Recap: By using too much magic Zelda split her and Sheik apart. Until Zelda finds a way to put two into one, Sheik will be staying Lucario's room for the time being. Now, Sheik and Link dance with each other, and end up in a tight problem. Sheik kisses Link and Pit finds out, but kept it a secret. Sheik and Zelda got into a fight, and now they're feeling bad. R.O.B set the Brawlers to deal with some monsters at a village. However, it was all a trap for the Brawlers to get tired, and waste their energy. Bowser appeared along with Ridley and kidnapped Sheik. Bowser told the Brawlers that Ganondorf want to see her and if they want her back come and look for them. Link is in agony and sworn that he will get Sheik back no matter what the cost. The Brawlers headed back to the mansion to tell R.O.B. The Brawlers went and interrogate a Bulblin and got some information about where might Ganondorf be and they head off to the find King Bulblin. As for Sheik, she is capture and lock up in a cell. She found out that Ganondorf want to make her his "mate". The Brawlers confront King Bulblin and he gave them a map to where Ganondorf is. While the others deal with Bowser, Link and Lucario find Sheik. They escape from the castle and went back to the Brawlers Mansion.

Link and Sheik revel their feelings for one another and share a night with each other and the guys watch them. Lucario feels happy for his friend. Zelda finds out and wish happiness for Link and Sheik, telling them that she won't put Sheik and her together again. Bowser and Ridley came back to get Sheik and they got her. The Brawlers head for Hyrule castle where Ganondorf is. Link prepares to fight Ganondorf for the last time. Now, with the story!

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Chapter 10:Final Battle

Meta Knight's Halberd/ Fox and Falco's Arwings

The Brawlers continue their way to Hyrule Castle. They dark clouds above them told them it was going to rain. The Brawlers could see the castle coming into view and Ridley was outside the castle, flying around. Thunder came out of the sky, making Ridleu look more terrifying. Samus was in her Power Suit getting ready for her rematch with him. Luckily, Ridley was the only guard that was actually guarding the castle. However, the Brawlers knew never to underestimate their opponents.

"Guys, do you read me?" Samus asked Fox and Falco over the transmitter. "If you do, remember that you guys lay off of Ridley, he's mine."

"Yeah, yeah, Blondie." Falco repiled. "Don't forget what your boyfriend said; if things get too dangerous, me and Fox have to intervene."

"I didn't forget, but I'll be fine." Samus stated, determinedly. "I'll will kill Ridley on my own."

"Fine, but don't blame us if you get hurt." Falco said.

"Falco!" Fox snapped at him. "Sorry about him Samus. He's just…he's just stubborn."

"It's OK." Samus said. "Just make sure he doesn't get in my way."

"Deal. Be careful Samus…What the?!" Fox screamed out of nowhere. Fox look at his radar to see something behind him. It was Ridley. He was attacking his Arwing with his mouth.

"Fox get out of the Arwing!" Falco said, flying next to the doom one. Fox jump out his ship and onto Falco's Arwing, just as Ridley chew up Fox's Arwing. When Ridley was finish chewing Fox's Arwing, he chase after Falco's.

"Fox, hang on!' Falco said, increasing his speed. "Things are going to get a little rough."

Fox look behind him to see Ridley catching up with them. He saw the Halberd firing some of its missiles at him, but they were unaffected. Ridley increased he's speed and he bites the end of Falco's Arwing.

"Falco we have to get off now!' Fox said, opening the Arwing's windshield and pulling Falco out and landing the Halberd's deck. Falco and Fox watch as Ridley ate the Arwing Falco watch in anger and he punch Fox's arm.

"Ow…What was that for?" Fox asked, rubbing his arm.

"I can't believe you! I have to rebuilt that thing by hand now!" Falco yelled at him.

"You're so right. I'm sorry I save our lives." Fox said, sarcastically.

Falco groans and start walking away from Fox, who was following him.

"And people think Samus is the unstable one." Fox mumbled, just as Samus came out on the deck.

"Did Ridley hurt you guys?" she asked them.

"No, but thanks to Fox, my Arwing was hurt!" Falco shouted, angrily.

"Well, I'm going to hurt him!" Samus exclaimed, jumping on Ridley's head. "You guys on ahead without me! I'll be fine!"

Falco nod and grab Fox and enter the Halberd, joining the other Brawlers.

"Where is Samus?" Marth asked.

"Look outside the window. You'll see a interesting show." Falco said, walking pass him.

"He's kidding, Marth. I don't why when this isn't a laughing matter." Fox reassured him.

Marth glare at Falco and look outside to see Samus riding on Ridley and punching him in the face with her canon arm.

"Samus be careful!" Marth called to her, opening the window.

"You be careful!" She called. "Go find Sheik!"

"Right!" he replied.

"Hey, you guys!' Meta Knight said. "We're above the tower of thecastle."

"My guess that's were Ganondorf is." Link said, walking to the door leading to the outside and opening it. "Let's go!"

Link jump out of the Halberd and the others follow them. They land on the platform leading to the tower. The Brawlers enter the tower, on their guard. Link's gaze follows up the red carpet that was beneath his feet to the throne and he and the others gasped on what they saw.

Above the throne was a Triforce symbol-three golden triangle that formed a larger one; one on top and two at the bottom.

In the middle of the Triforce was Sheik. Her eyes were closed and her cowl was off her face. She didn't stir as the Brawlers approached the throne

"Wow, Sheik is really pretty without her cowl on." Pit said, causing everyone to look at him. "What?"

"Way to focus on the real problem." Ike said, sarcastically.

"Is she dead-a?" Luigi asked, in scare tone.

"I don't like vibe I'm getting from here." Olimar said, hiding behind Captain Falcon.

"Lucario is she-…" Link started, but stopped. He didn't want to say it.

"No, I can still sense life in her." Lucario said, closing his red eyes and lifting his black ears. He opens them and his gaze follows at the throne. A man was sitting there, that man was Ganondorf. He was holding a sheateh sword and with an evil smirk on his face.

"Welcome to my castle…" he chuckled, his gaze piercing all of them.

"Your castle?" Zelda hissed.

Ganondorf merely nodded, then stood up at the throne.

"You've people have long amused me, Princess." He said, walking down the stairs to face her. He holds up his hand to see the Triforce of Power. Zelda right hand glow as well as Sheik hand. It was the Triforce of Wisdom. Link left hand glow as well. It was the Triforce of Courage. "You see this Princess? When you separate you and the girl above me here, your Triforce of Wisdom was split into two along with you two. You fell right into my trap. Now when I kill you and the boy I'll have all three pieces of the Triforce."

"Now I understand." Zelda growled. "You lured us here to reclaim the Triforce for yourself."

"You dare to deny your king? Very well then, try and destroy me…You and your little friends." Ganondorf said, smirking. He raised his hand at the sleeping ninja and disintegrated into patches of darkness; it broke into smaller patches and hover to the ninja and enters her body. Pit flew up and saw odd, dark marking on Sheik's arms, legs, neck, and the sides of her face. Her eyes open and they burn red in rage. A burst of energy out and it sent Pit flying on the ground. Pit got up, rubbing is head and he gasped as he saw dark patches of light surrounding him and the Brawlers. They stood back-to-back.

"Are you OK?" Link asked.

"Do I look OK to you?!" Pit snapped, as he watch the patches collide together and clone each of the Brawlers creating their dark self. The only one that wasn't clone was Zelda and Link. The Brawlers charge at the copies and started to fight all over the room. Link and Zelda watch and suddenly Sheik came from behind them with a smile on her face. Her skin was sickly blue and her blonde hair was taken on a greenish tint.

And she finally spoke, in Ganondorf's voice.

"Both of you, faithless fools who dare take arms against the King of Evil…"

Sheik floated in the air with needles in her hands. Her arms hung loosely at her sides; it was like she was nothing more than a puppet.

"So you chose…And so you shall feel my wrath! The time was come for the holders of the Triforce to fight for the death!" Sheik said, in Ganondorf's voice.

"Zelda, stay back!" Linkshouted, as he watch the possessed Sheik flew backwards, rising her needles and threw them at Link. Link put his shield in defense, blocking the attack. Sheik teleported behind Link and kick him across the room. She ran up to punch him, but Link move out of the way, so instead of punching Link, she punch the wall.

"What's the matter, boy?" Ganon taunted. "Afraid to hurt your lover or you just won't hurt a women."

"He won't, but I'll will!" Zelda said, charging up her Din's Fire and blast Sheik to the floor. Link smiled at her.

"I think you enjoy that a little." He said.

"Just letting out some steam." Zelda said, as Sheik got up from the ground.

"What are you doing, Princess!?" Ganon asked, angrily for her actually getting involved with the fight.

"Saving the jerk who dumped me." Zelda said, dryly.

"Why is this?" Ganon laughed. "Isn't this the same boy who broke you heart?"

"That may be, but I'll continue to fight along side Link." Zelda said, calmly. "I love Link more than I fear you jerk hole."

"Isn't that quite rude, darling." Ganon said, charging at them with needles.

"Does she even have a weakness?" Link asked Zelda, as he blocks the attack from Sheik.

"There is one; My Light Arrow. If I use enough magic, I can make Ganondorf come out of Sheik's body, but it will have to hurt her a little."

"Go for it, just as long as it doesn't kill her." Link said. "I'll distract her, when you find a opening to fire at her."

"OK!" Zelda said, as she watches Link charge at Sheik. She looks at the Brawlers to see they were still fighting their copies. Ike and Meta Knight were having trouble with their copies. That was until Meta Knight slams his copy into the wall and went over to Ike's copy and slashes him.

"How about we switch dance partners?" Meta Knight said, beating up Ike's clone.

"Fine by me." Ike said, charging at Meta Knight and passing up Sonic and his copy.

"Child! Slacker! Clown! We've don't have a place among the greatest fighters!" Dark Sonic said, trying to punch the real one, but was unsuccessful.

"Says you!" Sonic said, charging at him and punch a hole right though the copy and making disappeared. "Well, I'm done with mine, I better go help the others."

Just then a large crash came though the roof of the castle and landed in the center of the room, killing the rest of the Brawlers copies. Everyone turn to saw Samus standing there all beat up. Her Power Suit was half gone. Her helmet was off of her and her hair was down and her breathing was heavy. She was standing on top of Ridley who was bleeding.

"Well that's convenient." Sonic said, as he and the others watch Samus pointing her arm canon at Ridley's head.

"I waited a long for this Ridley. Now I have my revenge." Samus said, loading up her canon. "Take this! Zero Laser!'

A large beam of energy shot of out the canon and though Ridley's head. He screams in pain and after that he was died. Samus smiled, as her Power Suit fell off of her.

"I finally did it." Samus said. She turned to the others. "You'll never guess what I found outside. I got Bowser and Wario."

"How did you do that?" Ike asked her. "And where are they?"

"They're outside and died. I knock them out by accident when I was fighting Ridley." Samus answered, putting her hand on her head. She felt dizzy and tired.

"Samus, are you OK?" Marth asked, worriedly.

"Yeah, I'll be fine if I sleep a little." Samus said before she fell unconscious. Marth caught her and she fell into his arms.

"Is she okay?" Snake asked.

"Not for long she isn't!" Ganondorf yelled. "That witch killed my puppets!"

"Hey, Ganondorf!" Link called. "I think you should stop worrying about what's in back of you, not in front of you."

Ganondorf turned around to see Zelda with her Light Arrow, ready to fire at him.

"Never turn you back on your enemies, Ganondorf. It's one of the basic rules in battle." Zelda said. "Leave her alone! Your opponents are Link and I. Now get out of Sheik's body! Take this! Light Arrow!"

Zelda let go of the arrow and it hit Ganon perfectly. He screams in pain as the darkness left Sheik's body. She begins to fall to the ground, but Link caught her in time. Her skin, hair and everything else were back to normal. Lucario came over and Link handed Sheik to him.

"Take care of her for me." Link said. "Is she okay?"

"She will be." Lucario sighed. "She needs rest, that's all."

"Thank the Goddesses." Link sighed in relief.

They didn't notice the darkness congealing behind them until silence was shattered by an animal's groans. The Brawlers whipped around to see the darkness shape itself into a beast. That was Ganondorf no doubt. He charges at the Brawlers in a fast rate, but they manage to dodge it. Ganondorf broke though the wall to the outside. Link and Zelda follow him as Ganon turn back into his humanoid form and he rode black horse with red eyes that came out of nowhere.

"You can't defeat me…nothing can." He said, as he charge at them on his horse. Ghostly versions of him flanked at both sides. Ike and Marth was about to go and help Link, but Meta Knight put a hand in front of them, telling them to stop.

"What are you doing?! Link needs our help." Ike said.

"No." a weak voice said. Everyone turn to look at Sheik, who was still in Lucario's arms. "This is destiny, their destiny. You must not intervene."

"But Link and Zelda will die if we don't do anything!" Marth said. "What are suppose to do?! Just stand here and see them get killed?!"

"I believe in them." Sheik said, weakly. "All of you should believe in them, too."

Link readied his Master Sword in front of Zelda's body. Zelda place a hand on Link's hand and she look at him.

"Please wait. I need more arrows." Zelda said, putting her other hand over her chest and she started to pry.

"Spirits of light! Wielders of the great power that shines far and wide upon the lands of our worlds…In my hour of need, grant me the power to banish evil!" Zelda pryed.

In an instant a flash a light appeared and Link and Zelda was gone.

Elsewhere is a world full of bright light is where the hero and the princess is. Hyrule's spirits floated over the light and over to Zelda. She close her hands and Light Arrows appeared in her hands.

"Zelda, where are we?" Link asked, confused.

"We're in the place where the Light spirits dwell." Zelda answered. She smiled at him, but it was a little sad. "Link…Chosen hero! Please lend us the last of your power."

Zelda took a step back and bow to him. Link extended a hand to the Princess and she took it. The next moment Link and Zelda find themselves on Epona, his horse. They were once again at Hyrule's field.

'There you are. I thought you cowards ran away." Ganondorf chuckled.

"I'll slow down Ganondorf with my arrows, while you keep him in range!' Zelda said.

They're game of cat and mouse began. After a while of hitting Ganondorf with Zelda's arrow and Link slashing him with this Master Sword, Ganondorf fell off his horse onto the ground. Link got off of Epona and walked over to where Ganondorf is. Suddenly a wall of energy formed around Link and Ganondorf. Both of them ready their swords for the final battle. They charge at one another and their blades clash with each other. Link pushes Ganondorf back and slashes him a couple of time until he fell on the ground. This was his chance to punish Ganondorf for what he did. He gathers the last of his strength and use his Ending Blow and plunged his Master Sword right in Ganondor's chest. He let out a long, awful scream before his eyes went blank and he die.

The wall of energy disappeared and Zelda and the other Brawlers race to him.

"You did it, Link." Zelda smiled at him.

"No, we did it ,Zelda." Link smiled. He turns to his friends. "We all did it."


It had been 1 year since the final battle. Hyrule Castle was repaired after the battle. The Brawlers kept in touch with one another as they go their own way. They join up every month to see each other. Samus and Marth continue to date, but Samus must keep doing her bounty hunting so they see each other on a daily basic. Sheik and Link got married and are now living with Zelda. Zelda continues to have feelings for Link and are now happy for the couple. Sheik was going to have a baby soon. It's was a girl and they're planning to name it after Zelda. When she was born she look a lot like Link, except for the red eyes. Sheik continues to protect Zelda and even let her love Link. Sheik understands that the bond between the Princess and the Hero will last forever. Above more Sheik and Link's love will last forever as well. Their life will be tied in love's sweet embrace from now on.

The End…

Thank you everyone who read my story...Good-bye...I'll see you later...