Zeppelin, that was his name. His parents chose it for him after the blimp that was under construction when he was born. Hitler youth, Third Panzer, that was his division, however they were away now since he was chosen to be a gunner in the defense of Normandy. Dought, that was his emotion. He knew that what was happening wasn't right, yet somehow he could not figure out why, all his commanders told him were that peace was only one war away and that if he did his job he would rule in a perfect empire, that Germans were the super race and all who did not join them did not deserve to live.

He remembered an American POW talk of God as he toyed with a rosemary. He had wondered about God for a long time, hearing little pieces of information here and there, but he never heard enough to make out much about the person. From what he picked up Gods teachings were different from what his commanders told him about the German super race and survival of the fittest. Sometimes he wondered how he was to reach God, considering the POW's talk seemingly to Him, at times like this he wished he knew English…

Zeppelin looked out the window of his defense tower, the first wave of American boats came in, perching themselves on the beach and unloading their cargo of soldiers. He pulled the trigger on his Mg42 cutting down three of the attackers, though he should feel proud of his first kills, he didn't, he felt sick, like he just committed a horrible crime.

" Why, why do you keep coming?" He thought as more soldiers ran up the beach and were slowly shot to ribbons. " You will all die…Why do you charge a machine gun? Are you fools?" More and more soldiers rushed up, most falling to the guns of his fellow soldiers. " No. Not fools, heroes fighting and dieing for a worthy cause… I only wish I could say the same for myself…"