Princess, Ninja, Hero

Chapter:Two Apart

It was another lovely day at the Brawlers Mansion, except for the battle that's going on at a hilltop not too far from here. Ganondorf, along with the other villains like Bowser and Wario, were once again trying to defeat their archrivals. While the other Brawlers, except for Fox and Falco who was patrolling the sky in their Arwings, try to defeat the other villains, Link and Princess Zelda was head on with Ganondorf.

"Zelda, get out of here now!" yelled The Hero of Time.

"No! I won't leave you!" The Princess yelled back.

That was so like Zelda. Even if she were a Princess she would stay and fight. Zelda once told Link she was a tomboy and she can fight for herself. Of course, Link and Zelda are now in a serious relationship and he doesn't want his Princess to get hurt in any way.

"Stop or you'll get hurt!" Link yelled, "You're already torn up as it is!"

What Link said was true. Zelda's dress was cover with blood and she was low on magic. But Zelda didn't care this her chance to prove to Link she can fight for herself. Link understands this, but he didn't understand why hasn't Zelda transformed into Sheik. Everyone knows Sheik is the stronger side of Zelda and could possible win in a fight. Perhaps, Zelda is trying to win a battle without using Sheik? Or is it something else?

"Don't worry about me!" Zelda called "Keep your mind in the fight!"

What am I suppose to do? I have no choice. I got to transform into Sheik, it's the only way I'll be useful to Link. This is going to cost me a lot of magic, but I have no choice left." The Princess thought.

Gathering all the power she has left, she tries to transform into Sheik. There was a blinding light causing everyone to shield his or her eyes. Once they light disappeared everyone saw both Zelda and Sheik next to each other!

"WHAT THE HECK!!" Link and the Brawlers screamed.

What was going on? How can this happen? Zelda and Sheik was like two sides of the same coin. So can they be apart? However, there wasn't much time to think when they heard Ganondorf's voice.

"Bowser!" Ganondorf yelled. "KILL ZELDA!"

"I'm on it!" Bowser said, running over to the Princess.

"Not so fast!" a voice yelled.

Everyone turned their attention to the sky. They smiled in relief as Fox and Falco's Arwings came into to view. Laser beam shot between the giant monster and the two females creating a dust wall in front. Bowser roared in frustration. He couldn't see a thing, but never the less he use his Fire Breath and fire it everywhere not caring who he is aiming at. Luckily, Sheik acted quickly and grab the Princess and jump out of the way just the fire miss them and as Fox and Falco ejected out of their Arwings and landed safely on the ground next to them, weapons ready.

"Are you okay, Princess?" Sheik asked, reviving a nod from Zelda and turning her attention to the two humanoid animals next to her.

"About time you guys got here." Sheik said, coldly.

"Why does it matter now? We're here aren't we?" Falco said, coolly.

"Curse you!" Bowser snarled, "You're going pay for that!"

"No, let's retreat." Ganondorf said, "I got want I came for."

The villains regroup as Ganondorf took out a smoke bomb. He threw it on the ground and they all disappeared. Link tried to stop them, but it was too late. He growled in anger.

"Just what were you planning….Ganondorf?" Link thought to himself.

Link felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see Ike and Marth, his two best friends.

"We'll get them next time." Ike said, and Marth nod in agreement.

Link sighed and went to Zelda and Sheik.

"Mind explaining this to us after we get Zelda bandaged up?" Link said

Sheik and Zelda looked at each other and nod. This is going to be a BIG problem for them.