nothing as another pointless award was handed out.

35. Fever

The pair were hurried and desperate in the dark seclusion of their quarters, whispering affirmations of love to one another as they tried to reassure themselves of their partner's still pulsing spark.

36. Laugh

"You should laugh more Ratch, it sounds nice," Wheeljack said, unknowingly making his friend's systems heat in flattered embarrassment.

37. Lies

Neither could fathom how Optimus didn't see through their deceit of the Dinobot's sentience; the pair were just thankful no one questioned how they gave the five mechs life.

38. Forever

A bond was permanent, it would last through death and beyond, and where one of them fell, the other would probably follow; both knew without a doubt that they could want nothing more, however.

39. Overwhelmed

Ratchet's hands shook and his frame wouldn't stop trembling and his intakes were working too fast with dark spots dotting his vision; and Wheeljack was quick to whisk his partner away before all the death in the too quiet medbay got to the newly appointed field medic.

40. Whisper

"I love you," Wheeljack whispered as he stared longingly after the retreating back of an oblivious Ratchet.

41. Wait

It was a sad sight to see Ratchet standing by the Ark's entrance watching the distance for a familiar white Lancia.

42. Talk

"Wheeljack," Ratchet purred as he seated himself in his startled friend's lap and continued, "We need to talk."

43. Search

Love was getting on your hands and knees and looking in places no sane mech would dare tread in Wheeljack's lab, helping the engineer in search of his elusive mask; and Ratchet would hear nothing to the contrary.

44. Hope

From the other side Ratchet and Wheeljack watched the Dinobots resuming life after the invasion of Autobot city, and smiled.

45. Eclipse

Ratchet could feel the slow merge of their sparks, arching into the frame above his, until like the sight of the moon covering the sun, their sparks seemingly became one.

46. Gravity

Like a moon circling a planet, or a planet orbiting a star, the pair found themselves drawn to each other, unable to pull away.

47. Highway

They allowed themselves a moment of levity, chasing each other across the highway as they played a game of 'bumber tag.'

48. Unknown

As the newly sparked infant exchanged a curious stare with the slightly older sparkling, neither could know that whom they were looking at was their future.

49. Lock

Wheeljack knew he was a goner once he caught the look in Ratchet's optics and heard the click of their door locking, and couldn't find it in himself to care as the medic advanced.

50. Breathe

Ratchet finally remembered how to properly use his intakes as Wheeljack's energy signature flickered back to life.